Friday, March 30

Yesterday was a nice day, once I got out of the datamine. I waited in the car for Grilltech the normal 1.25 hours, wearing the tank top. My lily white arm is now a nice shade of pink. I can't believe I'm sun burnt. Its way to early in the season to start burning. Or I need to start parking in the shade.

Went out to dinner with my parents last night. A place right down the street from our house, that once upon a time used to be a Dairy Queen. (If the Dairy Queen married the Burger King, would they have Tufu Prince?) It was a lot of fun. We shared a plate of samplers, it was really filling.

Tonight after work, we need to run to the store and pick up stuff for tonight's dinner. Peppers, onions, steaks, bread and stuff to make toffee. The eldest called last night and wanted to know the recipe, at 1830. I wasn't about to read her the directions over the phone. So we'll make a batch after dinner. Should I make her stir the 30 minutes, considering she's 6 months pregnant? (I am the meanest mommy in the world...)

Today about 0830 this morning, D comes to my desk and announces we're going to lunch. Ahh, okay. I go put my frozen back in the freezer, so I don't have to bring lunch on Monday. We end up going to a Mexican place, right now the street from work. Yes, I know that's what we had for dinner last night, but it's close. We get there, order lunch, and bitch about work. In our family, it's not a meal until I dribble down the front of my shirt. Yip at lunch, rice went onto the shirt. But that's not the worse part. I thought I spilled refried beans on my shirt. I check. Nope, nothing there. Get back to work, and my cleavage starts itching. Not thinking, I scratch and ewww I find where the beans went. Right down my shirt. Not sure which is better. On the shirt or down it.

Happy B-Day Eldest

WOW! My new computer came in on Monday. Grilltech spent several frustrating hours trying to get XP to load on the system. Only to find out XP will never load on the system. Something about the harddrive won't work with XP. I didn't ask for clarification. Tuesday, after Vista was reloaded on the system, I spent a couple of minutes playing - er setting up - and trying to get used to the new look. While I was at work yesterday, he loaded Civ 4 onto the new system. I came home, ate dinner, and by 1630, I was playing Civ. I was in heaven. Do you know elephants, sheep, deer and the rest of the animals move? I didn't. On my old system, I would play on a tiny world and eight hours later I would be waiting long periods of "prime knitting" time. Or the game with would freeze and I would reboot with many sighs. But last night? I played a whole game in four hours, with eight - EIGHT! - different civs on a - get this - large world. Did I get any knitting done? NO!! I've finally saw the opening credits as well, very pretty. Did I do much other then play? I did get my mail set up and my post completed. So, yes it was a good night. I still have more to do, but I can hear Civ calling me. It's lure is stronger then the bed monster. Do I love my new system? Heck yeah! 21 inch wide screen monitor sure makes things pretty and sharp. On the down side, it will cut into my turn based knitting.

Am I still Princess Abbey? Yes. Using what little self control I have not to scream at my co-workers. IM's fly across the screen, I sigh instead of screaming, and read what they say. It might be important after all, might have to cancel all the overtime I just put in. No, I'm not bitter.

Today 20 years ago, my eldest daughter was born. Tomorrow we're having homemade Philly Cheese Steak sandwhiches. Hmmm

Wednesday, March 28

The week is half over. Where did it go? Not that I'm complaining mind you, I want the week to be over. The youngest has been off to the soon-to-be in-laws house, since Sunday. Something about being able to ride a horse. I never did tell her the story of my horse riding. It was June of 1988, I know because it the accident happened right after the Eldest was born. I was visiting my parents who lived in Pollock, Idaho. It's a remote location, about 30 miles from McCall, Idaho*. In the middle of the trip, is a fun little canyon called Goose Creek. A windy little two lane road - back when I was a teenager - I had no problem hitting it at 50 MPH. Now that I'm older, well honestly I still take it a bit fast - not that I've been up there in a while. Anyway in 1988, I'm visiting the parents. Dad has the horse saddled, and I agree to take a ride. Next thing I remember, I'm waking up someplace in the middle of Goose Creek Canyon in an ambulance. I don't remember anything except starting the horse ride and waking up in the hospital. Six stitches later and one nasty concussion, I was back at the parent's house being woken up every couple of hours to make sure I would wake up.

Years later, Dad told me, he was so very frightened to see the horse come back without it's rider. It took them a couple of minutes to even find me. He said, the girth of the saddle came loose, allowing the saddle to start sliding off. One side was all scuffed up, so I must have taken the horse with me when I went down. Don't know, to this day 20 years later, I can't remember. I'm told it's normal for memory loss to happen with head injuries. I have a nice scar on the left side of my head, buried deep in my hair, a keepsake of my horse ride. I haven't been on a horse since. The parents got rid of the horse not long afterwards and I don't know of anyone who has one. I seriously hope the Youngest has better luck with horses then I did.

Yeah, I'm a dumb ass. Ran the report for the wrong date, 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back. I can't even knit, while waiting for the report to run. The second Bookwyrm as been started, completed the ribbing, started the pattern. I hope this sock won't seem to drag on. (Dragon, HA! I slay me.)

I can feel the impatience welling up. I just want to scream at the stupid database, hurry the up! The sad part is it's carrying over into other areas. Traffic, as Ms. Knitingale said, only we know how to drive. It doesn't help that here in the Metropolis, construction season has started. it seems every major road close to where I work is under construction. In the morning it's not so bad because there are only a handful of cars, but going home? It's busy as hell.

* If you put the zoom to half way, you can see where Pollock is on the map. McCall is the closest location with a hospital. Isn't that scary?

Tuesday, March 27

I can't tell if it's depression or just a head cold. Depression, you don't want to do anything and have mood swings. Head cold, you don't want to do anything, mood swings and as an added bonus, a running nose. Who knows, maybe I have a mix of the two.

On Friday, I went to a not-so LYS and picked up a set of Addi's. I'm sitting at 14.5 inches of the first sleeve and need to get to 22.75. I'm wondering if that is the outside total length, not the inside. I'll need to call Dad to find out. I just couldn't take one more round of the body. Yeah, like the sleeve is that much better.

Did I mention I finished the first Bookwyrm? I left it down at the shop, so they could entice other customers into purchasing more yarn. The only pictures I have are of the half completed sock. I just haven't posted them yet. (See above.)

Monday, March 26

I had a really nice three day weekend. My shiny new dishwasher was installed by 10:00 on Friday. It's very quite and is very roomy. I was able to put the crock pot into it with no problem. Saturday I taught a sock class, one student. She's excited to learn socks. Her friend asked her why would you want to learn socks, when you can buy them. I pointed to the Bookwyrm and said, where can you buy that? She gets it, the friend doesn't.

Grilltech went to a Brewing party. It's like a stitch and bitch, but instead of knitting, they show off their home brews. Instead of petting, there is drinking. And people go home with full carboy*. (I had carbway, after he rolled his eyes and tuted at me, I was informed it's a "CAR-boy". Whatever...)

Thursday, March 22

Happy Friday! Or in Grilltech's case, Wednesday. (I am soo evil.) I'm 8 rounds away from finishing the gusset, then toe here I come. (I worked on the sock last night.) Clingy One was there also, she had stopped working on her sock because there was problems. She had to rip back, then just ripped it all out and started over. Best idea she had. Of course I had to mess with her - see above. Anyway, she's about half way through ripping out, I gasp and tell her "Not like that!" She gets a panicked look on her face, I laughed and told her, "I'm messing with you." Thankfully, the Youngest was there and she starts telling her stories of how I mess with her. So she laughed and thought it was good she was accepted into the tribe.

I need to get my map drawn out. Not having it is hampering my history progress. I know, get it done and stop bitching about it right? On the plus side, I did get the name of the country I'd forgotten. On the down side, I've forgotten what I was going to say about it. I'm sure it will come back to me, at some point.

Vernal Equinox

Today is the first day of spring. I love it. The trees have exploded into colors. The fairy circle has sprouted in the front lawn, much to Grilltech's dismay. He's not allowed to mow it over until the flowers are done blooming. We have the same conversation every year for four years now. It would be easier to dig them up and transplant them to a different location, but Lawn Boy hasn't shown up yet. (Carrie: your Lawn Boy sounds scary!) Tonight's dinner is grilled steaks with green salad. Yummy!

And did I mention it must be spring? Fran (the TP killer) - who was 'tutored on the 16th - must be feeling better. She killed another roll of TP. Don't know what she has against the stuff, but it must DIE! She's also been rushing the door to get outside. So far it hasn't happened yet, but its only a matter of time if she keeps it up.

Worked on Dad's sweater last night, did I mention long-ass boring part? The only excitement is finding a split stitch about 10 rounds back and fixing it. I've turned the heel on the Bookwyrm. Will pick up the gusset tonight and get started on the trek to the toe. I'm having a hard time knitting, not sure why. Maybe I'm not excited about what I'm working on.

Oh yes, fun times at the datamine. You thought I was joking when I said, Put the OT on, take the OT off. Make it pretty. Only do people who have an "e" in their name, unless it's a new moon, then everyone except females get it. If it's a Leap Year, then everyone above the age of 23 will get a free meal, but have to work 12 extra hours a week in order to earn their "free meal". Orders came down today, take it off for the rest of the week. This was after I spent two hours putting it in. Job security is the chant going through my head and the fact that tomorrow is Friday. (Well, it is for me...)

Tuesday, March 20

I worked on Dad's sweater last night. Polished off one skein and added another, yet another long-ass body to knit. I still haven't started the sleeves. I'm sure, those will just fly once I get them started.

I went back and did word counts for the blogs, my total is much higher now. I'm stuck with my history, only because I haven't drawn out the world map. Because I can't find my graph paper notebook. Grilltech says, I gave it to one of the kids, but I can't see that happening. I think Grilltech stole it! I'll need to pick up another one when we make a trip to the store and an AAA battery! And I won't mention I've forgotten the name of the one of the countries.

Did I mention yesterday I'm sore? We did some yard work, mostly raking on Sunday. Monday my legs had lodged a formal complaint about the abuse they received. Today, they're still protesting. The National Guard maybe called in to settle the issue. Next Sunday, the whole process may start again because we have flower beds to work on. I think we need a lawn boy named Raul at our house. *snap, snap* Lawn boy, weed the flower beds. Oh Lawn boy, get me another drink.

Word total: 396

Monday, March 19

The extra day of the weekend just made it all the harder to come back to work on Monday. On the plus side, I didn't forget any of my passwords.

Baby Set
I finished Cassie's baby sweater on Saturday morning. Finished the hat on Saturday evening.

Kitty Buttons
Picked up the cute buttons on Sunday and sewed them on. Took the set over and saw the baby last night. Very cute. Two weeks old, six pounds and 19 inches long.

Fran Shaved

You can see Fran's shaved tummy. She wasn't moving real well for a couple of days. When we visited the baby, we also visited Fran's mom, Crystal. She's very pregnant and enjoyed being petted. We walked out the door; shut the screen door and Crystal ran into it. She wanted to go home with us. Poor kitty.

Didn't do much in the way of writing this weekend. I completed a total 134 of words. I'm not sure how many pages 36,000 words are. (A bunch?) Anyway, I've decided 36,000 is way to lofty for a novice. My goal is 18,000, half the number in three months is reasonable to me. As I tell knitting students, you can do anything, you just have to believe you can. Even a novice can knit a cabled sweater - but will the sweater fit well or look nice? Reasonable is my goal.

Caution - 300 SPOILER!! Stop reading if you haven't seen the movie yet and don't want to learn anything.

OMG!! Nothing hunkier then men with ripped abs running around in little clothing. Nice, very nice. Nothing better then awesome fight scenes. Yes, I'm an action girl through and through. Had to suspend reality at times, but the eye candy made up for it.

Great lines:

"Sparta only sent 300 soldiers?"

Buff Spartan King pointing at wimpy looking man: "You what do you do?" Him: "I'm a potter."

Points to another man: "And you?" Him: "I'm a blacksmith*."

Buff Spartan King turns to whiny other King: "I've brought more soldiers then you did." (Yes!!)

* A blacksmith fighting on the front lines? I don't think so!

Thursday, March 15

Yesterday's word count 224, which is better then I expected. Still not counting the blogging.

Went and knitted last night, worked on Dad's sweater instead of Cassie's baby sweater. I wanted something which was a no brainer. Clingy One was there, showing off the gifts her friend sent her. Socks^3, there are several patterns she wants to knit. She's just amazed at what can be done with socks.

Today was a busy day at work. When is it not busy? Put the OT on, take the OT off. Make it pretty. Only do people who have an "e" in their name, unless it's a new moon, then everyone except females get it. If it's a Leap Year, then everyone above the age of 23 will get a free meal, but have to work 12 extra hours a week in order to earn their "free meal". Crikes, shoot me now.

I took Friday off, Fran is going to the vet to get 'tutored. :)

Wednesday, 14

Yesterday's word count is 325, but that isn't including the blog. I really should include the blog writing, because it is writing. I've decided my goal is 18,000 in three months. Since I'm a person who really hasn't done much in the way of writing, I’ll be using this as a learning experience.

I've started the heel on the Bookwyrms. I'm thinking of doing an Eye of Partridge heel, but not sure it will visible in the variegates. I went with the EOP, it's not showing up overly well - it stays.

It was busy work day. Not much time to write.

Tuesday, March 13

Last night I watched Digging for the Truth about the Pharaoh’s of Egypt. The host is a pretty boy and may even know something about archaeology; it's a rehash of stuff that has been covered by different shows. Once in a while, Digging covers something not mentioned by the other shows. Its the little details which draw me to the show. Okay, it doesn't hurt that Josh is an Indiana Jones Wanna-be.

Finished the sleeve of Cassie's baby sweater. I didn't like how it was turning out, so I ripped back and added ribbing. I didn't decrease the number of stitches, so the opening looks a bit funny. One more sleeve to do and then I'm almost completed.

I am a dumbass, pure and simple. We created a menu, shopped to the menu. Last night, I preped tonights dinner. Even put it in the crock pot and turned it on. I put it on high, by the time we got home tonight, it was a burnt. Dinner for two nights is toast. I'll need to take a look and see what I can shift around for Thursday's dinner.

Monday, March 12

Cassie's baby sweater is mostly done. (They come out at night, mostly.) The enterlac design I wanted to do, wouldn't work, so it's just a plain sweater. I have another idea bouncing around my head, so once the second sleeve is completed and a couple of more rows of garter added to the bottom of the sweater to keep it from rolling. The sweater will be done.

We went to dinner with the E's on Saturday night. They were late, if they hadn't shown up when they did, we was leaving. (15 minute rule.) Funny thing was, another couple was standing out there saying, "I think we're being stood up." We turned to them and said, "D?" Yeah. We chatted for a few seconds, looked at the time, said 15 minutes is all they get, and they pulled in the lot. We stayed until 2030, we went and bought shirts and I think they went to Walmart. D kept looking at me and asking, what should we do next. The plan was to go play miniature golf, but the place was closed. I just shrugged and said, "not my gathering, what are we doing?" Not very nice, but true. After we finished feasting, I pulled out my knitting and worked a few rounds - more then a few, about 3/4 of an inch.

Next weekend we're going to go see 300! I kept trying to get Grilltech to take me early, but he refused. I'm sure if I would have pulled into the theater parking lot, he would have came also. Sunday, we went to Costco (or as well call it, the 200 dollar store) because I wanted to buy meat. Our freezer is packed full. I think we're done shopping for the next month. We even made a menu. (Even planned for a couple of Don't-feel-like-making-that meals.) I'm hoping proper planning will cut back on the eating out because neither of us know what we have on hand.

Grilltech made some Root beer for my parents. They'll be coming down for the Eldest's birthday in two weeks, so it will be ready for them. He's storing it in the kitchen so "in case they explode, the clean up will be easy." I'm glad he's thinking ahead, but explode?

I signed up for the Write-A-Go-Go. 36,000 words in three months. The writing doesn't have to be amazing, just out of my head and onto paper. I wonder if blogging can count towards my total.

Friday, March 9

It's been a late day. Last night I decided to put new music on my PDA. Picked out songs, added a patch - stupid time change - started my sync and went to bed. This morning, the computer still shows everything which needs to be moved to the PDA. And I mean EVERYTHING. AHHH, a long ass day, with no tunes, I don't think so! I start the sync again and only get about half of the music I really wanted. We didn't leave the house until 0500 and Grilltech has to be there in 15 minutes. It's a 20 minute drive across town, he was late. I didn't get into the building until about 0530, which made me late. Today is going to be a wonderful day.

Today is the official start of the weekend. Dad's sweater will go on hold and I'll start working on Cassie's baby sweater. I have a row to rip back, some math to do, and then I'll be off knitting. The goal is to have the sweater finished this weekend.

I've mentioned before, we got to bed pretty early at chez Tech. We only have one phone located in the family room. I'm woken up by what I think is the phone ringing. I look at the big red clock and it reads 0014. I'm about to close my eyes and drift back into the dreams of it being Saturday; when the phone rings again. I race out to answer it, when I get there the caller hung up. I check caller ID and it's the Youngest. She calls again, her car won't start "its making a clicking noise". Grilltech gets up to go get her - remember we have to be up in 2.5 hours - today she won't have a car and will have to walk to school. We live on the edge here. Currently he's off to see if a jump will fix the problem. Otherwise the car will sit at her work.

Tonight it's pulled pork and beer for dinner. You can see what it looks like on Grilltech's blog. He BBQed the pork and brewed the beer. I have it rough, I know. I still have to decide what we're doing this weekend for dinner. Hmm steaks.

Thursday, March 8

Dad's Sweater

Remember this? I know it's been a while since any progress has been made.

Improved Dad's Sweater

It's now become this. I ripped back and just kept knitting in blue. Progress is a good thing. I haven't started the sleeves, which could be a problem once I reach the end stage of the body. I suppose I could set the body aside and start them. Doesn't really matter does it?

Yesterday I had been reading the Knitting in the Old Way, the book talked about the different mounts of knitting. There is the Western, which has the right leg leading and the Eastern which has the left leg leading. Last night, I keep hearing a "skreetch" (with plastic needles no less) and I look over, Clingy is knitting through the front loop, but throwing her yarn over the other way, which twisted her stitches. Her knitting was tight, because she's trying to knit Western with an Eastern setup. It was neat that I knew, anyway, she's back to knitting western style will be a fast knitter once she picks up conifidence.

I'm going to kick out Cassie's baby sweater this weekend. Will write up the pattern for the class the following week and knit the shop display model.

I'm excited, 300 starts on Friday. I want to see this one badly. Don't think we'll go opening weekend, maybe the next one.

Rae, I haven't been blowing you off, honestly! The Eldest will be 20 this year and the Youngest turned 18 in December.

Wednesday, March 7

Spent two hours at the doc in the box Monday night, I have a sinus infection. Didn't make it to karate, but did get some quality sock time in. While the meds make my face feel better, my stomach is taking a beating.

On the drive to work Tuesday morning, saw a herd of white tail deer. They were heading east from between houses across the road, into the graveyard. I woke Grilltech, but he wasn't as impressed. Or he just wanted to sleep.

Today, I didn't bring my knitting to work. I've been in a knitting slump, not really excited. Instead, I brought Knitting in the Old Way, to read. I'm learning quite a bit about history. Still haven't cast on for anything - knitting slump - but it's getting me excited. I think I'm going to rip back on Dad's sweater and just knit it in blue, instead of the stranded. I think that's just one more thing off my back.

Time to go home. I'll be at knitting tonight, with the clingy one.

Monday, March 5

It was a slow weekend. Saturday, went and hung out at Fuzz. Did a little knitting on Grilltech's Bookwyrm. Now it's changing from an owl into a sidewinder, the scale effect is working I'd say. The eldest and her husband came over for dinner, so did the E family. Grilltech cooked the steaks, he says he burned one side of some of them, but the one I had was fine. Didn't feel too much like knitting, while at Fuzz. Did do several rounds, then called it. I tried the double trudle wheel, which I decided I liked. Told them to order it for me, they won't get it ordered until today. Now I'm having second thoughts, I think I would rather just buy then make. I know how and with time I'll get better, but oppurtunity costs. The time I use spinning, is time I don't have towards knitting. I'm still thinking on it, I have about five hours before it comes down to the wire. I've decided not to get the wheel. Grilltech said, wouldn't it be easier to buy 300 bucks with of yarn. Why yes it would be. Not that I'm going to spend that much right now.

Took the Eldest to Barnes and Noble to pick up part of her birthday present. I have Knitting on the Edge which she really likes. So we go and I pick up Knitting over the Edge for her. She's all bummed, becuase it's not the same book. I had to point
out, if she gets that book, we have twice as many edging to choose from and she can still borrow my book. She was happy with that thought.

Sunday I did laundry. I also napped for 1.5 hours. By the time we went to bed, my face was hurting badly. I'll be taking a trip to the doc in the box today. It's starting again this morning. (Is it bad when I'm fanastizing about picking up my knitting and doing a few rounds while waiting for the fraggin' hour glass to go away?) We went and picked out a new dishwasher. It will be about a week before it will be delivered. We've offered the old one to a friend; but haven't heard if she wants it or not.

I made chicken soup for dinner, Sunday night. I think we're starting to get low on soup stock, so Grilltech will need to start smoking whole chickens. Funny thing, the Eldest wouldn't eat half of the stuff we cooked for her while she lived at home. We cook the same things and it's the best thing in the world, now. Guess she's learning it's not as easy as she thought.

Friday, March 2nd

Started the post for Thursday, but never got around to posting it. So I'll just build on it, on second thought, it was only two lines. I'll start fresh.

The white car when to the mechanic, so I'm carless this weekend*. Hopefully we'll get a phone call at some point today with an estimate. I'm praying the POS thing won't cost more then 1200. Hey, a girl can dream can't she?

We had cheesecake at work on Thursday. The King showed up, and by 14:00, the pan was empty. Eagle Eye - one of the managers - wandered by and mentioned coconut cheesecake, which was in a drawer out of the way. All I could think, who told him? Gave Eagle Eye a piece, "make it bigger and I'll share with Comeback Kid." Don't know if it happened or not, but three members of the cube had two pieces and I wasn't one of them! (I'm so proud of me.)

I went to pull out socks for me this morning, all I had was one Forsetta pair. Didn't feel like wearing them, so I dug through Grilltech's drawer and found his Black Dragon socks. He looks at me and says, "You can't wear those, they're made especially to fit me." They're very warm and comfy; I should pull out the black silk and a pair for me. Well, not Black Dragons - they would fight with the Lavender ones or mate... hey maybe I should and have a bunch of socks just appear in my drawer. (Refer back to a girl can dream....)

I've made it up to chapter four (or is it five) in Knitting in the Old Way. I'm wondering how many skeins of sock yarn I would need to make a sweater. Guessimate six, Do the math in my head: 6 x 16 = 96. Bucks for a sweater?! Size one needles, I'd be knitting how long? Six or seven months? Am I insane? Hmm I have a bunch of odds and ends in the stash, and Julie's Cheating at color theory.

* The mechanic just called, only 400 to fix the POS! And we might even get it back today! Happy. Happy! Joy. Joy!


Writers Unblock Tool: A wife is committing adultery with a pouch of garlic and salt.

"You shouldn't be here." I whispered.

"I'll go if you tell me to." Marshall said, taking a step closer.

I stepped back

The smile on his face darkened. "Don't make me chase you, little one."

The use of his pet name for me brought tears to my cheeks, unable to face him any longer I turned away.

"Come now, your husband is out for the night,” Marshall ran his hands over my shoulders and down my arms.

Marshall pulled me closer knowing, I wouldn't resist his touch.

I strolled in the garden at twilight, flowers perfumed the night. Seth would be gone most of the night, leaving me alone again. I wandered in the deepening darkness, trying to forget my husband who would gamble the night away then be with me. The path led to a bench, where Marshall sat waiting for me. I stopped in astonishment.

"Marshall, you shouldn't.." Was all I was able to get out before Marshall engulfed me in his embrace.

His lips crushed against mine. My hands went to his shoulders to pull him closer. His touch made me forget everything, including time. His kisses traveled from my lips, to my check and down my neck. The warm summer was cool on my skin, bringing me to my senses. With all my might, I shoved Marshall away from me, and broke his spell.

"No." It was all I could say, with him standing so close. I stepped back, so my head could clear.

Marshall's eyes seemingly glowed amber. I gasped and took another step back. My hand went to the pouch at my side.

"Don't make me chase you, Little One." His voice was silky, sounding the way he used to.

"I told you." My voice trembled. "We're through."

His smile was fierce, as if he could hear the lie in my voice.

"No." This time, I was firm. "You shouldn't be here." I turned to leave.

"Then why did you come looking for me?" His voice caressed me.

"I didn't. After two weeks, I thought you would quit coming." The memory of me telling him, we were finished cut like a knife. I pulled out the glass vial filled with a paste of garlic and salt. The talismonger promised it would help.

Marshall's laugh was light. "Come with me, leave this place and be mine forever." This time his hands were on my shoulders.

I could feel Marshall's hot breath on my neck. The vial shattered as it fell from my limp hand. The reek of garlic filled the air.