List Day!

  • It's 0330 in the morning people, why was I passing so much traffic?!

  • There were four cars at the bar this morning

  • No work anxiety dreams for the past two days

  • The morning download has errored twice, but thankfully the fixes were easy

  • I'm ready to start the fingers on the gloves

  • Which means I can start my socks soon(tm)

  • I've emptied two chap sticks, I'm down to two unopened ones.... might be time to restock soon(tm)

  • I need to bring in the USB blanket, it's starting to get downright chilly in the morning

  • Maybe the air conditioning running at full blast might be the other reason for the cold

  • I gave the Convert some needles and yarn and set her free on youtube to learn to knit

  • She came back and proudly showed me her four inches of garter!!

  • Don't think to poorly of me for not showing her myself, she grew more as a person by making her do it herself

  • I did show the Convert how to hold the yarn an easier way and how not to make her stitches so tight

  • Then I sent her out to look up how to purl

  • I need to quit making excuses and go back to the gym

  • Yesterday's was I didn't want the chicken to spoil

  • Amy, I'm starting it

  • Apparently, I don't have enough projects on the needles

  • Peacock shawl is on hold until I contact the designer about a question I have

  • In the mean time, I found an old project which needs to be finished

  • I brought out yarn to start another shawl - but I haven't started it yet

  • I use the same ringtone as Netmeeting

  • And Netmeeting is used greatly a good deal all the fucking-time a lot here at work

  • I haven't knitted at all this morning

  • I'm thinking I'm coming down with something, my head is a bit fuzzy and I'm getting short tempered

  • Oh wait, isn't that normal for me?

  • I'm having a hard time staying focused this morning

  • I'd much rather stare at the clock

  • Maybe that's the real reason why the knitting hasn't been brought out, I know I'd just sit and knit instead of working

  • I'm out of water

  • If it's a cold that means another trip to the pharmacy - Another reason to be crabby

  • We've been watching season four of Yummy, yummy hot guys, debating with myself about tonight's premier

  • Finally figured out the smell: Tiger Balm

  • (cough, cough) After all, I could stay up late...

  • Screw this, the knitting is coming out

  • The Gnome is in early today

  • Tiger balm is back

  • We must be in for a weather change, my ankle is bothering me

  • Pinky is now finished, starting the thumb

  • Oops, the hourglass was finished and I was still knitting

  • The Gnome was not pleased - but then he was wanting something done like yesterday

  • Oh yea, that's what an hour at the gym feels like

  • I'm sure I'll be feeling it even more tomorrow

  • Grilltech had a good fun labor day

  • I'm off to start dinner


Roxie said...

Love your lists. How many cars at the bar on the homeward journey?

Amy Lane said...

Ooo... the yummy hot guys were SO hot... I didn't even care how they got on that airplane, as long as there was another season to go!

Okay-- you're starting it? I'm sending yarn! Sweartadog!

Uhm... Uhm... do you want another Dek * Deacon installment? I can do that!