Yea, one of those days

Left my walkman iPhone at home. Had to spend the day interacting with people. It really, really sucked.

Worst Mommy Ever!

This time the title was earned by not letting Havac chase ducks. He was more than willing to swim after them.

When will I ever learn?

But I don't wanna....

But Aunt Roxie, I'd have to get dressed and put on tennis shoes to walk the movie up to the killer of mom-and-pop video stores RedBox for the kids. The dog isn't here to drag me down there. So can I just stay home tonight and drive down tomorrow?

I didn't think so...

Did I Mention?

Much like my Sister to the East, I am made of salt and will melt when gotten wet. Aunt Roxie, not only sent me out to return a movie, tried to kill me!

Think I'm making it up?
It rained on my way back from the killer of mom-and-pop video stores RedBox. If I didn't have such a high dodge skill, I could have melted. It was awful.

Think she bought it?

Seriously? I wasn't laying it on a bit thick? Good.

Now for what really happened:

It was a lovely walk. Another couple was walking the other direction. The foot hills were lit up by the sun, but I was covered with dark clouds on the way East. Very lovely effect. There was very little in the way of passing traffic. I think most of the people were still home getting ready for what ever date they had planned.

Believe it or not, but the foot hills are green. Sure there are splotches of brown on the southern sides of the ridges, but the northern side is a lush green. I'd forgotten how beautiful the city can be during spring and summer. A large flowering tree was dropping it's flowers when I walked under it. The ground was littered with them and more were coming.

The walk back was even better. The rain began to fall, soft and warm. The kind of rain that's cleansing. Cars rushed by, windshield wipers smearing the dust to mud.

By the time I reached the front door, it had stopped. A nice ending to an evening walk. Now if you'll excuse me, I think the next storm is starting to roll through.

List Day!

  • Forgot to count the cars at the bar this morning
  • I was mean to Grilltech last night
  • Today wasn't bad, hosted a meeting I found out after we really didn't need to do
  • Still not knitting much
  • We're going to go to my parent's place over the fourth
  • Best part?  They'll be out of town
  • The first part of the shawl I completed, was the pattern design
  • Roxie, if you want to see it, I'll post the chart
  • The Perky and Kommadant are going out of town this weekend
  • My desk is almost cleaned off; now someone is leaving their stuff on it
  • Something cute

First Chart

I've got the first chart completed of my shawl.  Will start working on the second one.  Haven't figured out the transition yet, but it will work itself out eventually.

Worst Fear

With the tennis elbow I'm not able to knit. I'm getting better, but not fast enough. Evil thoughts? You've got all this yarn, but can't do anything with it.

Worst Mommy Ever!

Part 2 -

Open the garage door to let Sabrina in. Havoc runs out there because now-it's-time-to-go-some-place. He won't come in when I call. I do the only thing I can, shut the door and walk away.

An hour later, I'm hearing whines to be let in. I'm looking out the back door, he's not there. However, the front window is open, he'll sit there and whine at passing dogs. I think this is what's going on.


They were both ready to come in. I felt so bad, I gave them good food.

That's It!

I'm going back to the gym, I'm hurting myself with this house cleaning. The gym has machines that won't let me over-do-it.

Patrica come get your cleaning fairies, they suck!!

Worst Mommy Ever!

Mopped the floor - had Perky sweep and move everything for me - locked Havoc out side. He's now yipping at the door to be let in. Using his whiny-you-hate-me yip.

Half Done

Vacuumed, had dishes done, and will be folding last night's laundry. Still need to sweep and mop, then do another load of laundry. Figure those can be done tomorrow night.

Mystery Solved!

The cause of my tennis elbow? Cleaning.

I guess I'll need to stop cleaning... =^.^=

List Day!

  • Counted five cars at the bar this morning
  • Database just crashed
  • Apparently, I don't know my own password to blogger
  • I do, however, know a password to an application I haven't used in six months or so
  • Tomorrow is Friday before a four day weekend
  • Yesterday the doctor suggested a brace and anti-inflammatory
  • Both seem to be working today
  • Might be able to knit more than an hour tonight
  • Grilltech will be making me Salomon BLT's on Saturday night
  • Perky is pestering me for a list of yarns
  • Starting to get sleepy
  • Friday's dinner will be roasted rack of lamb
  • Yesterday I picked up a new case for my iPhone, odd they don't have mine it's two tone purples

Knitter Down!!

Tennis elbow, can't really knit. Can't really lift anything. Can it get any worse?

Mortal Kombat?!

Roxie, don't watch, you won't like it.

A 1000 Words or there abouts

I think two weeks ago, I started a cleaning kick. These are just some of the yarn I've removed from my desk. The saddest part? There are a bunch more that still need to be removed so I can see my desk.
Addict Picture

At the same time of removing some yarn that is staring at me - trying to guilt it's way onto my needles - I picked up some of the half finished projects I've got on the needles.
Almost Done!

Since then, I finished the ugly green hat.
Ugly Green Hat

We've been getting some rain recently. Considering we're a high dessert, I'm surprised there hasn't been more flooding.
Before the Storm

Grilltech likes Linux, he even teaches it . Linux is the base OS for our server. Think Rebel Alliance - Han Solo!! Me? I've joined the Empire....
I'm part of the Empire!

The latest on the peacock shawl.

Apple rhubarb cobbler.
Black Betty

Grilltech's fennel.
Damn Fennel... It's a good thing I love my husband

More of the fennel.
A really good thing!!

Sabrina likes to lie on the flowers.
Sabrina is evil

Grilltech's hops are starting to get out of control.

Really, out of control
I'm free!  I'm free!

That's what I've been up to.


Oh yea, that's what an hour at the gym feels like...