List Day

  • Gas is at $2.48 per gallon
  • There was three cars at the coffee shop this morning
  • I think I need some Sheepish socks. They are totally adorable.
  • The new water heater is in and working well. Its on the lowest setting and quite warm
  • We have a new tool at work. None of us like it, but we have no choice in the matter, which kinda blows
  • Made my first car payment
  • The timer never goes off if you don't set it
  • It's almost time for my walk
  • Have a good night

List Day

  • Gas is holding at $2.48 per gallon
  • There was three cars at the coffee shop this morning
  • I've had anxiety dreams for the past two (three?) nights
  • I'm working from home tomorrow while we get a new water heater
  • When I send you an email stating there's an issue and list out what those issues are; don't write back asking what issues?
  • Stop coming over and trying to justify your actions to me, I don't care. A replacement is being worked on. Let it go
  • You needed to call me to say, I don't know when it will happen, but soon. Really? You've been saying that since May
  • The day is almost over

Fun and Games

Yesterday we get home and walk thru the utility room; and hear a hissing noise. The same noise we heard when we left in the morning - the one I thought was the water heater doing it's job. Turns out it wasn't. One of the flex hoses had sprung a leak and had been spraying water all day. At this point, Grilltech is trying to get the water to stop spraying, while I'm on the phone trying to get a plumber.

Then it's a waiting game, because Grilltech has an hour before he leaves for work. Half an hour later, I get a phone call that a tech is on the way. Ten minutes before Grilltech has to leave he shows up. We're still having water spray because there appears to be a back fill on the water heater. The tech turns off the water at the main which makes it nice. Tells me how much the fix will be, then because the water had been going all day, it is possible the pilot light will go out. Ouch.

He gets me a quote to replace, because honestly with our luck, it will go out. I apply for their 12 months same as cash option, and luckily I get it. So Friday I'm getting a new water heater. Because the old one was out of code and it's a good idea to replace it.

Why is it when we get some money saved up, something comes along and wipes it out all out. So much for my cruise in two years.


Yesterday I hung out in the car with the window down for an hour waiting on Grilltech. I was wearing a short sleeved shirt and it was a warm day. Today, I looked in the mirror and my arm is sun burnt. Hello summer.

Weekend Recap

Happy Solstice. The drive in was lovely this morning. The moon was full and silvery in the western sky. The last time this happened was 1967 (or was it 69?).

The Perky and Kommadant got a pool for the backyard. Baby Bird came over on Sunday and had to swim. It was cold. I'm thinking it might be July before it's warm enough for me to swim in.

I got a new car. It's a Nissan and gets much better mileage then the other car. Plus filling the tank is a lot cheaper.

I've finished a pair of socks for me. I'll get pictures up soon.

Cthulhu Fhtagn


I've been doing Zombies Run. Sadly, it's during the hottest part of the day. Today, I got finished and looked in the mirror. I'm sun burnt. Grilltech and Perky just shake their heads and ask, did you wear sunscreen?