1000 Words

Down the street on a rainy afternoon

My first sock, the second one is half finished

Made a practice hat

Changed the hat to a seed stitch and made mittens to match. These are for a teddy bear

Perky made a color wash cloth for me. I made the green one


Last week, I did something to my back and ouch! I didn't do karate because it was achy and sore, but I did do some gentle stretching to try and loose it up. By this week, it was feeling much better. So, I went to karate. Today? I'm sore. Not as bad as last week, but it's sore. Grilltech is being such a sweetheart and putting Bengay on me.

I have finished another set of mitts. This pair is mine and I'm really like them. Where Perky's are busy and the pattern doesn't stand out, mine you see it all. I've also been working on dishcloths, only because I don't have to pay attention to charts. (I'm looking at you, Grilltech's scarf!!)

Time dilation seems to be going on in my bay. It should be closer to 1400, then noon. BLAH. I want the day to be over now!, not in two hours. Not sure why, I want the day over because tonight is house cleaning. woot?

List Day

  • I counted one car at the bar this morning
  • We're suppose to get rain until Sunday, blah
  • Friday is Valentine's day. Grilltech is off gaming that night, with my blessing
  • He is making me ribs on Sunday....
  • I've started my mitts, they're not going as fast
  • Somehow I pulled a muscle in my back, hopefully it'll be better soon
  • Found out one of my Uncles died yesterday
  • Potato soup is going into the freezer and Grilltech is taking me out for dinner
  • We're re-watching Chuck and there are a few wacky references... Like Jack Burton and Lo Pan....
  • Be safe everyone, the weather is dangerous

1000 Words

Grilltech's Dragons Breath Socks

My first sock

Perky's fingerless mitts, she might be swinging by to pick them tonight

Opening Day

Last night was the opening of the Olympics. I didn't get any knitting done, instead I went to karate. I'm not sure I'll even get to cast on tonight, because it's game night. I could, but since it's lace work I don't want to split my concentration. So, it appears Saturday is the day for me.

Perky decided she wanted the Merletto Mitts. I must admit, I do like those better then the other pair.

Last night, the area got one to two inches of snow. It made the drive in interesting to say the last. I kept the speed down, because Fay likes to fishtail in spots.

Speaking of game night, I'm going to make cookies for it and guess who forgot to get out the butter. So, I'll be using the microwave to soften it. I just hope it won't change anything.