Thursday, March 30th

I frogged about eight rows on my sweater tonight. I didn't like how the cabling on the sleeves just ended. Think I'll decrease the top until four stitches are left and cable it up. Should look really neat, I might even post a picture of my sweater when I'm finished. (Yeah, who am I kidding?)

It's almost a clear night out. There are some clouds to the west, if I'm lucky might be able to do some star gazing. Or not, I'm having a hard time staying awake.

Mike got the garage cleaned out. Jess was a good sport about helping out cleaning. She did hit me up for gas money. I told her, boy do I feel guilty about not giving her some. I think I'll get over it. The microwave and fridge are degreased. The stove and dishwasher are next on the list.

March 23, 2006

Spending the entire day at work. Feeling pretty good. Hope to stay feeling good tomorrow also. Ready to start on the toe for Mike's second sock. Then I'll start on a pair for DeLeah, then a pair for Dad. I just figure I'll give out socks for Christmas this year.

Today's weather is light sun, with wind. I haven't been out side, so I don't know if it's a biting wind or not.

Went to coffee last night. It was nice to see a few of the crowd. I don't think I'll go tonight. Don't need to spend the money.

My car is legal. :) Tomorrow after work, I'll need to take Jess down to get her registered, so she'll be legal. Nothing like dealing with a cranky, sick teen. I know, I *never* acted like that.

March 18

Windy day. Mostly cloudy with the sun peeking out once in a while, trying to warm the day. The wind would just cut through the sunshine making it cold. The light cloth jacket I wore, did nothing to keep me warm.

Busy day. On Wednesday, both Jess and I went to the doctor's office. Took Jess because she sounded pretty bad. I went mostly because I wasn't feeling well, but thought it would be a good idea. They took some blood, and bruised my arm. There was a welt, but mostly the dark purple along the vein. It's starting to turn lighter colors, but the middle is still white.

On Thursday, the doctor's office called and let me know what came of the blood work. Mono! Can you believe that? I'm too old to have mono. (Ow! My spleen! I can *honestly* say my spleen hurts.) Jess has the same thing, so she's pretty cranky about having to stay home.

Bought a car today. Spent more money then I intended to, but I think we can swing it. Just am slightly worried about being sick and missing work. Just need to keep the missing time less then two days a week. I tried to work on Friday, but left at 8:30; course I was there since 5:00 am.

One thing I've noticed with this disease, I need to eat about every four hours. If I don't eat then I start hurting. So I guess I'd better start eating a little healthier. Maybe mono will be the best thing for me.

Friday Eve

Mike's sock:

Knit 7", Toe: 2 at end of needle, Leave 8 per

Today is going to be a good day. I thought I had left my knitting at home, was feeling all bummed. Was emptying my case and found it. I was very happy! I didn't want to face the day of doing nothing between calls. First call of the day down. Nothing like stuttering through the thing or just feeling like I was. Must be time to knit.

I left my lunch at home.

Day 2:
Went home yesterday with a nasty headache; and was in bed by 7:15. Today should be better. I think that a lot don't I? Anyway, suppose to do coffee tonight, but I'm not sure I want to. Will just stay home and knit, I save money when I'm home.

More on Mike's Socks

Heel: 20 stitches

8 per side

23, gusset

Decrease to 20

Went to Aunt Mary's birthday party last night. It started about 7 pm and we left about 8:15. I didn't get to bed until about 9. I'm very happy Mike wasn't working today, so I got to sleep in. I kept annoying him by hitting snooze for half an hour.