Sunday, April 30

There was an awesome thunder storm last night. Lightening hit pretty close. Flash of light, followed instantly by the booming thunder. When I say booming, I mean bone rattling. I think we stay out watching the nature show for a good 45 minutes.

Finished my footlet. Started the second one. Don't know how I can do the same thing, and come up with different numbers. Oh well, just will decrease one, so I have an even number and increase to 64.

My day so far:

8:40: Slow day at work, only had one phone call so far. Three more hours to go. Gotta love any job which pays you to knit. : )

9:39: Second call of the day down. Ready to start increasing on my footlet. The day is just flying by.

10:12: Third phone call of the day down. Only 1.5 more hours to go. Started increasing.

10:36: Fourth call, wrong queue!! Yeah, let me get you to the correct helpdesk. : ) Up to 46 stitches, only 18 more to go.

12:07: Fifth call, hour long new account set up. : ( Have 60 stitches and going home!! : )

Friday, April 28

I agreed to work OT on Sunday from 7:00 to 12:00. I'm sucking up for all the time off during the past month. Don't know if it helps or not.

Wasn't to bad of day. They gave us free food, BONUS!! A customer was whining to me, all employees where I work are liars, GROW UP!!

I've all most completed my footlet:

Knit 6.5
2 at the end of the needle for the decreases, until 16 stitches are left.

Thursday, April 27

I've started a pair of footlets for me, since I'm having to wait for Mike to print out his pattern. (Hey, it's good to the be the knitter....) I've modified the pattern which can be found at footlets. I'm using a patterned Cascade fixation yarn, looks to be called Hyacinth (9989) found at Yarn Country in blues, purples and pinks, I really like the colors.

CO 27, using size 1
K3 rows
Slip heel total 1.5 (or 11 slips)
Knit to the last 8 stitches, K2tog, turn Purl to last 8 stitches, P2tog.
Pick up stitches, total of 34.
Knit 13 rows. Start increasing every other row, (knit side) to a total of 64 stitches.

I use my own short hand when it comes to knitting. And I use my blog as a pattern notebook. Sure beats lugging around my blue book. Added weight sucks.

Hey, I figured out to make short links, instead of the bulky addresses. I'm so proud of me. : )

I need to pull out those needle protectors Mike's mom sent me, to use with these size 1 needles, until I start knitting in the round.

Wednesday, April 26

I'm ready to start the design on Mike's socks. What I have isn't working at all! So it's back to the drawing board, I'll just rip back the three rows I have done. I'll just restart the bio-hazard ones he wants re-done.

Have another doctor's appointment on Tuesday. The ultrasound came back normal. I guess that is a good thing, but doesn't explain why I feel so bad. I'm starting to feel much better, but still have days.

Called the tree and shrub people, they'll be out to look at the stuff that needs to be hacked back. Hopefully it won't be too much $$.

Monday, April 24

Well, today is a busy day at work. Exchange servers are down left and right. Customers are calling in and asking. Can't tell them much other then, "Yes, your mail is down. No, I don't know when it will be fixed."

Finished DeLeah's socks. Starting on Mike's. Made a nice pair of mittens. Now I'm having problems of applying the thrumming to the regular mittens. Every fourth stitch, thrum. So if I change it to the second stitch, it might fix my problem.

Haven't been blogging much. Been worrying and stressing about not feeling well. Still waiting to hear back from the doctor. Hopefully, we'll hear something tomorrow. I'm tired of not feeling well.

Mike's sock: 17 (x4), (K2, P2) 1.5, Size 2 needles

Friday April 7th

Nothing much clever to say. Been feeling poorly for the past week. Missed a lot of work. Have a doctor's appointment on the 18th.

Working on Nan's hat. I like how it's knitting up. Since the hat is being knit on size seven needles (4.5 mm) it's going pretty quickly. Once the hat is finished, the thummed mittens will be next. Those mittens worry me. I'm thinking I'll need to do a practice pair first. Which means I'll need to pick up more fleece.
18 (x 4)
(K2, P2) 1.5
St. Stitch total length 6
K first needle, add color 4th needle
Standard Slip 1, K1 heel, 2.5

Coming back to work after five days off wasn't the easiest thing to do. I think getting up at the second snooze of the day was the high light. There are two customer's I would like to drop kick to the stone ages. Don't need to be screamed at for something I have no control over.

On the plus side, I finished my sweater yesterday. Nothing like three trips, (yes I did say three) to the meglomart. Mike was laughing at me the whole time. Not feeling very charitable right now.