24 Years

Grilltech and I have been married for 24 years. He got me diamond earrings. I think he's a keeper.

List Day

  • There was no cars at the bar this morning
  • The trees in the courtyard are now turning yellow
  • There is a partial eclipse today, but it's cloudy
  • I've spent the past two days reading, not knitting
  • I've forgotten how much fun reading is
  • They provided us with lunch today, it wasn't bad for industrial
  • We're pet sitting for Perky and Kommadant
  • Grilltech's new tattoo is itchy
  • Now I want another one (tattoo)


I'm making Morticia. I've completed the first chart, but I'm debating if I should do another repeat to help make the shawl larger. Because let's face it, I'm fluffy. Until I decide it's sitting on my desk. Decision has been made, I think I'll do the extra repeat.

I'm in the instep for Grilltech's second sock. I put re-enforcement thread in the heel and toes. When I showed him the first sock, he looked confused and asked if he had worn holes in it already. I had to laugh and tell him, no it's preventative for when he does wear holes into them.


I finally caved and turned the heat on. The thermostat read 63 degrees.

List Day

  • I counted two cars at the bar this morning
  • I did get to see the lunar eclipse yesterday
  • We joined the gym again... My knee is a bit sore
  • The sun is in my eyes, I could close the curtain, but I like the view
  • My local work number (VoIP) is the same as a 800 for a printing company, I get calls for them often
  • I think I lost a twenty. :(
  • I wish it was twenty pounds, not dollars