2/5th of the Week

The view down our street, today when we got home.

The start of the body of the sweater.

Finished sleeves, they look pretty close to the prior pictures.

What's left over of Grilltech's green sleeves.

No Name Post

We had another storm on Saturday. It snowed most of the day. Not a lot in the way of moisture, it was the small little flakes that turn to ice when compressed. The drive way and porch were shoveled several times during the course of the storm. I'd say there is about two or three inches of snow out there and bitter cold. The news is saying more is coming on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Man I hate winter.

I did quite a bit of knitting this weekend.

Cut off several inches of sleeves Grilltech's green sweater, because he was always pulling the sleeves up. I picked up and knitted a cuff of 20 rows. He's wearing the sweater today. Now the sleeves are too short. We decided to add another 20 rows, which will make it a bit longer and him happier.

On Thursday, I finished my sleeves then casted on for the body of the sweater. In order to save myself some stress and knit the whole thing as one piece instead of seperate three parts like the directions state. Start knitting the pattern, (63 stitches) it's not working. Snarl and rip out all 250 stitches. Re-cast on all stitches, decide to purl a row to help make next row stitches stand out better. Pattern still isn't coming out right. Snarl again. Go get another skein, cast on 126 stitches to knit the two fronts at the same time. Pattern still isn't working out. Rip out again. Snarl more. Decide it's time to walk away from the knitting. An hour later cast on the 250 stitches only this time I decide to read the pattern directions. Oh, find the reason why the pattern wasn't working out. Feel like a complete and utter dumbass. Right front is completed. Move on to the back, it's dead on. Left front do opposite of the right. Whew, first row is done! Work second and third row. Realize on the fourth row that the left front is slightly off. Stare at it and decide at this point I can live with it.

With the kids moving out the Wii will be going away, so that means it's time to get serious about going to the gym again. It will be a while before we can afford one. So, today after work we're off to the gym. Wish me luck.

Turns out we're not going to the gym, Grilltech needs to swing by and drop a package in the mail. Which is okay, the gym will still be there. Oh wait, that's what I've been saying for how long now?

Everyone is so full...

Even Havoc has the hiccups.

Day is Started

Breakfast is done. (Buttermilk biscuits with sausage gravy)

Kitchen is mostly cleaned in preparation for dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving.

List Day

  • Counted two cars at the bar this morning
  • Both tools I use are down
  • Remember this song?
  • Completed all the increases for the sleeves, now I only have three inches to knit
  • We're having ham for dinner tomorrow
  • The promised 4-8 inches of snow didn't come, but the cold temperatures did
  • Anyone remember this one?
  • WOW, not sure who walked by, boy-howdy that's some strong perfume
  • It was a bad night of sleep at the Tech house
  • This one bring back memories?
  • We're losing the Wii The kids are moving out!
  • Left work early
  • This snow makes everything brighter, my eyes hurt
  • Havoc is like Tigger, he bounces
  • Last one, how about this one?

All's Quiet on the Western Front

I am still alive. In fact, I had half a post written out but I didn't get around to posting it. Something about I'm lazy or forgetful, whatever. (Gooo team Apathy!)

Winter has arrived with a vengeance. We woke up to snow on Sunday morning.

About 1000, it looked almost comfortable.

Then about 1400, it started snowing again.

It's suppose to flurry most of the day then really snow tonight and most of tomorrow. Not looking forward to it at all.

I have been knitting, working on Grilltech's blanket. (Yea, I know, it looks like the last time I pictured it only it's the next pair.) I've sewed them together and held it up. Did some cursing when I realized I need at least eight more pairs. It's going to be very colorful at the end because I'm buying local and in batches.

I have been working on a sweater for me. Sleeves are coming along. I've got a gut feeling I'll be running out of yarn. (See what happens when I send a skein as a blog prize?)

I did clean the counters and the fridge door. The handles are white! It’s been so long since I’ve seen it, I’d forgotten.


Bed time at the Tech house...

List Day

  • Only one car in at the bar this morning
  • We didn't get snow in the valley and it's still raining currently
  • I took Friday off, it’s a four day weekend for me!
  • Not sure how I feel about the plane off the coast of California
  • I came to the conclusion it was solar flares
  • While Grilltech is saying the dolphins (and whales) are making a bid to become a space power
  • Three hours of schedule manipulation just became obsolete
  • Finished the green shift scarf
  • Okay, it was more ran out of yarn than finished
  • Day is mostly over
  • Well, then we get to go to the gym

I'm not ready!

My entry to Yarn Harlot's haiku contest:

Knit then up and over
No more counting or purling
Hey! I can have wine

They're talking snow on Wednesday. I'm not ready for snow in the valley. We still have a month to go before winter really should get here.

List Day

  • Counted ten cars at the bar this morning
  • Wednesday only had four of them
  • Didn't take the sweater last night, still working on Grilltech's green shift scarf
  • I estimate about a foot and a half still to go
  • While I did vote on Tuesday, I couldn't tell you who won
  • Tomorrow is Procreator’s birthday
  • We didn't plan anything for dinner, guess we'll stop by the store on the way home
  • A gal down the corridor from me is wearing almost the same shade of purple as me, but a different style of shirt
  • How do you handle the OM fondling your knitting?
  • I was away from my desk at the time, so he thought I wouldn’t know
  • The week is almost over, thankfully
  • For some reason, my left knee is hurting
  • Maybe it's the weather


About twenty minutes ago (1010), I decided it was time to heat up lunch. I was grabbing change to purchase some chips when the power went out. We still have computers, because of the generators. The down side? There isn't any power to the crap food machines and microwaves. Grilltech offered me his lunch, but I don't want to leave him without anything.

Power came back on at 1050, so I was able to get lunch. The big display clock on the wall is off by an hour, both a blessing and curse. I can dream it's that much closer to go home, but it's not.

On the plus side, I'm walking down to knit and drink coffee with the Bride. May be I'll take the newest sweater down to work on.

Go Vote!

Be sure to go vote or start a sweater.