1000 Words

Down the street on a warm summer day.

On the way to breakfast this morning, I noticed a trailer with sparklies set out in front of it. We ate, then I drug Grilltech over to look at them. But Tim had everything packed up, because he was getting ready to head out to Florida. He offered to pull out what attracted me. The items are bottle stoppers. It's a good thing Dad has a lathe and can make something lovely out them.

Started the first repeat of the fifth chart. I'll be repeating this section three times to make it large.

Grilltech's sweater. I completed three skeins so far. The math says I need to knit 25 inches before I start the arms. 25. INCHES. Thankfully it's cotton, so it's not as hot sitting on my lap.


Galad said...

Love the pretty sparkles.

There is a reason I don't knit my husband sweaters. The time involved is one. The fact that he doesn't wear sweaters is the other.

Donna Lee said...

I love the color of the sweater. My husband is already hinting around at "Sweater 2014". I keep telling him to just keep wishin and hopin.

The sparklies would catch my eye too. We have a lathe and Peter Kevin can turn very large pieces of wood into very small ones with lots of shavings.....

Roxie said...

Those sparkles are fascinating. Dyed? Painted? How does the wood get the color joined on?

Donna Lee, What your husband does with wood, I do with fabrics when I build quilts.