List Day!

  • When I screw up my initials (for logging) it comes out 0hh.

  • I started my other mitt.

  • I'll turn the moon into what I'll call a "death star"...

  • There was three cars at the bar this morning.

  • I gained two pounds.

  • Fran was attacking the TP last night. Evil cat.

  • Supernatural fans should check out the Dean thread on Ravelry.

  • Today, I'm removing OT from schedules; so next week I can be bitched about.

  • Yesterday I completed two mitts.

  • I keep meaning to change the music; but I haven't yet.

  • Two more hours of my day left.

  • Oh yea, gotta love it when they say, move X. I do. Two hours later it's Oh sorry, he's not moving. After the work is done.

  • I feel old today.

  • They're trying to make me crazy.

  • Better reason to call in: I'm going to be late because I was pulled over because I have one headlight.

  • Before I leave today, I'll need to reset my password.

  • The spelling of your last name is optional if a) its an easy name or b) you can't spell it yourself.

  • I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it's already 2009 (close enough).

  • I wonder if they'd notice if I left now.

  • The Gnome is trying to get me to knit him a chullo for his kids.

  • Dude, seriously? Not after the implied weight gain question.

  • Yes, I am petty.

  • I missed my 3 year blogaversery; it was December 22nd.

  • Perky's birthday was the 22nd as well.

  • I'm almost at 500 (486 to be exact) posts.

  • Hey, this year is over, that means I can go back to dates as titles.

  • Oops, forgot to reset the password.

  • Have a safe New Year...

Pictures of Presents



That's right, if for some reason Grilltech and I break up... the garage door comes with me. (We won't talk about the harddrives (me) and monitors (him).)

Great shirt from MIL!!

More socks for me:

Short but Sweet

Today seems to be going fairly well. I finished my mitt and will start the second one today. It's a bit strange getting used to typing with a mitt on. But my hand is very warm; which is a good thing because it is very cold around here most of the time.

I brought one of the Christmas presents to work. I'll admit to loving it almost as much as Grilltech. It's warm, which does make me a little more pleasant to be around.

Today the garage door man will be swinging by the to look at replacing ours. Merry Christmas to me!! Grilltech got a new furnace; I'm getting a new garage door.


And now for something completely different: (Copied from Samurai Knitter)

    The meme: Go to your Pictures folder, go to the sixth folder in there, and then find the sixth photo. Post it, and offer an explanation if needed.

I only had four pictures in the six folder, so I used the forth picture. It's a barn that's on the way to Dad's house.

Because I'm a Lemming....

We're back and safe.

And now for something completely different: (Thanks Red)

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

List Day!

  • I've discovered the secret to making the computer move faster: knit!!

  • It's almost a game. If my knitting is in hand, the database screams.

  • The second it's out of my hands, it slows down just enough to make me snarl at it.

  • We've got a long snowy drive ahead of us tomorrow.

  • I decided I was going to knit one more thing for Christmas.

  • It might get done, it's small.

  • I'm trying to decide what to take with me on the trip. The sock; the mitt; and the sweater.

  • I could finish two of the projects. Maybe I should only bring the sweater.

  • Have I mentioned how I've grown to loath the sweater?!

  • The cow-orkers have moved back into the bay. Now they can annoy me even faster.

  • I'm sure, them watching me knit doesn't help their attitude either.

  • Fuck'em. I mean, they should go practice safe sex.

  • I've been bad. I've been eating crack crap-food cookies.

  • Maybe I should knit more; it would make me forget the cookies.

  • And please don't tell the sweater what I said. It'll take FOREVER to get done.

  • I've got ten minutes of my day left.

  • Oh-please-oh-please-oh-please make it go faster.

  • Oops, I forgot to publish. Oh well.

  • It's time to change the music on the PDA.

  • Sweetie, if you're going to wear a swimming suit to work out in... please take a few mintues and shave your legs.

  • I'm off to the store.

  • Good night.

  • Merry Christmas.

  • ....and be safe.


At work, I spearheaded the Twelve Days of Cookies. People are complaining they're gaining weight, as they stuff their faces with cookies. I smile and say (after this morning weight check) I've lost five. Neighbor was growling; I wasn't eating the cookies because they were on the other side of him. DUH!! Out of sight, out of mind.

We have a new heater. The house is warm!!

Oh yea.... Amy, Christmas cards are mailed and so are presents!!! Does this mean I've won?

List Day!

  • I have to keep reminding myself; screaming at the computer won't help.

  • It's so cold here, the house isn't warm at all.

  • Oh wait, the heater is acting up again.

  • Finished the heel on my sock today.

  • When I finish these socks, I'll be making myself a pair of mitts.

  • Watched all of season 3 of Supernatural. My chief complaint? No balance. Started season 4; balance showed up.

  • Hey is that your wedding ring you're wearing on your chain? Yea, it doesn't fit any more. How much bigger does it need to be resized?

  • Comments like that is why I refer to him as the Gnome.

  • Perky called to try to get out of going to the gym because it's snowing!

  • I told her to suck it up and bring my gym bag.

  • I suppose a better argument should have been, it's warm at the gym.

  • Ladies, I'm trying to work; go cluck some place else.

  • I've got to make a pumpkin cheese cake for tomorrow's knit and eat.

  • I'm able to post when I send it to the right e-mail address.

  • Came home to heat and instead of 4K for a new heater, it's only 1.7K.

  • We're waiting for the bank to call us back.

  • I've decided not to make the cheesecake.

  • Yes, I am being a stressed slacker.

When it rains, it pours....

The (bleep, bleeping, bleep) heater is out again. It's a balmy 58.1 degrees in the house...

1000 Words

D's Buffalo Socks

View from the front porch

Dad's Mountain Man Hat

A Day

GAAAHHHHHHH!!! I think I deleted the e-mail which had my post in it.

Not a list...

Quotes from various places:

  • I was pulled over for speeding, so I'm going to be late.

  • Civil disobedience will not be tolerated.

  • Why is this fucking thing doing this?

  • Are you located at Y? Good, I hate X....

  • Picture a knitter pulling out only a needle instead of the whole sock: NOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • Oh man, I peed on my shirt.

  • BTW, you put your favorite author as Amy Lane.

  • Oh Jane? She's in the car wearing a blindfold.

I don't claim to understand, I just report what is heard.

Full of Grace and Elegance

Today walking into the gym, I twisted my ankle. Yea, I'm a dorkfish.

Quick Shot

This weekend, I finished D's socks for her birthday - which was in October. I also frogged Grilltech's maze sock, so I could start it again. The cuff is done; getting ready to start the maze again. I've started another pair of socks for me, 68 stitches instead of 72. Hopefully they'll be a bit tighter.

I spent Saturday and Sunday teaching Granddaughter-who-isn't how to knit. By the end of the weekend, she had the hang of it.

List Day - Double Shot!

  • Slow typists shouldn't send me a greeting; they should come up with the problem they want cleared up first thing.

  • Dude, you're going to call back in an hour sick. Why make me do twice as much work?

  • Its winter, everyone (okay me and three others, maybe more) are wanting to eat everything in sight.

  • Low talkers and mumbles annoy the heck out of me.

  • On the plus side it's FRIDAY!

  • Next weekend is the Geminid Meteors and a full moon.

  • Honestly, I can't think of a damn thing I want for Christmas.

  • And I haven't even begun to think about what I'm getting Grilltech for Christmas either.

  • Hey I removed an event you put on for me, is that okay? Hmmm NO!!!

  • Nothing more entertaining then accidentally locking your computer while in the middle of something.

  • The bracelet that I thought was sterling, isn't.

  • Today's headache rates about 6.3 magnitude.

  • The Gnome was told he needs to double check time zones before committing to something.

  • Then a cow-orker was complaining about the same thing; and I got pulled into the conference.

  • Today's headache now rates about 9.3 magnitude.

  • New routine at the gym today. It's not as bad.

  • At the gym, really liked my purple handmade socks. I gave her the name of the LYS for classes.

List Day!

  • Seems to be the week of letter writing. Yesterday's letter to the Hummer driver and one to a cow- orker saying you're right.

  • I got six bucks out of the change machine, instead of five.

  • A 7.2 magnitude headache is brewing.

  • My hands are freezing.

  • Yesterday Perky and I did the hated routine. Each exercise four times before moving on. I wished thought I was going to die by the end of the whole thing.

  • Watched Chuck and Heroes last night. Wow.

  • It takes forever if I forget and tell it to authorize with everyone highlighted, instead of the one I needed.
  • The expected displacements have currently ceased.

  • But that doesn't mean it's done, just done for now.

  • I've been wearing Ice Queen to work. It's amazingly warm.

  • Yea, the list is pretty thin today.

An Open Letter

To the Driver of the Yellow Hummer:

Today is my lucky day. Why? Because when the light turned green, I was still talking to Grilltech and five seconds had passed before I realized it was our turn. By then, you was already in the middle of the intersection. You would have nailed us. I shudder to think of the damage your high centered vechile would have done.

Next time, you might not be so lucky. So, please - please - hang up the fucking cell phone when you drive. Because next time, I might not being talking to Grilltech. Next time, well…


It has begun....

I finished darning a set of Grilltech's socks. The other pair, the second one was a lost cause so they got tossed. He's now complaining he's having to wear regular socks one day a week. I'm working on a sock; but not for him. I think he'll live for a while.

Sunday we were walking through the meglomart and I found Supernatural season 1 and 2 for $14.98 each. Needless to say, I snatched them up. I was a bit bummed I wasn't able to find season 3; but I might get lucky.

Wow, my department had two people displaced today. Thankfully I wasn't one of them. The Gnome pulled me aside and said the displacements are done for today. Does that mean I have to worry the rest of the week?

List Day!

  • You can be late or sick, but you can't be both.

  • Dude, today works. You don't have to give me the exact date.

  • I was <..> this close to being hit in the face with the bathroom door.

  • I forgot to set the alarm last night, good thing Grilltech woke up in time.

  • I went to bed at 1839 (6:39 PM) last night; and still could have slept longer this morning.

  • Honey, a pretty floral skirt, combat boots, and ripped fishnet stockings is not a look a fluffy, middle aged woman should be sporting.

  • When the fans shut down in the here, it becomes very quite.

  • I hate being treated like I'm an idiot. (Phone call to tech support; and she didn't speak English well.)

  • There are eight rolls of TP in the stall in the ladies room.

  • There was six cars in the bar parking lot and two men standing there talking.

  • The Gnome has three minutes before I get off the conference call.

  • I could have gotten a hair cut and my nails done on way into work this morning. NOT!

  • I'm leaving early today, but have to come in on Saturday to make up the time.

  • Fair trade.... Since I asked to do it.

  • Took the car to the mechanic; while there I could hear another mechanic swearing loudly from the garage.

  • I wonder if the swearing at a car works the same as swearing at a computer.

  • Amy the Christmas Cards are now on the kitchen table.

  • Does anyone know off the top of their heads how much stamps cost?

  • I've got the list of stuff I need to pick up for dinner tomorrow.

  • I'm going to make a coconut cream pie today.

  • Perky is coming over to watch yummy, yummy hot guys.

  • I left the conference call after seven minutes.

  • This list was made over several days, so it may seem a bit disjointed.

  • I'm blowing off the gym today.

  • I may even blow it off tomorrow as well

  • Dude, after calling in late, you don't need to call in again and say yea, I wasn't late after all.
  • One of the cow-orkers was pissed at me today.

  • Oh well, he'll get over it... or not.

  • Have a good one, I'm off to get shopping Thanksgiving started.

  • I've got my Christmas shopping started.... in my head.

  • I can have a Night of Pleasure from an e-mail. Impressive.

I got nothin'

Saturday, Perky and I spent the day watching Supernatural. (Or as Perky puts it Yummy, yummy hot guys.) I really enjoy the show. I have a couple of issues. Very first episode. Dean and Sam are going at each other using karate. Here in season two, they're brawling. Please. And Sam, get a hair cut. Every time I look at you, all I see is Chekov.

So after nine straight hours of Supernatural, my dreams that night were of ghost hunting. It was very strange. And Dean wasn't even in my dreams. (Much to Grilltech's relief...)


I worked on the sleeve last night. I've got a of maybe five inches. I held it out to Grilltech and asked is it 17 inches yet? His response? Looks like it to me. I think he was lying to me. Which okay, there are times it's what I need to hear, instead of the truth. However - there is always a however isn't there? - telling me you're cleaning the porch; and the porch isn't clean isn't a good thing.

Today's morning was a complete and udder mess. I hit snooze three times, which got me out of bed late. Grilltech asked me to drive this morning so he could sleep. We made it about four blocks away from the house when it was realized someone forgot his cell phone and she forgot her medication. Back to the house we went. Everything was picked up, off we go. Get to the fancy French restaurant, Jacques-in-the-Box. They won't let us order because it's almost 0400 and the computer is getting ready to reboot. So, I drive to the one on the other side of work. Get our order and make it to work 15 minutes late. I could have left almost an hour before the end of my shift, but didn't because I had to much work to try and get done.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job? Maybe it's the *#@! database I'm annoyed with.

List Day!

  • The pulled muscle feels 100% better today, but it's still sore.

  • My nose has decided its time to run.

  • There was six cars at the bar this morning.

  • The price of gas varies quite a bit across town: $2.02, $2.13, $2.05, and $2.18.

  • The database is down for repairs this morning.

  • Stolen from Roxie!!

  • My car is acting up, so it's in time out.

  • I finished the gusset on the current sock.

  • I haven't ripped back yet on the maze sock.

  • I'm too stressed about holiday knitting.

  • The database is back up, and loading s-l-o-w-l-y.

  • Dude, please. One phone call is enough to tell me you're going to be late.

  • It must be lunch time, the database just slammed shut on me.

  • While waiting for the damn database to load, all I can think of is the time I could be knitting.

  • In three pounds, I'll be exactly 110 lbs away from my goal.

  • I'm going to pull out the Christmas Cards this weekend.*

  • I must remember, screaming at the #@%! computer does nothing.

  • And, no it's not even making me feel better.

  • I called Perky, asked her to bring my suit to the gym.

  • It's pool cleaning day. She took me home.

  • I'm going to go knit something...

Amy had a really good post about the mailing of her Christmas cards and I can't find it. (Editted to add the link)

Work? Do I really hafta?

Yesterday's workout went well. By the end of the day, I was pretty sore. Sore enough I didn't finish my walk. The evening was okay, I put Bengay on my leg to help out. Which felt wonderful. Went to bed about 1830 (6:30 PM). At 2330 (11:30 PM) I wasn't doing well. Woke up stiff and in pain. Stretched out my leg a bit and went back to sleep. At 0130, it was worse. I got up and took some pain reliever and moved the leg around. Tossed and turned for another hour before having to get up and start the day. Grilltech offered to get the phone so I could call in. A tempting offer, but I have a meeting today. I'd much rather be home icing my leg.

I didn't even knit last night, instead I watched Chuck and Heroes. So I don't have anything exciting to talk about. Three cars at the bar this morning.

About an hour into the shift this morning I hobbled out to the car to get my lip balm. The temperature dropped enough I could see my breathe. It was warmer on the drive in.

That's right, screaming at the computer doesn't make it move any faster. So I'm going to go to break. Chances are it started moving right after I locked the screen.

It sure felt like a Monday

Oh yes, its going to be a fun day. Yesterday I pulled a muscle. Today, I'm debating if I really need to walk across the building to a) go to the bathroom; b) get something to eat; c) talk with Grilltech is really worth the trip. On the other hand, even sitting here is a trial.

Last night, I spent a very unproductive night trying to get some Fair Isle knitting done. It didn't work out so well. I may have to suck it up and knit it flat then sew it together. (I've tried that, didn't like how it was turning out.) I may have to go back to the DPNS. Blah.

Four hours later and another dose of aspirin to dull the ache. Maybe I should get up and walk around also. The moving did help.

It's only the middle of November, okay latter half, and already there are people trying to cough up a lung. It makes me happy to be at work or not.

I finally figured out the problem with Grilltech's maze sock. I had taken a flat pattern converted it to round; but forgot to remove the first extra numbers on the documentation. I knew not to use them when I was first knitting them, but second time around I forgot. I'm going to need to rip back several rows.

Full of Grace and Elegance

It was a good weekend. I was still hobbling around from Friday's workout; but the pool did help. Today both Perky and Grilltech won't be able to make it to the gym, so it will be just me. Today, I pulled a muscle working out. I'm such a dumbass...

I spent the weekend working on the sweater, dishcloths, and darning one of Grilltech's socks. He has a major whole in one sock and it will be a bit of a challenge it fix. The thin spots have been fixed. Now I only have three more socks to fix. I'm thinking a darning class might be a good idea at the LYS.

List Day!

  • Two parked cars, one car leaving the parking lot and a BBQ at the bar this morning.

  • I'd much rather be home, in a warm bed.

  • Grilltech put his container of (soy) milk in the lunch bag; which spilled all over the current sock.

  • I was not happy.

  • Who says poking the boss with a stick isn't fun?

  • People, you don't need to call in if you're one minute late.

  • Nor do I need to call two phone calls to tell me your sick.

  • The answer to do you know who replaced him is not no.

  • Swearing at the database does not make it work faster.

  • Apparently neither does threatening to gather up all it's threads and knit a hat with them.

  • The Trainer is evil.

  • Okay, she's not evil. The routine is evil.

  • I've starting wearing the wedding ring on a chain.

  • I haven't been this skinny since 1999.

  • I'll be meeting up with C tonight and hearing about her new beau.

  • Good night all, and remember to tip your wait staff...

LOOK! A real post

Tuesday morning we woke up to a constant clicking. Click, click, click, pause, click and then the cycle repeats itself. Grilltech goes to the heater, looks it over and shakes his head. Neither one of us has any kind of clue about heaters. I turn the thermostat off and we call the heating and cooling guys. In the mean time, Grilltech is smoking two turkeys. Perky and I took off to the other LYS.

While there I picked up the size 3, 12 inch addi turbo needles I wanted. I also ended up with two balls of Noro sock yarn and It Itches; the book is funny as all get out.

We came home - still no heater guy - I moved the first sleeve over to the smaller needle. Magic Loop wasn't making me happy. So I get the stitches moved over. Do the purl round, it was lovely. Then I try curse loudly to do the more loud cursing trinity stitch. There isn't enough stretch in the needle to purl three stitches together. Did I mention I was cursing loudly? So I sent Perky to the regular LYS; to pick up a size three, 16 inch addi turbo. She couldn't remember which size I wanted, so she called me when she got there. She came home with the new needle. After switching the needles over I was able to knit several rounds with no problem.

While working on the sleeve the heater guy showed up. The gas valve went out and the motor is drawing more amps then normal which means it's on it's way out. The suggestion was made we might want to get a new heating system; because the cost to repair would be 1/4th the cost of a new system. We agreed. A salesdrone came over and showed six different models, all $$$$. We pick out the model we want not quite $$$$$; but still $$$$. He leaves; then he calls two hours later stating we don't qualify for financing. What do we want to do. Insert more loud swearing here. So we have the part replaced and end up spending my paycheck to get the heater fixed. Now we need to save up $$$$$ to get the heater replaced next year.

The socks I'm currently wearing, will be washed then handed off to Heather. They keep sliding down. It's annoying the hell out of me sad when socks don't fit properly.

Because I'm a Lemming....

And now for something completely different:(thanks Perky)

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I did it. All Most the loose fitting clothes are packed up and in the trunk of the car. They'll be delivered a friend who is also loosing weight and needs clothes that fit.

I won't have the loose fitting comfortable clothes to rely on. Nothing to fall back on, it's time to get the new batch of clothes loose. Several pairs of pants are inhale-so-they-can-be-buttoned; but they fit.

For the past several days I've been feeling very down on myself. Sure I've lost 40 (coming up on 50) pounds, but there is more to go alot more. I'll be at the gym, working out and think yeah baby, I'm the sexist thing alive. Then I open my eyes, look in the mirror and realize my actual body doesn't match the image in my head. It's very discouraging.

After today's work out, I was changing into the new inhale-so-they-can-be-buttoned pants and realized I didn't have to inhale as much to zip them up!!!

I feel much better now.

List Day!

  • I wish my cow-orker would shut up.

  • I don't really care about his daughter struggling with algebra.

  • There were six cars at the bar this morning.

  • For some reason the "company" feels we would work better in a meat locker. I, however, feel differently.

  • I started the sleeves on my sweater. Sure it's only six rows, but they're started.

  • Grilltech bought me a soda, and handed me two of them! (Every 25th purchase gets a free soda.)

  • I broke down and got my hair cut. It does look cute.

  • It's the first week of November, I need to get my butt in gear and get wash cloths knit up for Christmas.

  • I went through most of the dresser last night, I have several large piles of clothes to give away.

  • I hate the gym's scales, it lies. It said I was XXX but at home I was XYY.

  • I guess the headphones and MP3 player weigh four pounds.

  • My cat is being annoying by walking across the keyboard. It must be time to publish.

Because I'm a Lemming....

And now for something completely different: (Thanks Amy)

(I think I'd rather be the detective.)

You Should Be a Doctor

You are practical, sharp, and very intuitive.

Optimistic and energetic, you are a problem solver who doesn't get discouraged easily.

You are also quite compassionate and caring. You make people feel hopeful.

You're highly adaptable and capable. You do well with almost any curve ball life throws at you.

You do best when you:

- Are always learning new subjects

- Use your knowledge to solve problems

You would also be a good therapist or detective.

Nothing to see here, move a long....

Today is going to be rough. I'm ready to start screaming at the loading programs to hurry up and load. I've only been here 15 minutes. Fast forward several hours later, and it's still dragging.

I've started a pair of socks for D's (belated) birthday. These ones are buffalo's (What's the difference between a buffalo and a bison? You can't wash your hands in a buffalo! Yuk, yuk, yuk.)

W00T!! W00T!!!

I've finished most of the body of the mallard sweater. I can now start sleeves!!

I'm sooo happy!!!

What have I been doing?

A soon to be pair of socks for me for the gym.

Grilltech's birthday socks. (We won't discuss how it's still only four inches long and a single.)

The body to my mallard sweater. Only three more inches to go, before I start the sleeves.

Dishcloths. The square ones are the same pattern as the green round one. Pretty nifty, huh?

And saving the best for last... Happy 18th anniversary to Grilltech. My sun. My moon. My starlit sky.

Snippit Friday...

I read Holly Lisle's blog and one of the things she used to do was called Snippit Friday. I think it's a great idea. So here is my Snippit:

(Short story going nowhere. Its buggy and a rough draft; but it's mine.)

Devin had expected the best healer in the realm to live in something better then a hut. He went to knock on the door, only to realize it was nothing more then a blanket. At the throaty growl Devin spun, automatically drawing his long knife.

Several feet away a large dusty cat looked ready to pounce on him. Behind it, stood a young woman holding a bundle of wood. "Dancer, be nice to our guest." The cat immediately ceased growling but continued to glare at Devin.

"I bid you welcome." The girl said, dropping the wood close to the fire pit.

"I greet you." Devin replied, putting his knife away. Then he cut straight to the point, "I'm looking for Master Elis."

She shot him an amused look, then begun to make a fire. "I'm sure Healer Elis, will be along soon. Would you like some tea?"

Devin nodded, he'd have to wait but he didn't like it. He studied the girl while the water boiled. She wasn't tall. Her hair was dark and pulled back into a braid. It didn't take long, before the cat started growling at him.

"Dancer." The cat blinked then put it's massive head on it's paws as if to nap. But Devin could still it's eyes on him.

Soon the tea was ready and she brought him a cup. "There is more if you need it." Devin frowned; but returned to his troubled thoughts.

The girl sat and begun braiding herbs. Devin watched as the piles grew. Some went onto a drying rack. She worked quickly.

"Healer Elis isn't coming is he?" Devin asked after several hours.

She looked at him. "No, he isn't coming. She is already here."

"Why didn't you tell me?" He snarled getting to his feet. The low growl caused him to pause.

"The King has many healers at his beck and call, why would he need me?" She looked up at him serenely. "Besides, by his decree none may leave this place."

Devin stared at her. She knew and let him sit. "Why?"

"Never give up the upper hand in negotiations." Her voice was cold and hard. "You expected a man."

Full of Grace and Elegance

Today at the gym, it was swim day. I saw a guy wearing a speedo. (I kid you not.) Not the OMG, heart stopping, I’ve got to look twice and drool kind of guy. But the older, balding, with a paunch, yeah baby, when you have a tool like mine, you’ve got to build a shed over it kind of guy. Thankfully, I didn’t have my glasses on, so it wasn’t that much of a show.

Of course who am I to talk? I spent the time in the pool thinking I had my knickers on in-side out. Note, I said thinking; they were on correctly when I went to change. Yeah me!! I guess there are days I'm not such a dumbass, I only think I am.

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday. I'd rather be home sleeping, but since I enjoy having yarn, a house and food I have to be here at work. On Saturday, I picked up two more pairs of pants. So now all the ones which are too big are going into the donate pile. It's really the only way I'll be motivated to keep up the weight loss. I'm two to six pounds (depending on the scales and time of day) away from being down 50 pounds. Oh wait, that would be two to six pounds away from a new tattoo.

I've forgotten how badly a cow-orker annoys me. I haven't had to work with him for several months. Now I'm having to get back into the habit of being polite. (Stop laughing, it can happen.)

You know, no matter how bad I want it, looking for something in the wrong place won't make it show up.

List Day!

  • Number of cars at the bar this morning: 8

  • Number of e-mails received after an e-mail was sent out this morning: 2

  • Number of times I responded with please see your supervisor: 2

  • Number of times I wanted to add dumbass at the end of my comment: 14 gazillion

  • I'm trying to remember to work on my posture

  • Number of times I've had to remember to sit up: 14 gazillion

  • Number of people sent home today to change clothes: 5

  • I'll turn the moon into something I a "Death Star"

  • I did break down and have a regular Pepsi today

  • I did remember to bring my lip balm today, because yesterday I had forgotten it

  • I didn't swear once at the supervisor who was whining schedules weren't correct

  • I've almost completed the heel on my sock

  • I haven't worked on my sweater for several days now

  • I have 2.5 washcloths completed

  • Number of people who have bummed into the cube corner: 5

  • Number of times I left pants unzipped at work today: 1

  • I'm such a dumbass

And now for something completely different: (thanks Red)

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What I Did at Lace Camp...

I had a really good time at lace camp. I really did. I learned. Met some really nice people; and learned quite a bit about lace that I had no clue about.

They kept throwing names around Niebling and Duchrow. I didn’t know who the in the hell they were. I’d look blankly at them and smile. Seriously, what else could I do?

I did learn I could knit a doily. What good is a doily? Oh yea, placemats. Looking pretty isn’t enough. Altho, Grilltech does say his grandmother used to knit doilies all the time. And I want to take a minute to point out doilies are knit on thread SMALLER. THAN. SOCK. YARN. At one point in time, a sample was held up Yeah, this was made on 100 weight thread. WTF?! Is it considered yarn if it’s used to sew garments?

The classes were really informative. One of the classes was on short row dishcloths. There is a way to change them from round to square. Way nifty.

Another class was on doily construction. I learned a circular cast on, which is sturdy and quick. I knit my first doily in class. I haven’t blocked it yet.

Japanese knitting is slightly different then everyone else's. Even the most complex stitches are considered basic. Patterns come in one size and the knitter is expected to resize the garment to fit them. However, every stitch symbol is set in stone. No bizarre symbol for the SSK, or YO's depending on the designers whim.

Will I go back next year? Most likely not.

I'm back...

It's Monday morning and 0230 came way too early. On the plus side, the day is mostly over. Coming back to work wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Granted I did have over 250 e-mails in my main box; but most of them I didn't need. In the sub folders, there was about 1000 e-mails. I just deleted them. Honestly? That's why the e-mails are filtered to the sub box; so they can be deleted. The place didn't fall apart while I was gone. One of my cow-orkers did say her last day is Friday. I'm almost jealous. She's going to a new job; if she said that's it I'm done with working, I would be completely envious.

I do have a post in the works about lace camp. It was fun. I did learn quite a bit. I hated sleeping away from home. The cats didn't like the fact I wasn't home either. Grilltech said he missed me and didn't sleep. I was supposed to stay until Thursday night, but I didn't. I ended up staying at home from Wednesday night on. I did go back for classes.

I didn't gain or loose any weight while at camp; so that makes it a win for the week. While I wasn't as diligent as I could have been. Maybe it was the chocolate cake? I did go to the gym everyday. (Okay, I did miss one day.) The person I share my seat with has left a piece of candy on the desk right in my line of sight. I may have to put it in the drawer because it's taunting me. It's been put away, so I can't hear it anymore. The new pants now fit. They are a bit tight. I'll need a couple of days to adjust to tighter clothes again.

Full of Elegance and Grace

Number of days I've got to work with my pants unzipped: 2

I'm such a dumbass.

List Day!

  • It was chilly enough this morning, I turned the heater on in the car.

  • Number of cars at the bar: 15!!

  • My wedding ring is loose it rotates on my finger, making it hard to type.

  • The guy next to me is counting down how many hours he has to go before he's out of here for the weekend. Then he comments he's got a four day weekend.

  • I return fire by stating I've got a 10 day weekend.

  • My boss sent out an e-mail stating no surfing the web on the job. Can do it on breaks at the kiosks. I wonder if the same thing applies to supervisors.

  • It's cold in here, even with my jacket over my lap.

  • I picked up Lilith last night.

  • I ate 3 ounces of candied almonds. Never mind the bitter almond taste.

  • I'm working late today, stupid other department meeting which starts at 1330 (1:30 PM).

  • The vending machine has my second favorite fruit pie: cherry in it. So far, I'm managed to resist.

  • I went and knitted with C last night, it was fun. Worked on the sweater.

  • I'm trying to decide how I'm going to do the sleeves. ML both at once or DPNS one at a time.

  • Is it 18 inches yet?

  • It's amazing how fast vacation requests pile up after two days.

  • I'll keep vacation requests; because she's busy doing other things.

  • I should be rushing out the door; but I have to stay late.

  • I think I have enough done on Grilltech's socks I can get a picture posted.

  • Back from the gym, I have a new routine.

  • I still think the Trainer is evil.

  • Grilltech says, I'm not sore then he moves and groans.

  • When we got home, it was 58 degrees in the house. I think it's warmer out side.

  • The heat was turned on.

  • One more day of work, then I'm packing for lace camp!

  • I'm going to go eat dinner, then crawl into a nice warm bed.

  • And no, I never did get the cherry pie.

It's Friday Eve, Eve...

It's Wednesday. The glorious day of the week where from there on, there are less days to work. (Believe me, after doing 8 squats, it's easier to count down, then it is up.) The down side? It's freezing in here. Grilltech said he dreamt had snowed last night. I think he meant here in the building at work.

I've finished the heel flap of my sock today. Hope to have the heel turned by the end of the day, but one never knows. I worked a couple of rounds on the sweater last night. (I'd show you a picture, but it looks the same as the last time it was pictured, only a couple of inches longer.) I keep holding it up to see if it's long enough to be measured yet. It's not, but I am on the down side of the third skein of yarn. Might get into the middle of the fifth before it's measurable. I'm estimating it's about 12 inches long, I don't to know until 18 or so.

Yesterday I did a different routine at the gym. Today, I my legs are sore and my knees are stiff, but I'm not sure if it's because of the workout or the cold. Wednesday's is pool day! I'm so looking forward to it. Thursday, we're going to see the Trainer.

I missed the presidential debates last night. I think going to bed at 1830 (6:30 PM) had something to do with it, but I'm not sure. Several of my co-workers who did watch it said, the candidates basically said the same thing - worded differently - and refused to give details. I think part of the no details refers back to the read my lips fiasco.

And they're off!

Yesterday after the gym, I went to the Post Office to mail the socks. I wasn't quite finished packing into the envelope by the time I got to the desk. (I brought my knitting with me; because one never knows how long the wait will be.) I slap the address on the box, then shoved the demon socks in. The lady behind the counter asked, sending socks? I smiled and said, you bet! Then pulled them out and showed her. Her jaw about hit the counter. You knit those?! she sputtered. I smiled and shoved them in the box. After leaving the Post Office I went and spent 45 minutes at the LYS. I was tired and stinky, so I was happy they put up with me.

When I got home in the mail was the new KnitPicks catalog. They have some really nifty stuff. I left it open and pointed out to Grilltech a lovely gift idea.

I stayed up late finishing my book today I'm tired, crabby, and PSMing. It's going to be a fun, fun day. Anyway, I noticed last night the second book of the series had the same title as the first book. How odd. Picked up the book, read the back cover. Word for word as the back of the one I finished. Crap! I grabbed a reprint of the book with a different cover, instead of book two. I can be such a dumbass at times. On the plus side I can go back to the bookstore and trade for the correct book.

It’s not you; it’s me.

Dear Peacock Shawl,

We had great times together, and I will always treasure them. Remember when I misread the chart? Or when I got off by a row? Or the time I had to restart the shawl, twice? Good times. But let’s be honest, do you really enjoy sitting on the desk, feeling left out while I dally around with other projects? The bag. The many socks. The sweater. You never said anything, but I could feel your longing to be the one worked on instead of them.

I can’t go on pretending anymore. I can’t stand the fact, that somewhere along the line, I misread the chart. I tired to forget about it. I really did. I would pick up and work a row; but the magic was gone. So I’d leave you on the desk, avoiding you. Because deep in my heart I knew what needed to happen, but wasn’t ready to admit. Then the Yarn Harlot had to go and show off what you could be. Once I saw hers, I knew there was no putting it off any longer.

It’s never easy saying goodbye. (Or in this case, ripping out 95 rows.) But I think it will be for the best. You are beautiful. No one can deny that. We’ll try again very soon; because – damn it – I want to have this shawl!!



Be Gone Foul Demon!

Whew, they're done:

In case you can't tell, those socks are as tall as they are long. It took forever to knit. Today they're going into the mail to his mom, who will send them overseas

List Day!

  • No, the sock didn't get finished last night. But I did get to the point I can start the toe.

  • I started the toe at break today.

  • I saw one of my co-workers going to the gym last night, we were driving out as he was driving in.

  • Grilltech met with the trainer. She doesn't seem evil was his comment.

  • I wonder what he'll say after today's appointment.

  • Last night, I was dreaming about soul sucking ghosts.

  • I'm doing very well at not letting the smart assed remarks out of my head.

  • On the morning manager's call, a cat could be heard begging for breakfast; before the phone was muted.

  • I've talked Grilltech into letting me get a sewing machine so I can steek.

  • I need to find some of my exercises on uTube to make sure I'm doing them right. Or I can wait to see the trainer on Monday.

  • Last night, Perky decided to give Fran a bath.


  • It was however, very funny.

  • I bought a pair of pants last night. ONE SIZE SMALLER. w00t!!

  • Less than three hours to go in my day (at work).

  • I'm still able to keep the smart assed remarks to myself, but it is getting harder.

  • Why yes, I am arrogant.

  • My PDA, which functions as my MP3 player, is low on batteries. I'm having to rely on a burnt CD for tunes. Its already repeating songs, which makes me crazy.

  • It should start raining any minute.

  • It's not a good idea to tell the lackey typing I hate them. I hate them, with the passion of a fiery sun. He will start typing it before realizing he shouldn't.

  • It's easy to misread let's get some cross training going to lets get some cross dressing going.

  • Yeah, I'm pleasant to be around today.

  • I was over at Grilltech's desk today, and was snagged by his team lead to answer report questions.

  • They like it when I hang out over there; at least the managers do easy access to information.

  • Grilltech says he enjoys my company, but there are times I'm not so sure.

  • I know he doesn't like it when I'm counting down the minutes before we can leave.

  • There was a drug bust happening out side the gym when we left today, with five billion men in blue.

  • Perky had a OMG moment on the drive home, when an officer pulled in behind her with lights flashing and sirens.

  • Turns out he was heading to the bust as well.

  • Things not to tell co-workers when they say, don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. Why I might like it!

  • Perky needs to go to the store, so the list is done.

I'm so close...

I'm soo close to finishing the black socks. They'll be done by Saturday at the latest and tonight at the earliest. YES!!!! And since we have a camera again, that means there will be pictures. (Insert happy dance here.)

Lace camp is a little more then a week away. I'm having thoughts of what should I take and OMG it's almost time for lace camp!! I know, I know.... crazy!

I'm trying to figure what I'm going to make for Christmas this year. I'm thinking I'll make D a pair of buffalo socks; because she's been wanting a pair. G would like a pair of socks. I'll need to figure out the pattern for those. Plus, I have two birthdays in October I need to worry about. I think I need a nap. That's more knitting then I really want to do in such a short notice.

I also need to get my sweater finished. I think it needs to come to camp with me.

A Tail of a Cat

Grilltech made beer on Sunday, a pumpkin porter. It smelled very yummy. The down side? Here is Fran before the beer was made. She how white and pretty she is there - she almost looks as if she's knitting the black sock.

Here she is after the beer. I can't figure out how she got so black so fast. Actually I can, it's from all the soot from his pans. I scrubbed the wort pot clean. Black soot was everywhere in the kitchen. Not really, but it's my story and I'll exaggerate all I want. My right hand still has black on it that won't come clean.

I've started the toe on the sock. I'm so excited. Yesterday I had a moment of OMG I think I've lost my sock knitting. I packed up my stuff from work like normal to rush out the door. (Yes, I rushed out.) I went to the gym, did my time workout. Since I had the car and Grilltech was home sleeping, I went to the LYS. I opened my purse to pull out the sock and it wasn't there!! I sat there stunned for a few seconds before M handed me the store project to knit on. I was too tired and sore to really stress where the sock had wandered off to. Turns out I had put it in my lunch bag, not my purse. Funny? Not so much at the time.

w00t! I'm an admin on my work machine. Which means I can install software on my machine; stupid software updates. Yeah, if I'm not looking at all three sites, I won't find the guy located across the country if I'm in my site only. GRRR! Finished yelling at an area lead because he put in an event then was in room stating it needs to be approved. Hellooo, if you put in the event less then a minute ago, it's going to take me at least a minute to pull it up and process it.

Okay, is it annoy Knittech day? Had to have two people talking about Heroes move away from my desk. I'll watch the show tonight and I don't want to hear them telling me their spin on it.

Something to talk about

I'm just dragging. Sunday's sleep wasn't exactly the best I've had. I couldn't get to sleep and the sleep I did get wasn't restful. Today, I would love to put my head on the desk and nap. I think that would be very, very bad if I was caught napping on the job.

I'm pretty close to finishing the first of the black socks. I was knitting them both at the same time, but I got tired of not making any progress so I'm back to one sock at a time. I have about two more inches to go before I start the toe. If these socks were for Grilltech, I'd be at the toe already; but I've got two more inches to go.

It seem I'm going to have a nasty bout of loud hiccups. I hate it when I get them. Granny told me once long ago, I sneeze like a kitten; but I hiccup like a drunken sailor. (I added the last part. I really don't want to think that my Grandmother hung out with drunken sailors.)

Next year, we (Grilltech and I) get to go pick huckleberries. He's wanting to make Meade, and D won't give him the berries. I'm wondering what I could wear to keep the mosquitoes away from me. (For those who are unaware, huckleberries are guarded by hordes of ravenous mosquitoes.)

On Saturday, Perky and I went to a fashion show put on at the LYS. I fell in love with a pattern there, so instead of building a pink shrug, I'm going to make Lilith. I picked up the yarn, and should have the pattern this week. In two weeks, I'll be off to lace camp! It will give me something lacy to work on while at camp.

Grilltech made a pumpkin porter this weekend. The kitchen is a mess. While he's at school tonight, I should get it somewhat cleaned up. Or I can watch, Chuck. Not that I'll really stay up that late and watch TV.

Is it hot in here or is it just me?!

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Guess what Grilltech got....

It's cloudy and gray out side. The kind of day I'd expect it to be raining every time I pass a window, but it's not. The wind is still so the leaves are still on the trees and green. But today, I thought they'd be turning the autumn colors of yellow, red, and orange. Instead they taunt me with a prolonged summer. In my heart I know it's not going to last. The biting cold will be coming, it's a matter of time. Which makes me glad I'm a knitter.

Ice Queen Modified: Added another repeat and more rows then called for.

Close up of the work:

List Day!

  • Misread title: Study: Sexy Men Earn More Than Men Who View Women as Equals

  • I'm such a dork fish.

  • Actual title: Study: Sexist Men Earn More Than Men Who View Women as Equals

  • Knitted two round on the sweater last night.

  • Grilltech taped Heroes last night, so no talking about the show until I watch it today.

  • The cats think I need to put the electric blanket on the bed.

  • I'm wearing a jacket, but I'm still a bit cold.

  • Crappy, closed Excel without saving my spreadsheet.

  • Is it time to go home yet?

  • I like the Pringles Stix.

  • I'm saving this every time I change windows.

  • Grilltech got a package in the mail yesterday. And he can't open it...

  • The socks I'm working on need to be 11.25 inches long.

  • I took Friday off this week.

  • I <3 staff meetings, because I get to knit.

  • Somehow I managed to completely fubar picking up the gusset on the socks. (Yes it's picked up but not all the stitches are on the same side!!)

  • I forgot to send home my post yesterday, so the list continues today.

  • Worked on the sweater last night. It might get down before I die of old age.

  • The socks are straightened out.

  • Heroes was pretty kewl.

  • It's freezing in here again.

  • I had a nuisance of cats last night, I put the electric blanket on the bed.

  • Sock Summit 2009 (west)

  • I stayed up late last night... 2000 (800PM)!!

  • Does this mean I'm old?

  • I let Grilltech know he can go pick up his birthday present early. He said, but my birthday isn't until Friday. Should I be mean and make him wait?

  • I'm still thinking about getting another tattoo. Which means I'll be getting it in a week or two.

  • Grilltech is obsessing over which camera to get. (His present)

  • I'll be able to post pictures again real soon.

  • Crappy, Google isn't working...

  • Hey remember this?

  • Now he's looking at another camera. He started this quest two weeks ago.

  • Google started working again, must have been a connectivity issue.

  • Fran - the mighty hunter - makes the squirrels nervous.

  • I counted 9 rolls of TP in one (!) stall in the bathroom at work.

  • I like pool day at the gym.

Insert snappy title here

Not much in the way of excitement is happening at Chez Tech. It rained most of the weekend. Which was nice, after the long hot summer. My cat was in hiding due to the thunder. I started the scarf for the Olympics. I'm not thrilled with it, so it will get ripped back. I've started a sock for Grilltech's birthday. I'm on the heel for the black socks; I'm hoping to have them done within two weeks. I did a round on my sweater. Still a bit paranoid, but working on it.

Today is the last day I'll wear these pants. They're way to big. I'm down 40 pounds. I blew off the past week. I made it to the gym, but didn't record everything I ate. I know, not life stopping, but I'm sure the trainer will frown in my general direction.

I'm not sure which is worse. The WOW talkers from the other bay or the sports TALK in this one.

List Day!

  • Happy Friday!!

  • I whined to the cow-orkers, you're not doing your job.

  • Next day, the part I bitched about was done. They blew off something else.

  • I'm having to run the morning reskill script. More blog reading time for me!!

  • The cow-orkers bitched about me not doing X, Y, and Z.

  • The number of businesses with their open signs on at 0330, but aren't open: 2.

  • I took a different route to work this morning, don't know how many cars were at the bar.

  • I finished Ice Queen last night!!!!!

  • One more day at the gym, then it's pool time.

  • It's knit and eat night. I've been such a slacker, I didn't get the soup pulled out of the freezer.

  • Not that I'm counting, but there is 5.5 more hours of work to go.

  • I'm thinking I need to knit myself up a pair of mitts.

  • Oh yea, I had a pair, but let them walk out the door.

  • I'm having a panic attack, that I didn't document the numbers for my sweater, so I won't know how many to cast on for my sleeves.

  • Did I mention how happy I am today's Friday?

  • There is an Artic breeze blowing across my back.

  • Grilltech's birthday is next week and I still haven't knitted him anything.

  • I'm blowing off lunch today, I only have four more hours to go.

Because I'm a Lemming....

And now for something completely different: (Thanks Amy Lane!)

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In Accordance with the Prophecy

And so it begins: the paranoia, the backstabbing, and the crying in the bathroom all because of an e-mail. It says they only have the company's best interests at heart. Which is very true; because we all know a company's heart is the bottom line. My only hope? I make it to December 5th.

Last night I finished the second hat, it's looks pretty much like the girl's hat, but the colors are green and blue. It's pretty sweet looking. I'd show you a picture of it, but Grilltech snatched it up and has to give it to the guy today. Otherwise, the hat might have disappeared into the void between today and tomorrow. (Given the current state of my desk the possibility of the disappearances is high.) So there is no pictures. No showing off how all the blues were on one side, with a single row of blocks spilling over into the green. (Picture the same thing, only in reverse green row in the blue side.) If it was laid flat, there was an almost perfect dividing line with one blue eye and one green looking at you.

After I finished up the hat, I pulled out Ice Queen. I have maybe two more hours to go on it. I hope to have it finished soon TM). I should wander down to the bead store and pick up another hank of beads, because I'm paranoid I'll run out in the middle of the row. (After 1800, when the store is closed and I won't be able to go pick them up until the next day after work and the gym.) Thankfully the beads I chose are pretty inexpensive. Then it will be one more thing off my list of things screaming to be finished.

Speaking of paranoia, I'm not sure what do with the mallard sweater. I suppose I should keep working on it and get it done before I lose so much weight it won't fit. Then I can find it a lovely home - or put it on display down at the LYS. I won't talk about the little voice in the back of my head whispering it's too small. If it's too small now, does that mean by time I finish; it will fit correctly?

I've decided how I'm going to knit up the Olympic scarf. I'll take liberty with Garterlac Dishcloth. Every two rows (there and back) I'll switch between the blue and white. In my mind it looks great (and it's done!) I'm hoping it turns out well in real life.

Back to the datamine; I wonder how soon before the layoff reach this side of the street.

Full of Grace and Elegance

I am a dumbass. Do you want proof of my latest achievement? I tripped and broke my moonstone bracelet at the gym. Did I say tripped? I meant, Perky tried to push me down and kick me to death. I managed to fend her off, but in the scuffle, she broke my bracelet. (Okay, so I was going to the bikes and didn't notice the chromed ridge separating the bikes from the free weights. I tripped, caught myself from falling scrapped my left wrist up pretty good and broke my pretty.) I think the bracelet can be fixed, I couldn't find the needle nose pliers at 1830 (6:30 PM). I was drooping pretty badly. Instead of doing only one set of 10, I decided I could to two sets. I think my legs will forgive me.... eventually.

After the gym, I had Perky take me to the thrift store. I pants I have are so loose if I didn't where a belt, they'd fall off. I grabbed two different sizes to try on. One I knew wouldn't fit it's like 30 sizes too small. (Okay, it was the 20-22 range.) I tried on the size I thought I was. Guess what? I'm still too big for those also by about two inches. ARRRUGHHHH!! So I put the pants back and will try again in about 20 pounds.

So this morning I'm sitting at my desk, daydreaming about... a blackberry fruit pie. I'm so pathetic. I ate my pear and the craving for the most part has gone away. But a fruit pie? How sad is that?

Knitting content? There is none because I was too beat to knit last night. Not completely true, I did get to the pattern on the second sock. Granted most of the knitting happened in yesterday's staff meeting.

I was knitting along on the sock, was counting out the stitches for the switch. Much to my dismay I realized I had dropped a stitch at the last cable. There was much swearing on my part, and the sock was stuffed into the bag. Lunch was over anyway, so it was going to get stuffed in the bag. On the next break, I dropped the two stitches down, pick up the dropped stitch (it was only three rows) and fixed the problem. The kicker? No cable needle was involved.

Chicken Soup

The pictures are:

I thought about adding some notes, but didn't get around to it last night. Thanks for the positive comments about the loss. Its starting to get a bit difficult to eat the healthy stuff. Because we all know mounds and reisens are God's proof he loves us.

Since I don't have any other knitting progress to report here is my Chicken Barley recipe:

1 (or more) carrot diced
1 Leek (or onion) diced
1 bochoy diced
1 Anaheim pepper diced
1 package sliced mushrooms
olive oil or butter (to taste)

I sweat the veggies until they're soft for faster cooking time. (Otherwise put the stock, water and veggies on to simmer for 2-3 hours until soft.)

1/2 gallon Chicken stock
3-4 cups water
1 cup barley (rinsed)
2 cups cooked chicken diced

Add the stock, water, and barley simmer for 20 minutes (or until the barley is tender). Add chicken and spices; heat until chicken is warm. Serve with potato rolls.

Seasonings (to taste):
Garlic (can use fresh, sweat with the rest of the veggies)
Chipotle pepper

Since it's the two of us, the recipe has been pared back. I despise celery, so I use bochoy instead. One time I used parsnips instead of carrots. It's pretty versatile.

The chicken stock is homemade because we eat a lot of chicken. The cooked chicken is also leftovers.


  • I can't think of a good post, so it's a list day.

  • I've lost 30 pounds so far.

  • I finished a hat!!

  • I'm a dumbass who forgot to bring her gym bag today.

  • There was four cars at the bar.

  • I left my jacket at home as well, because I thought it's not to chilly. I was wrong.

  • I stayed up until the wee hours of the night. 2030 (8:30 PM). Today, I'm dead tired.

  • What's the second rule of Fight Club?

  • Do you think the Gnome would notice if I napped at my desk?

  • Grilltech broke a tooth and has missed two days of work.

  • I'll need to purchase smaller clothes soon.

  • Today is meeting day. Good thing I have my knitting.

  • Perky was trying figure out Entrelac knitting last night.

  • I'm starting to get warm.

  • My phone keeps chirping at me to charge it.

  • I think I'm going to blow the gym off today.

  • Is it bad to tell people I popped Grilltech in the mouth and broke his tooth?

  • My PDA (MP3 player) needs to be charged also.

  • I should go heat up my soup. (Chicken barley soup - homemade YUM!)

  • I was dreaming about CAC's last night.

  • I'm plotting a shrug currently because it's chilly in the building.

  • I still have a bunch of projects on the needles and I'm thinking of starting another one. I must be insane.

  • One of today's meetings has been pushed until tomorrow.

  • I'm thinking of picking up some mushrooms and onion to go with tonight's steak.

  • I swear the guy I share the computer with is deaf; he has both the computer and phone volume cranked up.

  • I'm finally warm, thank God for soup.

  • A co-worker is eating Frito's. Bastard.

  • Perky left me a voice mail calling me a slacker.

  • It smells like garlic bagels in the bay.

  • Two more hours to go.

  • The last hour of the day is dragging.

  • Grilltech needs a crown.

  • The phone finally died.

  • A lady tried to pull out in front of me. Then decided that would be bad; in the middle of my lane.

A Post... barely

  • I feel human again.

  • I am sore from the gym.

  • UTI's suck. 'Enuff said.

  • I've been too out of it to even knit.

  • I forgot to count the cars at the bar this morning.

  • It's pretty sad when I can't even come up with a good list.

When I do something...

I do it right. I'm recovering from being sick. Not sure when I'll be back.

I lied....

Grilltech's not getting home until about 1900 (7 PM) or later. Picture will be on Tuesday instead.

Is it Over?

I know you guys are tired of reading about my weight struggle, but hopefully this will be the last one for a while maybe. I went to the gym this morning. Did my 30 minutes on a torture device bike. I felt pretty good.

I went and hung out with Grilltech at the BBQ competition. Close to five-six hours on my feet, plus I parked in hell on a hill about half a mile away. My feet, legs, and back hurt; and my face is sun burnt.

I'm thinking a hot bath would be lovely, then bed.

Tomorrow? Pictures!!


I'm on the last repeat pattern for the Ice Queen. I'm going to add another two repeats to make it a bit longer. I'm so close to being done. Makes me smile just thinking about it. Once I have Ice done, I'll start on the sweater and get it finished.

It's been a bit chilly here in the datamine. I'm thinking I should make a shrug to help ward off the cold. I'd need to finish up a couple of other projects first. Also, I need to get going on Grilltech's birthday sweater. (Its at the end of September.) It's the end of August and I haven't finished my birthday sweater yet.

I left my fork at home, so I went to the break room and got one. When leaving the room, I noticed in the vending machine was my favorite fruit pie, which they haven't carried in months. I think the company is out to get me. I went back to my desk and had my salad with brisket. Way better.

When I do laundry tonight, I'll need to check pockets for my favorite lip balm. I haven't seen it for a couple of days. I'm using the mint one, which is okay; just not my fave.

Still Whining

Everyday I drive a large nest on a telephone pole. (I guess it's a power line now, I believe our phone lines are buried. Am I showing my age?) Three years ago it was a nesting pair of hawks. It sat empty for two seasons after they left. This year another pair moved in. I've been unable to tell what kind of birds they were, I'd get fleeting glimpse of them. Now it's too late because they're gone already. Which bums me out, I enjoyed watching them fly hither and yon. As a replacement, I saw a doe running across four lanes of traffic yesterday morning. I'm glad I was going five MPH less then I normally do.

I have no idea what I've done to note pad, but it's backwards! (It's justified to the right side and the curser is on the left, until I type, then it's on the right side.) Since I'm unable to figure out what I've done, I'm unable to get it fixed. Even Grilltech, my personal tech, doesn't how I've done it or how to fix it. Well, I did his suggest I exited and reopen - back to normal.

My tooth was throbbing something horrible last night; I didn't get a whole lot of knitting done. Something about knitting lace while on pain meds is not my idea of a good time. Today, I'm taking half a pill to make it through work. The tooth may have to be evicted - damned failed root canel! If it clears up, then we'll decide what to do later.

List Day!

  • Ice Queen is 20 rows closer to being done.

  • My wedding ring is lose enough to rotate on my finger on it's own.

  • Clothes are much looser, may have to invest in some new ones soon.

  • I'm getting discouraged and am thinking about getting a regular Pepsi.

  • Dutch - one of Grilltech's co-worker's - asked if I've been loosing weight.

  • I got a diet Dr Pepper instead.

  • There was four cars at the bar this morning.

  • I'm very sleepy today.

  • I can touch my thumb and forefinger around my wrist again.

  • It's causal week, a guy walked by wearing a tie.

  • I have a sore tooth.

  • I have a dentist appointment at 1150 this morning to get it looked at.

  • The dentist thinks I have a failing root cannel.

  • I might not make it to the gym tonight.

  • Someone kidnapped by baby!!

  • Oh wait, my kids are grown and out of the house. It must be a virus.

  • Fran the brat kitty, knocked over a glass of water.

Very Little Knitting Post

Another morning, another day of getting to read blogs. (My polite way of saying, I'm having to run the morning reskill.) It takes about an hour or so to run, and I've got to have something to do; since I can't work.

I finished my bag Saturday night. I started on Ice Queen. Turns out I dropped a stitch, which was throwing my bead work off. I got it fixed. Now I'm knitting away on it. Hope to have it done within the next two weeks.

Anyway, on Saturday the Eldest dropped of a large bag of wool yarns! There is some very lovely stuff in there. Several of the lace weight skeins. I'm hoping there is enough of a medium weight to make a sweater or two.

Saturday I went to the gym for a fitness orientation. Guess what? I'm out of shape. I got the mommy daddy look because on Friday I hadn't made the best food choices. Yea, make all the hard work, not matter. True I was starting to get off track.

I went to swim on Sunday and Grilltech looked at me and said if you're going to come back depressed, I'll have to go down there and have a chat with them. Since I didn't see the trainer, I did pretty good. 18 laps (13 swam, 5 walked) in 45 minutes.

I was out on the blogs and I found wisteria from Moth Heaven. I want that. Sure, it would look awful on me. Double chins and a turtle neck? Not the best look I can have. But ask me again in 75 pounds.

Yeah, I got nothin'

I don't have much in the way of excitement to blog about. I haven't been doing much knitting. My wrists were bothering me, so I'd been doing the powerball instead of knitting. They're doing much better now. Instead of going to swim tonight, I get to do it this afternoon. Perky has the day off, so my evening is free to watch Dr. Who DVD's and knit.

About an hour more of work today. Its slid by pretty fast; a very good thing in my opinion.

Short but Sweet

Usually I bring my knitting to work because I carry it with me all the time. Yesterday, I did get quite a bit of knitting done during the meeting. It kept me from reaching through the phone cord and strangling a cow-orker to death. Anyway, today I left my knitting on the kitchen table, because I figured I wouldn't have time to knit at work. I should have brought it. I was running the reskill script for the first hour of the day. I can't do anything else but run this script. Prime knitting time gone. I did get caught up on my blog reading.

No knitting last night. It was all I could do to stay awake until 1900. I crawled into bed and was asleep before my head hit the pillow. I don't think I woke up at all until the alarm went off.

It's Today.

I work in a semi-secure building. The first half of the building is the peddling of various products - snake oil and other cure-alls. By the time I reach the second half of the building, I've used my badge twice and will need to use one more time just to get to my chair. Don't get me wrong, security is a good thing. Since I was half a wake; instead of putting my ID on, I left it in my purse. I had no problem going through the checkpoints, because the readers require proximity, not touch.

I get to my desk. Drop off my purse and lunch, then I go back to the middle break room (through the security doors) to heat up my breakfast. I go to badge in, only to realize it was in my purse. D'uh! I grab the phone and call Grilltech who is able to bring my purse so I can badge in. Once back at my desk, I actually put the badge on so I won't spend the rest of the day being a dumbass.

I started the black socks again last night. Grilltech was trying to figure out why I was re-knitting the sock, but I didn't have energy to tell him I was stupid. I've started the handles on the bag as well. I've modified the handles to an I-cord of six stitches. I'm about half way completed with the first handle.

Instead of doing dragon scale socks, I'm doing the Boyfriend sock pattern. I can have a boyfriend, as long as Grilltech doesn't find out.

List Day!

  • It's hard to be at work after four days off.

  • Number of cars at the bar this morning: 1

  • Perky and I joined a gym on Friday morning.

  • It has a pool!!

  • I've lost 24 pounds!!

  • It isn't the cost of the gym, it's the cost of the trainer!

  • Everything seems to be !! this morning.

  • I left my cup at home. Guess it is time for another (diet) soda.

  • Perky tried on the socks I've been working on. They're now in time out.

  • I'm starting the last couple of rounds before the handles on the bag.

  • I lost an earring this morning.

  • Grilltech is the best husband in the world, he brought me a bottle of water.

  • I left my cell phone and lip balm at home.

  • The black socks will need to be started again with more stitches; I'd already knit nine inches on the stupid things.

  • Grilltech was saying he wants a new cleaver for chopping brisket.

  • I worked on the sweater Friday night.

  • The cabling needle was still behind my ear when I went to bed that night.

  • I found three bucks in the women's bathroom.

  • Is that stealing?

  • I'm going to get yet another tattoo.

  • The Special Olympics desire hand knit scarves.

  • It annoys one of the cow-orkers to no end when I tell him God bless you after he sneezes.

  • My neighbor is eating fries.

  • A little less than two hours of work to go.

  • I left my wedding ring at home. I feel naked.

  • I've got nothing planned for dinner tonight.

  • It's been over a year since I've got my hair cut.

  • I miss Top Sheep.

I'm more then ready.

Happy Friday everyone!! Oh wait, that's just me. (Insert happy dance here.) I know, don't hate me because I'm gloating. Hate me because I'm annoying.

Anyway, I rode the bike again for 25 minutes (instead of 30) and today my knee is still being spiteful. I'm thinking I should ride the bike for 5 minutes, then do some weight training. I'm thinking I'll blow it off until the evening, then decide I should do something, then ride the bike for about 30 minutes and my knee will hurt more. It's an ugly cycle.

Anyway, I put in Stardust and worked on the bag for a couple of rounds. I'm thinking about dragging out Ice Queen and working on it because it's light. Ice Queen is a nice soft yarn.


I have several projects going at the same time, which gives me a wide variety of choices when it comes to working on knitting.

  • The textured (mallard) sweater - not very portable.

  • Peacock feathers shawl - charts!

  • Black socks - two at once.

  • 1Bag - trellis lace only slightly smaller then the sweater.

  • Ice Queen - More lace.

None of the projects are just simple knitting, why is this an issue? Because I have an urge to start yet another project. Maybe a pair of socks Or go nap instead.

Yesterday I rode the bike for 30 minutes straight. Today, my knee is spiteful. Tonight, I'm thinking I should walk for 30 minutes, maybe it will help the soreness.

Quick and Dirty

I've got about two more hours of my day left. I'm hoping my attitude improves 150%. Otherwise I'm liable to kill someone. I might be able to justify the killing, but it would take time to sort out and I wouldn't want to deal with the mess.

I wanted something quick and mindless to knit, so I started a Bag that Emicat had started. Mine is a bit different, I went with a seed stitch for the "closed knitting". I'm liking how it's turning out. Next time I'll use a provisional cast on, so I won't need to pick up 108 stitches on the bottom. Anyway, I'm about half way done.

A Chart

Take a look at this. I think the slap the customer needs to bigger.

One of those days...

Last night, I dreamed that someone at work had their pants unzipped. One of those stress dreams. Today, I went to the bathroom.... Yip, my zipper had been done. UGH!

Crazy, busy

Things at work have been crazy to say the least. OT has been authorized and in some cases extreme force has been used to make it so. Needless to say people are crabby, whinny, and sullen. I've got proof:

  • I thought TechLeads get skilled at X, why isn't Bozo skilled at X also?

  • He's not the same as you. Your a TechLead, he's a TAS agent.

  • We're not going to go the same way as the L2's, it's not a one way street!

  • I know your department gets help from the service desk, I've entered it.

I could go on, but why bother? It would be more of the same. To make thing worse? My supervisor is going on vacation and his back up is also out on vacation. Guess who gets to the back-up back-up. Yeah me. Can you feel the excitement?

I have been doing some knitting. I've finished Grilltech's socklets. I keep meaning to post a picture. Isn't the road to hell paved with "I've been meaning to..." I've started a pair of socks for a friend's son who is overseas. Black, at least 14 inches long. (Or is it 12? I suppose I should look up this information before I make them longer then needed.)

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and let everyone know I didn't drop off the face of the earth. I just want to, but they won't let me.

Because I'm a Lemming....

The Recipe For Knittech

3 parts Elegance

2 parts Devilry

1 part Sexiness

Splash of Creativity

Limit yourself to one serving. This cocktail is strong!

Yeah, I got nothin'

Conversation stole from Samurai Knitter. Questions are the same, but the answers are Grilltech's.

Me: What is your favourite thing about my knitting?

Grilltech: It keeps you calm.

Me: What is your least favourite thing about my knitting?

Grilltech: Uh, nothing.

Me: What is something I have knitted, that you recall as good?

Grilltech: The sweater you knit me, the green one.

Me: Do you think knitters have an expensive hobby?

Grilltech: Not really.

Me: Any hobbies?

Grilltech: Does brewing beer count?

Me: Do you have a stash of any kind?

Grilltech: Yes.

Me: Have I ever embarrassed you, knitting in public?

Grilltech: Yes, a couple of times. (He refused to comment further at this point.)

Me: Do you know my favourite kind of yarn?

Grilltech: Alpaca? (Not Alpaca, I'd have to say Regia Silk is wonderful.)

Me: Can you name another blog?

Grilltech: Yarn Harlot, crazy Aunt Purl, Yarning to Write, Luvs to Knit....

List Day!

  • The alarm went off three times this morning.

  • Only three cars parked at the bar this morning.

  • I've had three people whining at my desk this morning.

  • I'm hoping they're done now.

  • Okay, so I was wrong, two more have latched onto me.

  • I can feel my energy level being drained.

  • I really should have called in sick this morning.

  • Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket, my odds of winning only slight increase if I buy a ticket.

  • I wonder if it's the lack of sleep that's making me short tempered or the id10t's I'm dealing with.

  • I don't have a life line on the shawl and I've messed up.

  • Maybe that's the real reason I'm crabby.

  • No, it's definitely the id10t's.

  • The gusset is started on Grilltech's second sock.

  • Things seem to have calmed down around here.

  • I haven't decided what I'm going to do about the shawl.

  • I have 20 minutes left of work, it's dragging slow.

  • Perky, I was at work. Grilltech supports the other network.

  • What are they thinking?!

  • If I nap this afternoon, I'll be able to stay up late tonight.

  • It's Dr Who night!

  • Uggy is intensely watching a squirrel in the yard.

  • She'd have no clue what to do if I opened the door and let her out.

  • Grilltech is going to take Peaches in be shaved!

  • Go wish Bree happy birthday!

  • Don't you love being told what to do?

  • I've got to go spend 10 minutes riding and my legs hurt already!

  • I'm back to plotting.

  • Tomorrow I need to weed the lavender. It’s way overgrown with weeds.