List Day!

  • There were only two cars at the bar this morning
  • The full moon was breath taking
  • But then full moon's usually are
  • Today is SandTech's birthday
  • Sunday is Grilltech's
  • It has been getting almost downright cold in the building in the morning
  • It's 0905 and I'm still wearing my jacket
  • I keep walking by the board and thinking the date (09/XX/2010) is wrong
  • Thought it was October for some reason
  • I have over six gigs of music on the iPhone and this is the second time today I've heard this song
  • Not that's it's a bad song mind you, but there are a bunch of different ones I could be listening to
  • Perky decided she was going to show me who really rules the board
  • We watched Prince of Persia last weekend, thought it was sweet
  • Had to put my jacket back on, it's chilly
  • I need to find some dark green sock yarn to finish Grilltech's scarf
  • Called Twisted Ewe to see if they had more, but I don't think they do
  • She hasn't called me back yet
  • 40 minutes on the Wii is a killer

1 comment:

Amy Lane said...

Okay-- it's been ninety here! How much sympathy am I REALLY feeling for needing a jacket?