It's Sunny Bunny Time*

Yesterday I was Queen Bitch, today I'm Queen of the Dumbass. It's amazing how quickly one falls. It all started two weeks ago. Department changes were coming down the line and for the better. I've been doing the same mindless job for believe me, I've got it down. Anyway, department changes. I no longer do the mindless drone job anymore. Instead I have special projects. Sure most of them are some what routine, it's a nice change.

In between training times, I ran out of stuff to do. So I start preparing for a big project. I copy the data I need. I cross check to see which ones are needed and which ones can be deleted. I underscore the activities that can go away. I double check to make sure none of the schedules would be affected. Once it's done, it's done. I wait a day, and warn the rest of the team, there maybe some funky stuff happening with the schedules. They'll need to keep an eye out for it.

The next day, I highlight the underscore events and hit delete. I then get pulled into training and soon forget the fateful delete. About three hours later, flaming Drama Queen (hence forth he shall be known as DQ) is neurotically going off how new schedules don't look right. OMG!! When I deleted the events, I went down to far and deleted vital ones.

Long Timer (hence forth she shall be known as LT) goes and whines to the Gnome. While the Gnome isn't happy about what I've done, he's not rampaging about it either. Which annoys LT to no end. I send DQ the file and mark which events need to be added back into the system. LT is on the phone to support trying to get the mess cleaned up. I tell her, if the events are put back then added back to the shifts they'll be fine. Which the support guy tells her the same thing.

LT is pulled from her regular duties to get the project I had been slowly working on. Which she does within two weeks. We've all pitched in and everything is back to normal.

Today, my training is put to the test. I blew it. Can you see why I'm the Queen? I did report. I was ready two hours ahead of time. Only to find out two minutes a head of the conference call. I'd forgotten to set the page to the right one. Then my system took 10 minutes load the right pattern. Crappy On the plus side, I learn from my mistakes.

There are tons of dumbasses out there, and today I was their Queen. On the other hand, the day is over. The weekend is beginning. Monday is a haze in the back of my mind I'm going to ignore until Sunday night.

* Sunny Bunny is one of Grilltech's home brews, pineapple ginger. YUMMY!

List Day!

  • There were six cars at the bar this morning

  • I'm going back to 0400 on Monday!!

  • 0700 makes the day really, really long

  • I finished Grilltech's Black Toed Buffalo Socks last night

  • Today I'm going to work on the sleeves for Perky's tunic

  • Then those are finished I'm starting on Lilith

  • I'll be pulling out the materials tonight

  • It's pounding rain outside

  • I know because it's loud on the roof

  • Tattoos are peeling and somewhat itchy

  • It's pounding rain again

  • I've forgotten how much work FLAMING gay men are

  • And how entertaining they are

  • Not sure which is more beneficial

  • I should become Queen Bitch of PMS soon

  • Oh wait, I'm already Queen Bitch

  • dir /s *. > text.txt is the command to copy the contents of a directory from a DOS prompt

  • Training is completed for the day

  • I'll need to tell you the huge cluster fuck I caused at work

  • I've blown off the gym most all this week

  • I've also blown eating well, Happy Bunny will not be pleased

  • I've got a headache starting to brew

  • We're having chicken soup for dinner tonight

  • Every once in a while the sun peaks through the cloud cover

  • And there are more id10t's on the road at 1548 then at 1248.

  • There is an icy wind blowing through the valley

  • Be careful out there

I'm on a roll

I'm trying to get back into the swing of blogging and it's rough. Well, not really rough but distracting. I'm doing some of my new duties. while there is an hour glass, I knit. And every knitter knows, knitting take precedence over blogging any time.

My right hand is itching like mad. I suppose I should be very happy it's my hand, not my ink. Grilltech has a picture up of our two tatts next to each other. In case anyone is interested.

Another post!

Thanks everyone who commented on the sweater. Kommandant said, it's not the sweater that's awesome but the model. Figures. Its kinda hard to argue with that logic. But then maybe it is the sweater.

Training is slowing down, so I can take a few minutes to read blogs between hour glasses and get a post put together. The past week was fairly rough in regards to blogging - of any type. I would come home to tired and brain damaged to do anything but knit. (I wanted the evol mallard sweater done.) I was so fried that reading my friends was a chore. But I'm better, much, much better.

Has anyone else besides Trish heard of square knitting needles? I've started a pair of socks with my size ones. I've noticed the stitches are tighter. Usually the knit stitch before the purl is a bit distorted, but not so with these needles. Strange - or should that be awesome? Not really sure what it is. (Insert an eye roll and big sigh) Grilltech is going to be annoyed that I want to get more needles. How many pairs does a knitter really need? I'm sure he doesn't really want to know.

When leaving from lunch yesterday, I found a bunch of crocuses coming up. They haven't bloomed yet, but they're a-grown. I guess this means spring is on the way. I also saw a flock of robins about a month ago. Yea!! Spring.

Been busy

And now, with out further adieu, the mallard sweater. Thanks Perky for modeling.

I'm so happy the sweater is done. I was tired of knitting it. When I finally reached the home stretch, I was knitting like a mad woman. I still have a ton - a ton - of the sweater yarn left. So I'll be able to make socks and more socks.

In the mean time, Grilltech and I got our tattoos.
Grilltech's tattoo

My tattoo

Jason's wife really loved her had. He asked me to make a hat for his mom, then decided he didn't want me to. He's since changed his mind.
Another hat

It's done!!



Drive by Posting

Not much to tell. Grilltech and I had a lovely Valentine's day. I'm a funky at work, so not much in the way of post writing has being done. Not much in the way of knitting is getting done either.

Because I'm a Lemming....

Stolen from Roxie 25 random things about me:

  • I can knit backwards - very useful for enterlac

  • I didn't have a stash, but now I do

  • I've lost 55 60 pounds since June

  • Still have 100 95 to go

  • Superbowl Sunday is the anniversery of our first date

  • I ended up with two! DVD sets of season three of Supernatural

  • I'd rather watch a sunset, then sunrise

  • My parents call me when they have questions about the night sky

  • And when they have issues with their computers

  • I collect penguins

  • I don't watch TV as much as listen to it

  • Granny was amazed when I was trying to convert a flat pattern to round in my head

  • Because I struggled to learn to read

  • My favorite color is any shade of purple or blue

  • For the past three years my calendar has been the night sky, this year's was Loons

  • I quote movies quite often

  • I will knit something mostly following the pattern the first time through

  • Our movie collect is about the same size as our book collection

  • I prefer sci-if/fanasty to fiction

  • Silver is better then gold

  • While Dean is a yummy, yummy hot guy, Grilltech is my yummy, yummy hot guy

  • I can make Grilltech crazy by just smiling at him

  • I make girls crazy by asking are you sure?

  • I don't drink coffee

  • My inner child is screaming and howling that I begin a new pair of socks

I'm glad it's over....

For the life of me, I can't figure out how some of my cow-orkers managed to make it this far in life. It does take a certain amount of intellect to work here. Whining to me, a link - a URL link - doesn't work because you're a lazy assed trouble shooter, doesn't make me happy. In fact it lowers, my already low opinion of you. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out if the URL doesn't work, you're not using the whole fucking link. Yes, I do feel better now.

No knitting last night. Instead I worked on silver wire that one day will become a bracelet. It's a learning process. Grilltech told me, don't take up a new expensive hobby. I guess knitting is enough. Not that I'm really that interested in jewelry making. Altho... I've got some really good ideas on bracelets...

And I can only conclude Perky hates me. Why? She made brownies last night. I can resist crap food at work. It's easy to say, no to shrimp flavored Cheetos and please move your chocolate covered doughnuts to the other side so I won't see them. Its not so easy to avoid the kitchen in my own house. She hates me.

Almost a sweater....

Hopefully I'm back to semi regular blogging. Hopefully that is, because I'll be going into training soon. I'll be the flunky. w00t

The sweater is so close to being done. No longer a 1000 miles away, a measly 100 miles. Far enough to be trying; but close enough to make me crazy. I've listening to the voice in my head, the one who says fun things like are you sure it's going to fit? It looks a bit small. You won't be able to wear it next year if you lose all the weight and other fun thing. So I moved the stitches onto the 47 inch needle and tried it on. Because you know, it's so. freaking. close. to. being. done. It's very form fitting - code for snug - but looks AMAZING. Yea, I know it's almost spring and the sweater is mostly done. I'd call it done now, but a shoulder less sweater isn't any good. So, I'm still knitting on it.

On Sunday Grilltech and I went out to breakfast. Since it was a spur of the moment type thing - we were on the way to the store when we pulled into the restaurant - I didn't have my knitting with me. To entertain myself, I started spinning my wedding ring. Not my real one; it's on a chain. All was going well, until... It bounced off the knife then rolled across the table cackling the whole time. Once it had enough speed, it launched itself off the table, aiming for the wall. At the wall, it slid down and hid under the booth seat. We looked at each other then he said it's gone. It's a good thing it was a two dollar stone ring. Otherwise a) I wouldn't have been spinning it and b) we'd still be there looking for it.

List Day!

  • Nine cars at the bar this morning

  • My back is bothering me

  • Not enough to prevent me from going to the gym, but work is annoying

  • My ears have been burning for the past two days

  • It appears the flunky isn't coming in today

  • First reboot of the day

  • Second reboot of the day

  • First database disconnect of the day

  • Flunky did show up; late and almost in tears

  • I left my knitting here overnight

  • I'm craving bagels and cream cheese

  • Do you think the happy bunny would mind if I ate 3 of them?

  • Asking me about profile issues does no good, I'm WFM not ROC

  • The Cleaning Lady at work is slipping, there was only nine rolls of TP in the stall, not 17

Amy, it's for you....

Shoot me now...

Two days. Two long and boring days of training a new flunky. Should it be, two days of glourious knitting? No, it's the tight fisted knitting. She's a very sweet girl; but not the brightest of the box. I know, I know she's only been on the job three days cut her some slack.

Anyway. I finished a wash cloth. I needed something else to do because I'm getting pretty tired of working on the damn mallard sweater. I've started the neck so it's really, really close to almost being done. As I work 350ish stitches.

I had half a candy bar today, so when the Gnome walked by with a bag of Mint M&M's I turned him down. I love the logic of it's only four, it won't hurt. It's only crack, go ahead and shoot up...