It appears to have stopped raining for a while. They said it was suppose to start snowing about 0600 this morning, but it didn't happen. They now say, the cold snap should make it here by tonight and we could wake up to snow. Right now, snow is the furthest thing from my mind. The sun is shining brightly on the foothills. They're snow covered and glowing that pure white that hurts your eyes. In my world, there is a huge mountain range called the Crystal Mountains that are snow covered year round and glow like our foot hills are now.

First Day Back

First day back from my extra long holiday weekend is busy. East coast operations is shut down due to snow. Can't come to work, they didn't plow the roads... Seriously? They don't plow the roads here either and we get to work. I want Saturday off, because it's the actual holiday Really? They gave you Friday off and you've been here long enough to know the difference between an actual and an observed holiday. I think I need more time off.

Christmas was fun, we had the Eldest and family over for breakfast and opening of presents. We really enjoyed ourselves. Good/bad news: the shirt MIL sent me is almost too big, however, the color is perfect.

After work today, we're back to the gym. Today is swim day, I'm really looking forward to it. Not so much on Tuesday, when it's a regular work out.

Grilltech's afghan isn't finished; but it's getting worked on. S-L-O-W-L-Y. He's waited this long, what's another month (or two)? Instead of the cabled edging, I've decided to go with a knitted i-cord. It will be pretty and much quicker.

I don't know what's going on with me today, all I want to do is eat. I need to be careful of what I eat, want the shirt to stay on the large size.

Hope Everyone having a Merry Christmas!

I'm Back

Actually we came back last night. I figured I was done gambling when I won four (maybe five) times the amount I had allotted myself to lose. It was 1830, still had enough time to drive back home and sleep in my own bed. Perky did pretty well herself, she doubled her set amount. Altho to hear her tell it, I stole her machine (the one I was playing), and what I won really should have been hers. Maybe next time...

Oh yea, Happy 22nd Perky. Hope you enjoyed it.

I should be...

in the shower and have my packing done, because Perky is going to be in here 30 minutes to head off to Jackpot. All I've accomplished is a workout.

List Day

  • Counted four cars with only one head light on the way to work
  • Last night was a full lunar eclipse*
  • We both forgot to start dinner, so it was stir fry on the way home
  • Tomorrow is Perky's birthday
  • We're going to Jackpot
  • I'm feeling much, much better
  • Grilltech and I got our Christmas gift to each other early
  • We laugh as it tells us, it's your third day!
  • And sigh at having to unlock everything again
  • My hands are chapped, so I'm using bag balm on them, now they're oily
  • Only 19 more squares to go on the afghan
  • Can I pretend it's done?
  • Have a good night...

* No naked dancing around a fire, it's way to cold up here for that!

It's Alive!

I'm feeling much better now. Still have a bit of sinus pressure, but it's better than a couple of days ago. Today is my Thursday, can't wait.

2/5th of the Week

Last week, I wasn't able to make it to work on Monday. Yesterday I felt pretty crappy, today I've got the full blown runny nose and body aches. Yip, life sucks at the Tech house. Oh wait, it's just me, he had it last month.

Nerd Test says I'm a Cool High Nerd.  Click here to take the Nerd Test, get geeky images and jokes, and write on the nerd forum!

I'm reading the The Prince and other Writings does that make me a nerd?

Friday Pix

Another set for the afghan

Only two more sets to go.

A pair of it looked navy blue in the store socks

These are 12 inch socks.

Blurry down the street.

List Day

  • Counted either five or six cars at the bar this morning, it was kinda hard to tell in the dense fog
  • It's a pretty quiet here, it's been three hours and I've only put down one sentence
  • GAH! Grilltech forgets half the things I tell him
  • Okay, to be fair I might do the same thing when he talks about Malifaux
  • That's scary, I spelled Malifaux right first try!
  • Still lots of dense fog out there
  • I've got to get pictures of stuff and get them in the mail
  • Okay, wrapped then in the mail
  • I think I'm going to sign up for the Year of Stash Socks with Trish
  • Saw actual sunshine for 20 minutes, now the fog is coming back


I've found it (Rav) (Non Rav) the gift I'm making Grilltech. His will be fingerless mitts for the bottom and a thicker wool top. Now, I need to figure out the time to make them. I'm busy working on the blanket because maybe - just maybe - it will be done by Christmas. Seriously, I think I'm kidding myself on that one.

Wanna see a reporting person cry? Have Excel crash all four open workbooks that have been worked on for the past four hours. Gah! Yes, autosave is my friend but these are posted on a website I have to open them from. Thankfully, the damage wasn't too bad. The knitting break really, really helped calm me down.

2/5th of the Week

Yesterday, I was out sick. When the alarm went off, it was all I could do to pull myself out of bed and e-mail half the team I wouldn't be in. I slept until 0830 and it was just what I needed. I managed to get some Christmas knitting done. I've gotta run to the LYS and pick up another skein of Cascade 220; because a 12 inch foot requires two. While I'm there, maybe I'll get a little extra for Grilltech's new mitts. Or at least make myself a pair because I stole his today.

Purchased a bag of chips out of the machine, looked at my change and found a surprise. One side was a dime and the other was a penny. A bit of research shows it's a fake. But it's still awesome.

List Day

  • Counted four cars at the bar this morning
  • The roads in were wet and slushy, but mostly clear
  • Grilltech is amazing!
  • Found a bag I like, (I got the raspberry one)
  • Now I have to wait for it to show up
  • Did I mention how amazing Grilltech is?
  • I hate bug hunts - have to figure out why a report is failing - UGH
  • Looks like the fog is rolling in
  • GAH! I fix one site, then the next site decides it’s going to quit working
  • Oh yea, I get paid the same no matter what I'm doing
  • The tree across the street has so much snow on it, it's drooping
  • For that matter, so are the ones at home
  • Interesting for those who need charts
  • Grilltech is wearing the green sweater today, twice this week
  • Makes it hard for me to lengthen his sleeves if it's dirty... Hey, that's a good thing
  • Or I can make him a new one, I do have green cotton yarn purchased and waiting
  • Procreator is a sweetheart, he got me a diet coke with lime while he was out running around
  • No snow today, but the roads are crappy


Ever have one of those days? You know, where you can't sleep past 0230 in the morning. It snowed all night. I figured, I'm up might as well go shovel the drive way. I was stalked by two half grown gray tabby's who were amazed someone else was out during their time. We left early to drive to work, because it snowed all night. We made it there with no incidents. Had a couple of crazies blow past us, but no wrecks. Still shudder at the people who clear off just enough of their car to maybe see out the front and back window, while leaving six inches of snow over the rest of the car.

Once at work, I discovered I left my phone at home. Awesome. I do have my CD mix, just in case, so I'm good. The report guy is out for the rest of the week due to a death in the family. The morning download, which worked fine yesterday isn't working today. It's not even 0700 and I'm ready for the day to be over.

Can't wait to see what happens next.

It appears my bad luck has rubbed off into Grilltech, because his work days is crap. It also appears the Gnome left his badge at home, because he's hanging out at this campus instead of the other building. I'm ready to drive to his house and get it for him.

It's still dumping snow on us. Enough already!

2/5th of the Week

The view down our street, today when we got home.

The start of the body of the sweater.

Finished sleeves, they look pretty close to the prior pictures.

What's left over of Grilltech's green sleeves.

No Name Post

We had another storm on Saturday. It snowed most of the day. Not a lot in the way of moisture, it was the small little flakes that turn to ice when compressed. The drive way and porch were shoveled several times during the course of the storm. I'd say there is about two or three inches of snow out there and bitter cold. The news is saying more is coming on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Man I hate winter.

I did quite a bit of knitting this weekend.

Cut off several inches of sleeves Grilltech's green sweater, because he was always pulling the sleeves up. I picked up and knitted a cuff of 20 rows. He's wearing the sweater today. Now the sleeves are too short. We decided to add another 20 rows, which will make it a bit longer and him happier.

On Thursday, I finished my sleeves then casted on for the body of the sweater. In order to save myself some stress and knit the whole thing as one piece instead of seperate three parts like the directions state. Start knitting the pattern, (63 stitches) it's not working. Snarl and rip out all 250 stitches. Re-cast on all stitches, decide to purl a row to help make next row stitches stand out better. Pattern still isn't coming out right. Snarl again. Go get another skein, cast on 126 stitches to knit the two fronts at the same time. Pattern still isn't working out. Rip out again. Snarl more. Decide it's time to walk away from the knitting. An hour later cast on the 250 stitches only this time I decide to read the pattern directions. Oh, find the reason why the pattern wasn't working out. Feel like a complete and utter dumbass. Right front is completed. Move on to the back, it's dead on. Left front do opposite of the right. Whew, first row is done! Work second and third row. Realize on the fourth row that the left front is slightly off. Stare at it and decide at this point I can live with it.

With the kids moving out the Wii will be going away, so that means it's time to get serious about going to the gym again. It will be a while before we can afford one. So, today after work we're off to the gym. Wish me luck.

Turns out we're not going to the gym, Grilltech needs to swing by and drop a package in the mail. Which is okay, the gym will still be there. Oh wait, that's what I've been saying for how long now?

Everyone is so full...

Even Havoc has the hiccups.

Day is Started

Breakfast is done. (Buttermilk biscuits with sausage gravy)

Kitchen is mostly cleaned in preparation for dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving.

List Day

  • Counted two cars at the bar this morning
  • Both tools I use are down
  • Remember this song?
  • Completed all the increases for the sleeves, now I only have three inches to knit
  • We're having ham for dinner tomorrow
  • The promised 4-8 inches of snow didn't come, but the cold temperatures did
  • Anyone remember this one?
  • WOW, not sure who walked by, boy-howdy that's some strong perfume
  • It was a bad night of sleep at the Tech house
  • This one bring back memories?
  • We're losing the Wii The kids are moving out!
  • Left work early
  • This snow makes everything brighter, my eyes hurt
  • Havoc is like Tigger, he bounces
  • Last one, how about this one?

All's Quiet on the Western Front

I am still alive. In fact, I had half a post written out but I didn't get around to posting it. Something about I'm lazy or forgetful, whatever. (Gooo team Apathy!)

Winter has arrived with a vengeance. We woke up to snow on Sunday morning.

About 1000, it looked almost comfortable.

Then about 1400, it started snowing again.

It's suppose to flurry most of the day then really snow tonight and most of tomorrow. Not looking forward to it at all.

I have been knitting, working on Grilltech's blanket. (Yea, I know, it looks like the last time I pictured it only it's the next pair.) I've sewed them together and held it up. Did some cursing when I realized I need at least eight more pairs. It's going to be very colorful at the end because I'm buying local and in batches.

I have been working on a sweater for me. Sleeves are coming along. I've got a gut feeling I'll be running out of yarn. (See what happens when I send a skein as a blog prize?)

I did clean the counters and the fridge door. The handles are white! It’s been so long since I’ve seen it, I’d forgotten.


Bed time at the Tech house...

List Day

  • Only one car in at the bar this morning
  • We didn't get snow in the valley and it's still raining currently
  • I took Friday off, it’s a four day weekend for me!
  • Not sure how I feel about the plane off the coast of California
  • I came to the conclusion it was solar flares
  • While Grilltech is saying the dolphins (and whales) are making a bid to become a space power
  • Three hours of schedule manipulation just became obsolete
  • Finished the green shift scarf
  • Okay, it was more ran out of yarn than finished
  • Day is mostly over
  • Well, then we get to go to the gym

I'm not ready!

My entry to Yarn Harlot's haiku contest:

Knit then up and over
No more counting or purling
Hey! I can have wine

They're talking snow on Wednesday. I'm not ready for snow in the valley. We still have a month to go before winter really should get here.

List Day

  • Counted ten cars at the bar this morning
  • Wednesday only had four of them
  • Didn't take the sweater last night, still working on Grilltech's green shift scarf
  • I estimate about a foot and a half still to go
  • While I did vote on Tuesday, I couldn't tell you who won
  • Tomorrow is Procreator’s birthday
  • We didn't plan anything for dinner, guess we'll stop by the store on the way home
  • A gal down the corridor from me is wearing almost the same shade of purple as me, but a different style of shirt
  • How do you handle the OM fondling your knitting?
  • I was away from my desk at the time, so he thought I wouldn’t know
  • The week is almost over, thankfully
  • For some reason, my left knee is hurting
  • Maybe it's the weather


About twenty minutes ago (1010), I decided it was time to heat up lunch. I was grabbing change to purchase some chips when the power went out. We still have computers, because of the generators. The down side? There isn't any power to the crap food machines and microwaves. Grilltech offered me his lunch, but I don't want to leave him without anything.

Power came back on at 1050, so I was able to get lunch. The big display clock on the wall is off by an hour, both a blessing and curse. I can dream it's that much closer to go home, but it's not.

On the plus side, I'm walking down to knit and drink coffee with the Bride. May be I'll take the newest sweater down to work on.

Go Vote!

Be sure to go vote or start a sweater.

#@$! Sock

Today's photos was supervised by Havoc. His hair is starting to grow out.

Fall has made it's way to our street. I love the colors.

Don't they look so cute and innocent laying there? Don't be fooled. These socks are pure evil.

I started them on size ones. Had one done to the heel flap, then tried it on my fore arm. It was way too tight. I had to rip it back. The leg was knit on size twos. They're now comfortable and will fit. I started the heel following the pattern (the pattern is suppose to go down to the turned heel), but I decided I didn't like how it was turning out. So ripped back the almost finished heel and did a typical slipped stitch heel.

I knew it would be close on the amount of yarn needed because there was an added repeat on the leg. So when the end of yarn showed up, it wasn't a total surprise. I wanted these socks done, so I used the dark green from the green shift scarf. It does look nice. (But don't tell the socks I said that!)

I was picking up the stuff and moving back to my desk. The sock bag felt odd. I reached in and found more black/gray yarn.

Not enough to do the entire toe, but that's not the point. Perky says the socks wanted to make sure they were included on the blanket.

Maybe. Maybe not. Either way: #@$! socks!

#@$! Sock

Did I not say these socks where cursed? Guess who ran out of yarn a mere 22 rows away from the end?

#@$! socks!!


It appears fall has come to our corner of the world. It started raining on Saturday, finally quit sometime on Sunday night. After Havoc and I went for a walk in the pouring rain. By the end of our walk, he was trying to run home because we were so wet. Today's walk was windier, but drier.

I've turned the heel on the sock. Only three more repeats to go and it's done.

Open Letters

Dear Green Shift Scarf,

I like you, I really like you, but you're not moving fast enough for me. Was it only last month, when we coudln't get enough of each other? Things were hot & heavy. But now? It's the same old routine. Knit, turn, knit more. I want our fiery passion back.

Is that too much to ask for?


Dear Mother's Moment,

You are sexy and smooth. It's hard to believe how much you and I have been doing so much dancing. Sure it's the avoid dance, but we're dancing, in my book that's a win. I might even get around to working on you again.

Until then, know how much I enjoy working with you.


Dear Cursed Viper Pilot socks,

Can you believe it? He's asking for plain vanilla socks because I'm taking to knit you. To say, you and I had a rocky start would be an understatement. Wrong gauge, lots of symbols I had to learn, and a ripped back heel. I'm amazed both of us are still alive. For the record, I'm going to have you purified before your handed over to Grilltech. There is no way in hell I'm going to let a cursed item near him.

Here's hoping water is enough, because wool and fire don't mix.


Dear Roxie,

On Sunday, there was one piece of fruit left from last week. Today we bought 10 pieces which is enough to get us through the week. My goal is to have none left next Sunday.

Wish us luck,


Dear Perky,

I want you to know, I mean this with all my heart. I'm so jealous of you. Starting over and taking first place, truly is impressive and make me feel old.

Keep up the good work.


Dear Eldest,

I'm looking forward to dinner on Saturday. Your dad is planning how he's cooking dinner that night.

Shopping?! You betcha!!


List Day!

  • There was four cars at the bar this morning
  • Grilltech stole! my blog post
  • Guess that means I need to stop knitting on his stuff
  • Oh wait, I have
  • Working on a cowl for SandTech
  • Amy do you recognize the yarn in the last set of pictures?
  • The pool tried to kill us yesterday
  • Today I did strength and yoga, and I'm not nearly as sore
  • I've got a potluck and knit & eat tomorrow
  • I'd better be careful
  • There was something else I wanted to say, but I can't remember it
  • Must be time to post while I'm ahead

Date Nyte, Tech Style

On Sunday night, I was getting ready for dinner. Manged to get the table mostly cleared.

Since we're trying to slim down, the candle goes away. In it's place a biscuit holder that was Granny's. Since biscuit's are a no-no, fruit works just fine.

Steaks for dinner, because we're carnivores.

We got two meals from those bad boys...

Worst Mommy Ever!!

I've been in and out of the room where the good food is stored all day.
Cats keep checking out and are all ready to go into good food alert status

Got the good food dishes gathered up.
Every cat has begun screaming because they never get good food

Put them in the dishwasher and turned it on.
Cats are now plotting my death

It's on!!

I threw down the gauntlet today.

Told Grilltech, you're not level 40. He's now reinforcing his first place status on a bunch of the games, so he can tell me the same thing later.

List Day!

  • Counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • Spent the past two days bitching I was cold
  • Last night, I put my USB blanket in Griltech's bag, today I'm warm!
  • Did 30 minutes worth of Wii last night, today I'm a tad sore
  • We're suppose to get lots of rain today
  • So far, it's only partly cloudy
  • About gave Grilltech a coronary at work today
  • Got home to no power in the neighborhood
  • Spilled diet peach Snapple in my bag
  • The cursed third second sock was spared
  • But the USB blanket wasn't

1000 Words

My supervisor for this photo shoot:

A scarf for Grilltech

Swatch for my sweater

Glove for parents to sell

Grilltech's cursed sock, yes, there is a story there but I'll tell it later

Remember the peacock shawl?

I ripped it out. Will try again later.

It's not a good idea to...

....take first place on the board when you've never done the event before. The other players get crabby, especially when they've been practicing and own it.

New High Score...

I decided to take a minute and play basic soccer on the Wii. 525 points later, I'm number one. #@$% two misses...

List Day!

  • There were only two cars at the bar this morning
  • The full moon was breath taking
  • But then full moon's usually are
  • Today is SandTech's birthday
  • Sunday is Grilltech's
  • It has been getting almost downright cold in the building in the morning
  • It's 0905 and I'm still wearing my jacket
  • I keep walking by the board and thinking the date (09/XX/2010) is wrong
  • Thought it was October for some reason
  • I have over six gigs of music on the iPhone and this is the second time today I've heard this song
  • Not that's it's a bad song mind you, but there are a bunch of different ones I could be listening to
  • Perky decided she was going to show me who really rules the board
  • We watched Prince of Persia last weekend, thought it was sweet
  • Had to put my jacket back on, it's chilly
  • I need to find some dark green sock yarn to finish Grilltech's scarf
  • Called Twisted Ewe to see if they had more, but I don't think they do
  • She hasn't called me back yet
  • 40 minutes on the Wii is a killer

Why I Rule the Board....

I'm a child of the 80's. I cut my video gaming teeth on cutting edge games like Pong and Mario Bros. The kids have a Wii with a Wii Fit Plus - well they have Wii Fit, we picked up the plus. Anyway, the Wii really speaks to my I’m playing a video game! and I have high score, don’t really notice I’m exercising!. Shhh high score at stake here.

I've gotta say, I really, really like the Wii Fit Plus. Not only does it have the games, but additional benefits like it can design workouts for you. Harder games - WTF?! What do you mean I have to walk and pay attention to remote? That's crazy talk!! that not only work you body but mind as well. Hopefully it will keep me motivated to stay with an exercise program.

Oh and Perky... I'm eight steps away from taking over first place on Wii Step Plus Seriously? That's not me, but it would be awesome if it was.

List Day!

  • There was only one car at the bar this morning
  • Which is odd because Wednesday had five cars plus a bike
  • Today this system is dragging
  • I should save often
  • Grilltech is scheduled for Saturday out patient surgery
  • The day is almost over
  • My tooth is still a bit sore from Monday
  • I was asked if I can run across the park on Saturday, can I game?
  • He was told no...
  • I moved seats at work, but didn't set-up the computer before I left
  • Wow, Just Desserts

One of those days

Grilltech has a kidney stone. Not one of those run of the mill-average ones, but a 7mm one. Which means, Friday he's going to the doctor to have it removed.

More knitting time for me.

List Day!

  • I counted five cars at the bar this morning
  • I never realized, you'll need to go look yourself actually means yes, please email us to ask the same question I just answered
  • C1 (Computer 1) crashed hardcore and needed a manual shut down, which means, I lost quite a bit a data
  • You know, important things like a blog post (I write it in notepad then e-mail it home) and a SQL query I was in the middle of writing and hadn't saved
  • I was told not spam the support group with negative comments
  • I can see how making the statement calling the help desk is useless can be taken negatively
  • Maybe the guy on the other end shouldn't have said, we only create tickets and assign them
  • No knitting tonight, my arm is still sore
  • OMG!! Not work safe

1000 Words

Fran* loves her job.

It's not blocked yet, but the colors POP!

I started a swatch, but didn't like how it was turning out. I thought the cables was lost in the colors.
So it's been ripped back. I started another one in black...

It's blocking!!

Close up of the point.

Thankfully it's at the end of the season, so no birds were harmed in the defoliation of our yard. However, the butterflies were dive bombing everyone.

* She hid while the tree was coming down, because she is pretty smart.


This morning wasn't the best, thankfully I wasn't overly crabby or annoyed at the overall situation. Someone stole my chair, so I went down and traded for an icky chair, that's actually fairly comfortable. Couldn't get logged into the chat program. I went and changed my password, was able to get in after that. iTunes had an update come down, so I dutifully installed it. Now Outlook doesn't run, unless it's in safe mode. I'm hoping they - those guys in black suits - fix it soon. If I do the uninstall of the Apple Mobile Device fix, then I can't sync. I think that's my whining done and out of the way, but I might be wrong.

Donna Lee posted some pictures of the Whoopie Pies she made. (Okay she posted pictures of from Epicurious.) They good really good. I wonder how a cream cheese filling would work instead of using marshmallow. I'm not a real big marshmallow fan.

Grilltech and friends spent most of the day Sunday cutting down the tree in the front yard. (Go read about it on his blog.) I stayed in the house with SandTech and we played on the Wii*. While the tree was coming down, Grilltech was making ribs and chicken thighs. They turned out pretty tasty.

The server is also up and running, so I'll be able to post pictures. Because some people would like to see what I've been working on.

* Remember need to pick up size AA batteries and bring gum to work

List Day!

  • A day late, does that mean I lose 10% of the total grade? =^.^=
  • Drove a different route to work, so I don't know how many cars were at the bar
  • I hope my East coast friends are safe and doing well
  • They shut down East coast operations until noon today
  • They it conjures images of men in suits, dark glasses, ear pieces, guns and black helicopters
  • It's Friday before a three day weekend, it should be dropping off around here about noonish
  • Plus the whole hurricane thing...
  • I must be watching too much Food Network, because I'm having strange cooking dreams
  • The palm of my left hand is itching like mad
  • One of the songs from the Matrix Reloaded came up in queue, can totally see Neo kicking ass
  • Maybe it will be a Matrix weekend
  • Today is almost over... I'm so glad
  • The Gnome was awesome today, allowed me to cut out early
  • Had house burgers and pasta salad for dinner
  • The Eldest came over to show me her shawl project
  • Love the deep burgundy color
  • I still haven't picked up Grilltech's blanket
  • I started a simple scarf instead
  • Yea, I know, just how much do I have on the needles now?
  • I've been wearing my shawl at work, I also wore it tonight when we walked around the block
  • Meanest Wife in the World! Grilltech's not feeling well but I made him come with me anyway

Worst Mommy Ever!!

Fran has decided she hates me, because I held her down to brush her.

Up and Running

My computer is back up and running. Instead of good ol' familiar XP, I got an upgrade to Window$ 7. For several days, I had lost all my emails. Grilltech being the amazing wonderful bestest tech and husband got it back for me. Mentioned something about make a PST file so this won't happen again, but who listens?

I finished a hat for my parents. Still need to work on the gloves. Also, since Grilltech is being so amazing wonderful, I should finish up his blanket. Plus today is the last day of the 20% off sale at the LYS, so I should swing by there and pick up the yarn I need to finish his blanket.

Since the server is now back on line, I can post pictures of my FO's. But I'm a slacker and will get to it some other day.


Grilltech is the bestest husband ever. Today we moved out two old desks and a dresser. Moved in a new - heavier - desk to the back storage room. Pulled out large table in the kitchen and put the small round one in it's place.

Now it's time to rest. Might even knit once my arm stops throbbing.

The Dead Pool

On Saturday night, a storm blew through the area. It knocked out the power in our section of town - some places are still without power. My computer lost it's power supply. Sunday Grilltech spent most of the day troubleshooting the issue. Finally he pulled the hard drive out of my system and put it in the almost completed new server. So the old server which has a fan going out in it, has to last another two or three weeks.

Grilltech finally was able to get his iPhone 4. We offered his old one to the Eldest. It was going to be a couple of days before she could make it over to pick it up, so the phone floated around his desk. I picked it up and put it on top of one of computer books sitting on the arm of his chair. I heard a thunk, noticed both the book and phone where gone. I assumed both landed on the floor. Turns out the book was on the floor and the old phone went into his glass of water. We're still waiting to see if it will work or not.

I'm going to bed before anything else dies.

List Day, Double Shot

  • There was one car at the bar this morning
  • Grilltech received his new toy last night
  • He's very happy
  • I have a strong urge to cast on for this sweater (Ravelry)
  • It doesn't matter I don't have the pattern, I can make it up
  • And it would be black bamboo
  • Yes. Yes, I know I'm still working on Grilltech's blanket
  • And instead of short sleeves, they'll be three quarters length
  • I never did find the checkbook
  • Oh ya, it's time to change passwords
  • I was a lunch playing on FB, one of my leaders came over and had to verify I was at lunch
  • Havoc's name has now been changed by the microchip people to Havol
  • Grilltech has started calling him Havol Barkoff
  • Stupid Wii, says I gained 2 pounds since yesterday
  • Granted I did it after I ate dinner...

List Day!

Wrote the post yesterday, but posted early this morning.
  • It seems we hit every red light between home and work this morning
  • Reports have died, so I'm dead in the water
  • I have the pleasure of working help desk tickets
  • Grilltech and I must have been kicking each other in our sleep last night, both of us are stiff and sore
  • I'm having orange juice on the rocks at work, I think I need more vodka
  • I've got pictures of the finished shawl, but I'm currently too lazy to post them
  • Plus, I don't have the final picture
  • The answer to which report is he talking about - is not I don't know, he just tells me I'm wrong
  • I hunted for the checkbook this morning and couldn't find it
  • I'm hoping it under piles of knitting somewhere
  • Grilltech is dealing with an icky customer
  • There is thirty more minutes of my day left, I hope he'll get out on time
  • My desk has been mostly shoved off and I still can't find the checkbook
  • When should I start worrying about it?

Clean House

The guys showed up and is hauling stuff away. I almost feel bad about just pointing and saying this needs to go away.

Almost, but I'll get over it. Maybe I'll go block my shawl.


Havoc's new hair cut. I think he looks uber cute.

I finished another shawl. Another Haruni. Not quite as big as the first one, but pretty close. It still needs to be blocked, maybe this weekend.

I'm back to working on Grilltech's blanket.

Worst Mommy Ever!

Lured the cats out of the bedroom by getting out good food, then went back and shut them out while I made the bed. Every animal in the house is on good food alert.

I'm going to take Havoc out for a drag.

List Day!

  • Counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • Saw one of the babies at the nest in the dark
  • Maybe it is a good thing they have white bellies
  • We're having an audit at work this week
  • The whole reason why I'm not reading blogs or knitting at my desk
  • Yea, I know work
  • I'm to the point on the shawl it's taking an hour to do two rows
  • I'm also about 40 rows from being done!
  • Thoughts of coconut cream pie have dancing around my head
  • Had this post half done yesterday, but didn't send it home
  • It was sitting in my draft folder
  • At one point, I was using the wrong username, but right password to log into a phone server
  • Needless to say, it didn't work
  • On the plus side, can't lock out the wrong username
  • I can't seem to type today
  • I'm lucky so far, both loud talkers aren't here!!
  • Was on the phone and then was called by someone else
  • I'm popular today
  • Couldn't last forever, one of the loud talkers is back
  • When I try to do everything, nothing get accomplished
  • Time to step back
  • Writing with a pen makes my right arm hurt
  • I don't know how Perky makes it in the world, everything is set to right handers
  • Maybe I can find her a left handed cork screw
  • Grilltech is going to be off to a convention this weekend
  • I wonder how much crap stuff can leave the house before he'd even notice it was gone...
  • I've gotta call Taxtech SandTech about renting her truck

All Grown Up

The nest I've been watching is empty in the afternoons on the drive home. I think there is one Osprey hanging around the nest, won't really know until tomorrow morning.

List Day!

  • Counted two cars at the bar this morning
  • Half the team is across the street at the new building, with limited access
  • I'm having a hard time focusing
  • Grilltech said something about going stargazing this weekend
  • All I can think about is if I call in sick tomorrow, could I have my shawl finished?
  • Roxy, a Wii is a gaming console that has some fitness games
  • Listening to ABBA, all I think of is the movie
  • Next week, I'll be moving to sit next to Procreator
  • I'm still graceful as ever, I tripped over a garbage can in the middle of the bay
  • The team decided to do an ice cream social tomorrow
  • Yea, half the team will miss it
  • Nice, someone bitched about the four of us in a quick circle
  • Had a hard time not telling the Gnome to byte me
  • Every time I step on the Wii it goes ugh, today it actually said good
  • I know, stupid things
  • Havoc got a hair cut, he's so cute
  • Off to knit, I've got a shawl to finish

Still Nothing

Grilltech and I are using Perky's Wii Fit.

It's evil clothed in cuteness.


...for yet another boring post? The only excitement I have is today I got two more skeins of yarn to help finish the shawl. Too bad I can't knit as much as I want.

You can read about Grilltech's weekend.

Clean House

Fran helped with laundry.

Sabrina helped with dishes.

Uggy helped with the bedding.

Still Nothing

It's starting to get hot here. I'm not real sure, but I think we've hit a 100 once this month. The view down the street is still very green.

Amy sent me some sock yarn to help out on the blanket.
(I think she doesn't like Noro much either.)

Some very lovely colors. They'll make a great addition to the blanket.

Thank you so much!!


Happy Wednesday. The day is over (mostly) and I can almost relax. Still need to put dishes away and fold the load of laundry, but I can put laundry off until Perky gets home. Her stuff is in the drier.

Fran is fine. Havoc needed the e-collar, and since Fran was there... You saw what happened next. She was not pleased in the least.

Anyway, I'm off to empty the dishwasher. Maybe I'll have Perky fill it...

A 1000 Words

Today's pictures are brought to us by Fran. Doesn't she look so pleased?
Poor Fran

I have been doing some knitting. Another Haruni. This time it's for me.
My Purple Haruni

Picked up some yarn while in McCall. Like the colors. The owner said it was new in the store.
More Sock Yarn

Picked up the light green in McCall. The dark green in a LYS. Together they will make Grilltech one killer scarf.
Grilltech's Scarf

Questions Answered

First a little back ground. Grilltech and I have been married for almost twenty years. Rings around Grilltech have a short life span. They get lost, broken, or warped. Yes, warped.

So after the first two disappeared, it was decided to pick up something cheaper. He picked out stone rings, because their about two bucks apiece. We usually buy two or three of them at a time - because as he puts it - the ring tries to betray him.

These hematite rings break at the slightest provocation. Hit your hand just right on the counter. Snap. Ring falls off, hits the ground. Snap.

So the other day, I'm pulling something out of the medicine cabinet, and one of the rings jump out and smashes to bits on the counter.

So, I had to blame it on Grilltech.

Work isn't Always Bad...

Fun Conversations at work:

KnitTech‎‎ [8:28 AM]:
It says format server and set fire to building?
Are you sure I should be running this?

Mr. White‎‎ [8:28 AM]:
hit "confirm"
and if it fails again, hit "retry"
under no circumstances do you hit "ignore"

List Day!

  • There was one car at the bar this morning
  • It was not a good night of sleep last night
  • Lost the button on my pants
  • It's not really lost but not where it's suppose to be
  • Time to start back at the gym and watching what I eat
  • I should be serious about this weight thing, but it's so easy to eat things that are bad for me
  • Learned a new awesome SQL trick today
  • I'm watching Terminator
  • I'm willing to bet, most people read that with Anrie's accent
  • I broke one of Grilltech's stone rings last night
  • Of course I blamed it on him.

A 1000 Words

Last Friday Havoc was fixed. Afterward he was was looking pretty sad. Two days later, he was bouncing around wanting to play.
Addict Picture

Saturday, we went to McCall. Really didn't get much in the way of pictures. (I did get some yarn....)
Addict Picture

Forth of July was fun, we set off our own fireworks. Nothing like a bunch of pyro's playing with fire.
Addict Picture