1000 Words

Down the street on a warm summer day.

On the way to breakfast this morning, I noticed a trailer with sparklies set out in front of it. We ate, then I drug Grilltech over to look at them. But Tim had everything packed up, because he was getting ready to head out to Florida. He offered to pull out what attracted me. The items are bottle stoppers. It's a good thing Dad has a lathe and can make something lovely out them.

Started the first repeat of the fifth chart. I'll be repeating this section three times to make it large.

Grilltech's sweater. I completed three skeins so far. The math says I need to knit 25 inches before I start the arms. 25. INCHES. Thankfully it's cotton, so it's not as hot sitting on my lap.

List Day

  • I counted six cars at the bar this morning
  • It's been two years, bar has had another name change
  • Oops, I should be watching web site, not working on my project
  • I did a different exercise video last night, by the end my arms were killing me
  • Seriously cow-orker, if you wasn’t going to do what I asked, why didn’t you say so, because what you turned in was four lines of crap
  • After doing yoga for a week, I changed it up by doing belly dance. My arms haven’t quite forgiven me
  • Making decisions seem to be difficult these days, I have an appointment set up for some therapy mental help assistance
  • Day is over, I’m grateful


Didn't win big at Jackpot. Didn't win the lottery. Guess this means I have to go back on Monday. 

List Day

  • I counted two cars at the bar this morning
  • Today is my 46th birthday
  • We're leaving for Jackpot after work
  • One of my cow-orkers got a new job within the company and is leaving on the 21st
  • I'm happy for him
  • Fire season has started early this year
  • Oh wait, that's the cafeteria smoking some pulled pork
  • The team sang happy birthday to me at the top of their lungs. It was awesome
  • Oops, didn't mean to close that report, now I need to re-run it
  • I have 30 minutes left in my work day
  • Heading out to finish my errands before leaving
  • See you all on Friday!

Dreams are Funny

Last night, I dreamed I was working on the most beautiful scarlet lace project. I must have been four or five charts in, because the thing was huge. Somehow the left needle had pulled out, leaving about 40 stitches off. I remember looking at it and thinking, no big deal. I can just re-thread the stitches and started doing it. My mind didn't like that at all, because when I'm about ten stitches away from joining up the needles, it suddenly dropped three or four rows!! I felt pretty sick about it.

Not exactly sure what that dream was about, but honestly I had to check my actual project. No dropped stitches.

List Day

  • I counted eight cars at the bar this morning
  • I'm pretty bitchy this week, not sure if its PMS or I'm getting sick, neither prospect sounds appealing
  • This new Lacky isn't working out, he's going away after Friday
  • Last night I did yoga, today my legs are protesting the stretching
  • Check that, Lacky went away at 0900. I couldn't take it anymore
  • I don't remember what I was going to do
  • Stupid training, we hates it
  • I didn’t break the server, like I was afraid I would
  • Interesting, the server is getting a makeover, using some of the designs I sent him
  • I’m not complaining, but damn, I was my stuff done…
  • The Wii just yelled at me for being down five pounds

1000 Words

Down the street on a warm spring day.

Queen of Heaven, starting the fifth chart.

Grilltech's green sock.

GoJira out supervising me.

Grilltech's new sweater. He's convinced it won't fit him. I keep telling him to trust the math.

After Earth

IMDB shows After Earth made $27,000,000.


I'm one row away from finishing chart number four. Only two more to go!

Oh wait, I'll be repeating part of chart five a couple of times.