List Day

  • Counted five cars at the bar this morning
  • A Cow-orker came over to ask what is that noise?
  • I'm wearing my moonstone ring today, so I can make a dent in someone's forehead if they really annoy me
  • It's raining out there which makes me happy, because it could have been snow instead
  • Forgot a critical step in the process, I have to go back and fix it
  • Worry Hat, ENGAGE!
  • No choking on an apple, I don't want to be standing in line at heaven and have to explain why I died of a stupid reason
  • GAH! I've got a call in 15 and the person who knows all about it isn't here today
  • OP's manager Do you know how to get there? Cute cow-orker No. He begins explaining where to go. CC interrupts Don't you have a map?!
  • I'm taking over some new duties, so work has been a bit crazy
  • Cheesecake is made for tomorrow's potluck
  • I have thirteen more squares to finish for this row
  • I'm so happy tomorrow is Friday

List Day

  • There were no cars at the bar this morning
  • It must have been all the snow/rain from yesterday that kept everyone home
  • This morning the computers aren't liking me, they weren't on the network and generally being difficult
  • Last Friday, Dad was admitted to the hospital. He was able to go home on Tuesday, but has to come back tomorrow for a follow up
  • I forgot to take my meds today
  • Last night I dreamed I was visiting Amy's house - very nice looking by the way
  • Interesting comment on an agent: Skill/Skill/Skill/Fri-Sat Tech Leach (That's suppose to be Tech Lead)
  • Damn, I'm out of water
  • I so totally love the gussets on these gloves (ravelry)
  • The rain hasn't let up at all today
  • Now a webpage isn't loading, this can't be good
  • w00t! The Aliens are coming! The Aliens are coming!

1000 Words

Down the street from Monday afternoon:

Down the street from today:

After the pool today, we got to shovel snow. It took both of us about 40 minutes to get the drive way finished. It was cold and rainy while we were shoveling.

Finished the second yard sock.


Did you know Netflix has workout videos? I really hadn't paid attention, because you know, we've got the Wii. I'm a bit bored of the Wii and started using some of the videos. Today I did 30 on the Wii.

Can you say sore muscles, I didn't realize that were sore?

Cat Conversations

The vacuum never comes into the bed room!

You went to the bathroom, it's my chair now.

Uggy and GoJira talk pretty much like this:

List Day

  • Counted five cars at the bar this morning
  • I want this day to hurry and be over
  • I'm never going on vacation again (it's available on Netflix and funny as hell
  • I got my new glasses! I got my new glasses!
  • I'm not a French Templar so tomorrow being Friday the 13th will be okay
  • Today's coffee is a coconut flavored and smells very good, too bad I don't like coffee
  • Uggy now refuses to go into the living room, GoJira must have chased her out one too many times
  • Yesterday we saw a really sweet lookin' Sundog
  • BBQer will be working from home next week, using my laptop, so I need to move files to his system
  • We've been at work for three hours now, and I've just noticed that Grilltech has his shirt on in-side out
  • He's a bit crabby now...
  • Bloody hell! Spilled spaghetti down the front of my silver shirt
  • The guys had been telling Newbie to talk to his supervisor before turning in his notice, he turned it in, then I tell him the same thing they've been telling him for two weeks now - he's now off to talk to his supervisor

Team Work

Someone needs to take one for the team and go eat the cherry pie in the vending machine, so I won't.


I'm trying to catch up. I've gone through the huge pile of mail on my desk. Shredded most of it, put some in the to open on Saturday pile and I feel better.

I've finished the first sock for the yard work. I had him try it on to make sure it fit and he loved it. He took it home with him to show it off. Today I asked him if he's lost it yet. Nope, I've only got one sock, I can't lose it!

For Christmas I was given season 3 of Fringe, plus NCIS (1 & 2). We're now on the second week of the year and we've power through all of them. Grilltech was sweet and picked up season 3 of NCIS this weekend for me. We're about halfway through it. I get pretty tired of the commercials when watching regular TV.

I'm debating about getting a haircut. My hair is a little past my shoulders, all about the same length. So it's either up or down. If I get the cut, then it will be all down but shorter.

List Day

  • Counted two cars at the bar this morning
  • Saw an owl in flight, only because it was next to a street light
  • This week is taking forever to end
  • I was able to touch my toes the other night...
  • It kinda sucks only having the blanket to take pictures of because that bad boy will take forever to complete
  • There is a 85% chance your cat is plotting to kill you
  • I keep trying to remember to sit up straight, but not having much luck
  • Today's color way is a lovely rosy pink with dark blue/grey
  • Now there is herd of people looking at the sunrise
  • BBQer is out today, so it's pretty quiet in here
  • It's hit the time of the day when it's really starting to drag
  • Text Message Breakup????
  • GAH! Fucking Excel!
  • I jammed my right knee going down the stairs at work, which is a good thing in a way, because I almost fell down the stairs at the time
  • Princess GoJira is still being anti-social
  • Thank heavens, tomorrow is Friday

1000 Words

Down the street:

I had two supervisors, Fran:

And Sabrina:

The blanket, halved for better viewing:

Close up of this side:

Another close up:

First bacon sock:

First yard sock, almost completed: