List Day

  • Gas is still at $2.02 per gallon
  • I'm only working until 1115 today
  • Last night, I got my 10 year gift
  • We're having ribs for dinner tonight.... yum!
  • It's slow at work, but I'm still holding out hope the day will go fast
  • Last night, I was working with Jalapenos and rubbed my eyes... many times. Sometimes I never learn
  • The IT guy came and fixed my issue, so I won't be rebooting three times a day
  • It's snowing out there
  • Have a safe New Year's Eve

Quick and Dirty

With the New Year coming I'm trying to come up with some solid goals. Let's face it, losing weight isn't something I'm overly interested in. I'm sure my doctor would love it if I did. I think three days at the gym is do able. Along with finishing my tunic. I'm coming up on two years of working on that bad boy, so it needs to get it done. Other then those, I've got nothing. Not sure if it's apathy on my part or a high level of comfort on my part.

I would show you pictures of knitting, but I don't have any real progress to show you. So, if I don't see you before Friday, have a good New Year.

Round Up

I had a good Christmas. Got some lovely Doctor Who loot. Not sure if I'm going to bring it into work or not. I tend to leave things in it's package, so it won't lose it's value. Grilltech also got me a three month sock yarn subscription. I'm really looking forward to yarn coming in.

I have a tooth that is going to need a root canal. I'm holding off going to the dentist because my medical account is empty and the first of the year is coming up. So I'm gobbling up ibuprofen and chewing on one side until I can make the appointment.

The winter solstice has come and gone. Why aren't the days longer already? It still feels like winter here.

Going the Distance

Last night, I worked on the tunic. I think I must have gotten about ten rows completed maybe more. Then I did a rough measure to see how far I still need to go. It was depressing, I have about five inches - give or take. Did I make any progress on that thing at all? (This thing is going to take forever to complete.)

I haven't started my mittens yet. I want to get this tunic done before I start another around the house project. I can't see dragging them around like a sock, even if they are made from sock yarn. Two colors and a pattern will be too much to haul around. Hey I guess this means I can start a sock also. Wait, that would increase the number of projects I have on the needles. Oh well, I like to live on the edge.

I think we're all done for Christmas. Okay, still need to pick up a few things at the store, but overall, we're done. Okay, I'm still waiting for packages to show up, then really I'm done. Okay, I'll be done once the present are wrapped. Then I'll be done Am I in denial? I'm not sure.

1000 Words

Down the street on a rainy fall day.

My mitten project. Baby Bird was nice enough to wind the yarn for me.

Finished Grilltech's socks. Not sure how long they took me, but longer than usual. They're showing a brighter red, than they actually are.

I finished this project ages ago. This year, I finally got around to blocking it and having Perky sew the buttons on. I found it too fiddly, so it's going to Perky's MIL as a Christmas present.


For those of you playing Pandemic Legacy you may not want to read any further.

We had our asses handed to us this game. It was the outbreaks that did us in. This game I started by putting up road blocks, but didn't have time to go kill zombies. And the faded crept deeper into the Americas. However, we did manage to find the scientist we was looking for, so hopefully that will help us out in the future. Since we lost we get two more funded events, which will help quite a bit.

Coffee Run

Getting ready for Star Wars in two weeks.

Rainy Days

This morning we woke to rain. I'm really grateful it was just rain, because this time of year it could have easily been snow. For the past two days, I've been wearing my finger-less mitts and ice queen to work. I really love them, but the mitts aren't quite warm enough.

So with the idea of making myself some mittens, I was thinking of using quiviut to make them. Yea, talk about crazy. So tonight we're (okay I'm) to the yarn store to see what they have on hand. I'm thinking a black main color with a sky blue accent. If the LYS doesn't have it, then I'll be ordering from knit picks, but I'd rather buy it locally.

List Day

  • Gas is at $2.02 per gallon, we paid less than two dollars the other day
  • I'm thinking of making myself a pair of mittens because it's so cold, now I have a reason to buy yarn. Will need to check the patterns to find one I like
  • I hate this time of year, my hair is all staticy. Please Plus you know, no good natural light
  • Oops, today isn't Friday
  • 15 minutes left in my day, have a good night


I'm thinking of joining a sock club. The biggest problem I have is, I'm not sure I'll like the colors. Then I'll be wasting money on something I'll not get around to using. Plus, I'm not sure I want to spend money on me this time of the year. I know, I know. It would be okay if I did. The world won't end. I'll just leave the link and think about it.

I've finished the instep on the socks I'm working on. Just need to get the foot and toe done, then I'll be back to one at a time. I should have brought them with me today, because I'll be waiting at the doctor's office. I opted for a book instead. Maybe these socks will be done in time for Christmas. Maybe.

Strange dreams this morning. I broke a tooth and it was over 700 to fix - thankfully just a dream. Another part I was at some kind of party with friends and co-workers, there was lots of drinking and dancing (on my part). Everyone else was kinda blah about it all.