2/5th of the Week

Yesterday's gym nearly killed me. (Note to self: e-mail call Grilltech and have him grab my gym bag for me.) Tonight I'll need to load Amy's story onto the Ipod and read it while at the gym. Otherwise I'm just wasting time playing bejeweled. I bought it yesterday, because Teris wasn't quite distracting enough. Hopefully by next week, I won't be so wishing-I-could-die by the time I'm home.

Last night, I did several rows on the vest. I didn't have the energy to make squares. I'm getting closer to the arm hole shaping, which means I'm that much closer to being done. A second ball was added, another sign of being close to done.

Today I discovered Ravelry will now allow posting of pictures from other locations than flickr. Which means I'll be posting more pictures out there. I've started updating slowly. Is it slow when I added three of them today? While at work...

Weekend Recap

It was a so-so weekend. It was also Grilltech's 45th 44th birthday on Saturday. He had to work in the morning. He did come home to a semi-cleaned house. I picked up most of the yarn that began to accumulate gravitate around the black hole of my desk. It's not to say, I still don't have a bunch of yarn still on my desk, just not nearly as much.

Let's see, where was I going with this - oh yea - Grilltech's birthday. For dinner, we had barbequed baby back ribs. I know, I know, how could I force him to cook on his birthday. But it's what he wanted for dinner and loves to do. So who am I to stand in his way? Besides, we're not really celebrating until next weekend. Anyway, he started the ribs about 1500, said they'd be done about 2100. Apparently they cooked faster than he'd liked because they were done by 1800 and way over cooked by his standards. I thought they were good and tender, but he kept stating the ribs wouldn't be good for competition. Men!

The kids got him the expansion to Pandemic. He was very excited to get it. At about 2000, the other married couple of our gaming group came over to give Grilltech his present. We played Pandemic until 0100. We've figured out the name of the virus:

We take our gaming seriously. Very Seriously.

Sunday was a normal movie watching/laundry day. Neither of us had any energy to do much of anything. The wasn't any real reason for the blah, we just didn't have the motivation or desire to much. Did watch the The Great Escape and get some knitting done. I've added another inch or so on the vest. It's really a fast knit, but it's not holding my attention at all.

Today I showed Convert how to purl correctly, now she's off and running on a washcloth. She's discovered the joys of database hourglasses. I got two rows done!! I guess Suporvisor* (aka the Gnome) walked by and asked if she was waiting for something. It's almost amusing.

Oh yea, that's what an hour of cardio feels like. Me? Cook diner? Don't think so, I'm ordering in.

* Seriously, that’s how he spelled it.

List Day!

  • I've been late three times this week

  • I saw a green meteorite on my drive in

  • Animal watch this morning: a fox

  • Counted five cars at the bar

  • I should have been working on the vest yesterday

  • Note the word should

  • Instead I finished four more squares

  • Amy you are helping. The top picture the pink square is yours

  • It helps if I run the report for the whole week, not just today

  • I think there is a fire on the ridge east of town

  • My hands are freezing and guess who forgot her gloves

  • Instead of gloves, I've put the USB blanket on

  • Happy Friday!!

  • Oh wait, that's just us

  • Lovely, the database slammed shut on me

  • We watched Mercy last night, it was interesting to see Janeway as a drunkard

  • The attendance VM is down, we're having to take calls manually

  • It cuts down on the long meandering messages talking about anal leakage

  • Yes, I did have a VM like that over two minutes long. I quit listening after 40 seconds

  • I forgot to get pictures of my socks

  • I can start the heel for them any time now, maybe tonight at home

  • Yea, who am I kidding? More blanket knitting time

  • I have an hour more to go in my day at work

  • I can hardly contain myself

  • The Gnome offered to buy us lunch!!!

  • It must be Friday, I'm talking stupidly to the computer

  • I have an overwhelming desire to go get a perm

  • So far I have managed to fend off this hair-killing thought, but I might cave when we have money

  • Yea, it must be Friday, I giggled like an idiot when the guy behind me said Yea, I'd work weekends if I can get off early

  • I'm heading home

What have I been doing?

Some of these:

More of these:

A herd of them:

It's almost to the point of looking like a blanket. But I think I'm going to add another twenty blocks.

And I've managed to add a couple of rows to Grilltech's vest:

Grilltech's birthday is on Saturday, think I can have his vest done in time?

Monday, Monday

Well, happy Monday. It was a good weekend, but as always I'd much rather be home snuggling and knitting. Last night the puppy figured out he can jump up on our bed. Her Majesty Uggy will not be pleased in the least. Havoc was all sorts of ready to go bed with us last night. He was put in his owner's room. However, Perky claims he belongs to us because he loves us more than her.

I spent most of the weekend working on the blanket. On Saturday I got the most pleasant surprise. Amy sent me a package of yarns she no longer had a use for. One was a more than half way knit sock, it was lovingly unwound and put aside. Those grays are almost too pretty to end up in a blanket.

Speaking on which knitting the blanket is very much a trip down memory lane. The brown, green, raspberry, and cream I worked on at the RHCP concert. The neon green were Perky's. The blues and white were Dad's. Hey, I don't remember this one. Oh yea, they were D's. I'm still so in love with this project I hold up squares to show Grilltech and giggle. He sighs, rolls his eyes, and patiently tells me how pretty it looks. He'll deny that's what he does, but I know. Just like someone who-shall-remain-nameless denies she was the basis of a bit character on a show.

List Day!

  • Busy night at the bar, there were six cars there

  • I would rather be home snuggling, instead of working

  • Coffee tonight with former Bride

  • Yummy, yummy hot guys tonight also

  • Figured out what I hated about this shirt and took care of the problem: cut off the ties

  • Perky finished her socks last night!!

  • WTF! Both my computers rebooted at the same time

  • Thankfully, I've been saving everything just about every time I make any kind of change to it (ctrl+s)

  • I've been switching knitting projects so nothing sits. Well, peacock shawl is still sitting, haven't contacted them yet

  • We've been watching Spaced, those wacky British

  • Do you think people would notice if I started talking with a slight British accent?

  • My socks are screaming along

  • But, the color ways are opposite of each other

  • It's really hard to be here today

  • I can do this, only five more working days

  • Convert is now looking for baby blanket patterns

  • I told her we're getting together for knitting at 1700; she said she'll be there

  • I'm thinking I want to leave early today

  • And tomorrow as well

1000 Words

What I finished this weekend:

What I've been ignoring:

Close up of the cables:

What I started!

List Day - Double Shot!

  • I stayed up and watch them

  • Yes, I'm actually at work today

  • I think I'd have my name changed if it was Hiscock

  • Yes, I am that juvenile

  • I've got two mitered squares for my blanket, they're so cute

  • OMG!! A week's worth of socks?!

  • BTW, if you're looking to get rid of some left over sock yarn I'd be willing to take it

  • I brought my USB blanket today, and it's awesome!

  • I'm out of water

  • Now I'm hot... I know, I know, new rope.

  • Yea I know, short pointless post

List Day!

  • It's 0330 in the morning people, why was I passing so much traffic?!

  • There were four cars at the bar this morning

  • No work anxiety dreams for the past two days

  • The morning download has errored twice, but thankfully the fixes were easy

  • I'm ready to start the fingers on the gloves

  • Which means I can start my socks soon(tm)

  • I've emptied two chap sticks, I'm down to two unopened ones.... might be time to restock soon(tm)

  • I need to bring in the USB blanket, it's starting to get downright chilly in the morning

  • Maybe the air conditioning running at full blast might be the other reason for the cold

  • I gave the Convert some needles and yarn and set her free on youtube to learn to knit

  • She came back and proudly showed me her four inches of garter!!

  • Don't think to poorly of me for not showing her myself, she grew more as a person by making her do it herself

  • I did show the Convert how to hold the yarn an easier way and how not to make her stitches so tight

  • Then I sent her out to look up how to purl

  • I need to quit making excuses and go back to the gym

  • Yesterday's was I didn't want the chicken to spoil

  • Amy, I'm starting it

  • Apparently, I don't have enough projects on the needles

  • Peacock shawl is on hold until I contact the designer about a question I have

  • In the mean time, I found an old project which needs to be finished

  • I brought out yarn to start another shawl - but I haven't started it yet

  • I use the same ringtone as Netmeeting

  • And Netmeeting is used greatly a good deal all the fucking-time a lot here at work

  • I haven't knitted at all this morning

  • I'm thinking I'm coming down with something, my head is a bit fuzzy and I'm getting short tempered

  • Oh wait, isn't that normal for me?

  • I'm having a hard time staying focused this morning

  • I'd much rather stare at the clock

  • Maybe that's the real reason why the knitting hasn't been brought out, I know I'd just sit and knit instead of working

  • I'm out of water

  • If it's a cold that means another trip to the pharmacy - Another reason to be crabby

  • We've been watching season four of Yummy, yummy hot guys, debating with myself about tonight's premier

  • Finally figured out the smell: Tiger Balm

  • (cough, cough) After all, I could stay up late...

  • Screw this, the knitting is coming out

  • The Gnome is in early today

  • Tiger balm is back

  • We must be in for a weather change, my ankle is bothering me

  • Pinky is now finished, starting the thumb

  • Oops, the hourglass was finished and I was still knitting

  • The Gnome was not pleased - but then he was wanting something done like yesterday

  • Oh yea, that's what an hour at the gym feels like

  • I'm sure I'll be feeling it even more tomorrow

  • Grilltech had a good fun labor day

  • I'm off to start dinner

Secret Pal 14

I have six days until my network password expires. Six more days, then I have to go change four passwords. Thankfully, it's the same one - it's the remembering of did I change this one? - that gets me.

I got a package from my Secret Pal! WOW!!

I need to hurry up and finish these gloves so I can start a pair of socks for me!!

Some yummy, yummy blue(!) chocolate.

She also sent me a book, which has many different heels (and toes) hopefully to get me out of my square heel and wedge toe rut. Not really a rut, but preferred choice. It's my story and I'm sticking to it.

My Pal made me a lavender filled heart. I'd been thinking I needed something to put into the tub of yarn to get rid of the plastic smell. (I loathe that smell.) I'm glad she sent it.

Thanks Pal!!!


I've been staying late at work for the past couple of days. I've got a post I need to do, but I'm so fried I can't think straight.