List Day

  • I counted six cars at the bar this morning
  • I did meet all three of my goals for yesterday. Go me!
  • Spent most of the day at HG's desk
  • Ripped back a finger on the mitt, it was way to big
  • W00t! I've got admin rights for the SQL server
  • It's raining out there
  • They brought couches and comfy chairs to put in front of our windows
  • Not sure I'll make it to karate tonight


It took two trips to the dentist yesterday, before my tooth was straightened out. First time was to have the filling replaced. The second time was to have the filling filed down, because it was sharp and pointy once the numbing agent wore off. It will take a couple of days for my mouth to heal up, because I managed to bite the hell out of it. Apparently I wasn't as careful as I thought. On the plus side, I'm able to chew gum again. So, I'm a happy camper.

I've got two goals for tonight: 1) sweep and mop 2) vacuum. Grilltech will be off teaching, so I'll have no reason to turn the TV on. Oops, better make that three goals: 3) practice.

1000 Words

An evening shot of down the street.

I only have sixteen more squares to do before I done with this row.

List Day

  • I counted five cars at the bar this morning
  • It's starting to light around 0700 now
  • The sun is now starting to peak over the building across the court yard, it's 0755
  • I'm unable to chew gum and its kinda freaking me out a bit
  • It smells like celery in here. Have I mentioned how much I hate celery?
  • Okay, time to panic. In with the good. Out with the bad
  • WTF,why do I have a line at my desk?
  • The day is over and I'm very happy


It's been a couple of days. Let me see if I can play catch up.

I came down with something. Not sure if it was the flu or a slight cold, but I was miserable. I'm feeling better, but I'm still not completely well. My sinus' are killing me.

Grilltech was a real sweetheart. He got me a box of truffles for Valentine's Day. I was totally surprised. I hadn't even given much thought about the holiday.

I've got 9 more valleys to fill on my blanket and this row will be done. I'm not sure yet if I want to put the blanket away for the season or start another row. I'll decide when I get there.

My hair has reached that stage of it's long enough to get in my eyes, but not long enough to pull back. So, I'm trying various things to get it out of the way.

Grilltech did brisket this weekend. He's pretty awesome. Next week we're have breakfast burritos.

I've started the fingers of the fingerless mitts. They're pretty close to be done. You know, just in time for summer.

It appears I'm very talented, I chipped my crown. Next week, the tooth next to it gets fixed and they'll round out the crown. I'm also getting a night guard. I've got a tendency to grind my teeth.

And that's what I've been doing. Thrilling, isn't it?

List Day

  • There was three cars at the bar this morning
  • I showed the other knitters at work the blanket. They seem to think I'm crazy
  • I let LYS1 take it to knit night, and I'll pick up it up tomorrow. I'm having separation anxiety
  • We shuffled a bunch of people around here at work, and most of us now have new cube mates. I bought doughnuts to say thanks
  • They're (the doughnuts) are sitting over there taunting me, I've already had one. I don't need another
  • I managed to fend off the plague bears
  • Yea, I know I shouldn't have put that out to the universe, it will come back threefold
  • The sentinels are back
  • It's a good thing, they didn't take down the what to do when attacked by a goose posters
  • It does no good to yell at the white one (Fran Kitty) to wipe your feet before you come in
  • She gives me the same blank looks the girls did when I told them the same thing
  • We're finishing off the chicken soup for dinner


Cancelled the gym and went back to the Wii. Ouch!