Up and Running

My computer is back up and running. Instead of good ol' familiar XP, I got an upgrade to Window$ 7. For several days, I had lost all my emails. Grilltech being the amazing wonderful bestest tech and husband got it back for me. Mentioned something about make a PST file so this won't happen again, but who listens?

I finished a hat for my parents. Still need to work on the gloves. Also, since Grilltech is being so amazing wonderful, I should finish up his blanket. Plus today is the last day of the 20% off sale at the LYS, so I should swing by there and pick up the yarn I need to finish his blanket.

Since the server is now back on line, I can post pictures of my FO's. But I'm a slacker and will get to it some other day.


Grilltech is the bestest husband ever. Today we moved out two old desks and a dresser. Moved in a new - heavier - desk to the back storage room. Pulled out large table in the kitchen and put the small round one in it's place.

Now it's time to rest. Might even knit once my arm stops throbbing.

The Dead Pool

On Saturday night, a storm blew through the area. It knocked out the power in our section of town - some places are still without power. My computer lost it's power supply. Sunday Grilltech spent most of the day troubleshooting the issue. Finally he pulled the hard drive out of my system and put it in the almost completed new server. So the old server which has a fan going out in it, has to last another two or three weeks.

Grilltech finally was able to get his iPhone 4. We offered his old one to the Eldest. It was going to be a couple of days before she could make it over to pick it up, so the phone floated around his desk. I picked it up and put it on top of one of computer books sitting on the arm of his chair. I heard a thunk, noticed both the book and phone where gone. I assumed both landed on the floor. Turns out the book was on the floor and the old phone went into his glass of water. We're still waiting to see if it will work or not.

I'm going to bed before anything else dies.

List Day, Double Shot

  • There was one car at the bar this morning
  • Grilltech received his new toy last night
  • He's very happy
  • I have a strong urge to cast on for this sweater (Ravelry)
  • It doesn't matter I don't have the pattern, I can make it up
  • And it would be black bamboo
  • Yes. Yes, I know I'm still working on Grilltech's blanket
  • And instead of short sleeves, they'll be three quarters length
  • I never did find the checkbook
  • Oh ya, it's time to change passwords
  • I was a lunch playing on FB, one of my leaders came over and had to verify I was at lunch
  • Havoc's name has now been changed by the microchip people to Havol
  • Grilltech has started calling him Havol Barkoff
  • Stupid Wii, says I gained 2 pounds since yesterday
  • Granted I did it after I ate dinner...

List Day!

Wrote the post yesterday, but posted early this morning.
  • It seems we hit every red light between home and work this morning
  • Reports have died, so I'm dead in the water
  • I have the pleasure of working help desk tickets
  • Grilltech and I must have been kicking each other in our sleep last night, both of us are stiff and sore
  • I'm having orange juice on the rocks at work, I think I need more vodka
  • I've got pictures of the finished shawl, but I'm currently too lazy to post them
  • Plus, I don't have the final picture
  • The answer to which report is he talking about - is not I don't know, he just tells me I'm wrong
  • I hunted for the checkbook this morning and couldn't find it
  • I'm hoping it under piles of knitting somewhere
  • Grilltech is dealing with an icky customer
  • There is thirty more minutes of my day left, I hope he'll get out on time
  • My desk has been mostly shoved off and I still can't find the checkbook
  • When should I start worrying about it?

Clean House

The guys showed up and is hauling stuff away. I almost feel bad about just pointing and saying this needs to go away.

Almost, but I'll get over it. Maybe I'll go block my shawl.


Havoc's new hair cut. I think he looks uber cute.

I finished another shawl. Another Haruni. Not quite as big as the first one, but pretty close. It still needs to be blocked, maybe this weekend.

I'm back to working on Grilltech's blanket.

Worst Mommy Ever!

Lured the cats out of the bedroom by getting out good food, then went back and shut them out while I made the bed. Every animal in the house is on good food alert.

I'm going to take Havoc out for a drag.

List Day!

  • Counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • Saw one of the babies at the nest in the dark
  • Maybe it is a good thing they have white bellies
  • We're having an audit at work this week
  • The whole reason why I'm not reading blogs or knitting at my desk
  • Yea, I know work
  • I'm to the point on the shawl it's taking an hour to do two rows
  • I'm also about 40 rows from being done!
  • Thoughts of coconut cream pie have dancing around my head
  • Had this post half done yesterday, but didn't send it home
  • It was sitting in my draft folder
  • At one point, I was using the wrong username, but right password to log into a phone server
  • Needless to say, it didn't work
  • On the plus side, can't lock out the wrong username
  • I can't seem to type today
  • I'm lucky so far, both loud talkers aren't here!!
  • Was on the phone and then was called by someone else
  • I'm popular today
  • Couldn't last forever, one of the loud talkers is back
  • When I try to do everything, nothing get accomplished
  • Time to step back
  • Writing with a pen makes my right arm hurt
  • I don't know how Perky makes it in the world, everything is set to right handers
  • Maybe I can find her a left handed cork screw
  • Grilltech is going to be off to a convention this weekend
  • I wonder how much crap stuff can leave the house before he'd even notice it was gone...
  • I've gotta call Taxtech SandTech about renting her truck

All Grown Up

The nest I've been watching is empty in the afternoons on the drive home. I think there is one Osprey hanging around the nest, won't really know until tomorrow morning.