List Day

  • There were no cars at the bar this morning
  • It must have been all the snow/rain from yesterday that kept everyone home
  • This morning the computers aren't liking me, they weren't on the network and generally being difficult
  • Last Friday, Dad was admitted to the hospital. He was able to go home on Tuesday, but has to come back tomorrow for a follow up
  • I forgot to take my meds today
  • Last night I dreamed I was visiting Amy's house - very nice looking by the way
  • Interesting comment on an agent: Skill/Skill/Skill/Fri-Sat Tech Leach (That's suppose to be Tech Lead)
  • Damn, I'm out of water
  • I so totally love the gussets on these gloves (ravelry)
  • The rain hasn't let up at all today
  • Now a webpage isn't loading, this can't be good
  • w00t! The Aliens are coming! The Aliens are coming!


Donna Lee said...

I like those gloves although the thought of 10 fingers on those tiny needles gives me the willies.

Amy Lane said...

The gloves are a trip! And my house sucks--but I'd be glad to have you!