List Day

  • Gas is at $2.67 per gallon
  • I saw these interesting DPNS, they're sold out of the size I want
  • I was suppose to post a picture this week, but didn't get around to doing it
  • Why, oh why, am I thinking about Cheetos?
  • Next year's insurance costs are going to hurt
  • Day is mostly over. Mostly
  • Have a good night

I Caved

Turned the heat on today.

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.67 per gallon
  • There was two cars at the coffee shop this morning
  • I have determined, I need an how to deal with people class, because You're fucking kidding me isn't appropriate
  • The tool is lagging today
  • A cow-orker is having an issue with his paycheck, AGAIN
  • Had a lackey at my desk training
  • Okay, ready for the day to be over, it's only 40 minutes away
  • Have a good evening

Plan D

A couple of months ago, I picked up an Apple Watch. I gotta say, I really like it. One of the first things I did was order a face shield for it because you know: scratches and dings.

When I got the cover, it had a bunch of air bubbles. I thought it was pretty shotty, but slapped it on the watch anyway because it's better than nothing. I've been using it for several months and never had a problem.

Last night I popped the cover off, because there was water under it. Grilltech asked about the face plate. I handed it over to him, with the comment of how crappy it was. He gave me a look, peeled off the plastic from the underside and handed it back.

The shield is clear now. And I feel like an idiot.

It's Made of Warm

On Sunday, we put the electric blanket on the bed. It has been chilly at night and I'm all about the warmth.

Anyway Uggy - the Ancient One - loves the electric blanket, almost as much as she loves good food. The animals get good food, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's. Usually what happens is all the animals start hanging out in the living room about 1700 (5 PM). Uggy will be pretty close to me - reminding me it's good food night, if not on me until 1900 (7 PM) when I feed them. Last night, I got home and turned the bed on. I didn't see Uggy all night until I got the food dishes out at 1730 (730 PM). She sauntered out and decided I could feed her.

Lucky me.

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.72 per gallon
  • There was one car at the coffee shop this morning
  • It's day 12 of October and we haven't turned on the heat yet, but we are using a space heater in the front room
  • Had to exit and restart the program. Now I'm waiting again...
  • It would really help if I was in the right week
  • Yea, and in the wrong COI, pay attention
  • Okay, the math is done, I don't have to think anymore today, right?
  • Have a good evening

1000 Words

Down the street on a fall day. We've been getting some rain, which is a nice change.

Veteran's hat

A pair of socks for me

Last Veteran's hat. Everyone seems to like this hat the best

A pair of socks for Kommandant's mom

A dishcloth because I was bored