Or Two, Possibly Three

Today started off running. I'm a little on edge, and I'm trying to center myself. The more I think about the live in the moment, the more it reminds me of the cartoon.

And yes, I really would like a cookie.

Weekend Wrap Up

I had a pretty nice weekend. Saturday night, Grilltech and I went outside of town to our favorite star gazing spot. Within minutes the meteors started. It wasn't a full showing, but there were several really nice streaks. If we looked north, we could watch lightening. It was pretty awesome.

I have about eight rows to go and I'll have finished my third repeat of the fifth chart. I'm getting excited; only six rows to go then the Queen will be done! Long live the Queen!! Grilltech keeps teasing me he's going to spill coffee on the tablecloth. I'm not worried, it's made from cotton, so no stress there. I'm starting to get excited about knitting again. (TWO excited in one paragraph? Really?)

It's funny how I have to take a minute and do the addition in my head. Today I was working with someone to does it in the blink of an eye. I'll admit I'm a teensy, weensy bit jealous of the way both Grilltech and Thing2 can do that in their heads so fast. Funny thing is, Old Timer feels the same way about me.

Friday, I saw a twisted on stuffed peppers, I took it and ran. Instead of using thinly sliced chuck roast, I pulled out the brisket and man it turned out awesome. I've having left overs for lunch.



What do you call group of knives? It is a brace? No, I can't find anything to that wording. I don't think cutlery really fits. Hmm impalement arts refers to the exercise.

Anyone have any ideas?

List Day

  • I counted five cars at the bar this morning
  • Six of us pitched in to buy a lotto ticket for Saturday
  • Yea, it would be nice to call in rich
  • Told the lackey, this is a good place for us to stop. He's driving to (almost) Canada tomorrow and is leaving work early
  • I know today is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday, but I started thinking an hour ago, today is Friday
  • Now, I'm really disappointed
  • Perky said, we could spread our wings and fly as far as we wanted to in Boise....
  • Not to get anyone's hopes up, but we're talking about moving to the west coast
  • No karate last night, I couldn't breathe well. The fire season is off to a glorious start!

Just because

I've spent most of my day training a lackey. On the plus side, this one is quite smart and picking up what I'm showing him quickly. My brain drain is lessened but its hard having to explain everything I do and the reasons behind why it's done like this.  Tomorrow the real work starts, I'm showing him the whole mini-bid process. 

My parents do the whole mountain man rendezvous thing, they dress in leathers and shoot black powder. Neither of them quite understand RPGs or the SCA, not that we do SCA.  I would think they would get it better then anyone. The main reason why we're throwing knives is its great exercise. Plus it gets us outside.  Grilltech pointed out, it's one of our many post-apocalyptic skill sets. 

1000 Words

The babies are almost all grown up. I think their parents have gone away, leaving them to fend for themselves.

Hey, is someone taking a picture of me?

Fire on the ridge. It's under control now, but the fire season has started early here.

Grilltech set up the practice range for us. He's much better at throwing knives then I am. =^.^=

List Day

  • I counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • Best statement of the day: I'm aggressively neutral (his heritage is German/Swiss)
  • Not sure if the new medication is helping or hindering, whenever I'm frustrated I end up in tears and unable to form a complete sentence
  • I've started delegating at work, that helps
  • Tonight is karate
  • Found an awesome recipe for banana bread
  • Wore a shirt MIL got me, two people told me how much they liked it
  • Today is a lot less stress filled

1000 Words

Down the street on a hot summer evening.

Finished Grilltech's first sock.

A lovely gift from a wonderful friend of mine!! The other sock is loaded in this awesome bag and ready to be worked on.

Four darned socks. I don't know how he does it, but Grilltech is so hard on socks.

List Day

  • Grilltech counted five cars at the bar yesterday
  • I'm on a new medication, hopefully this one works better for me
  • Talk about AMAZING (RAV)!!
  • We're bird sitting, I keep trying to get Daizy to say meow. It's not working, so far
  • I left my good headphones at home. Thankfully, I have a backup pair
  • Grilltech and I are having fun coming up with a movie for the Asylum
  • Okay, I'm getting out of hand, but wonders if I know anyone with screenwriting experience
  • Now I get it!!
  • Is it just me? The above article talks about healthy eating after work outs, then at the bottom of the page has Recipe: Brussels Sprouts with Brown Butter and Sage this?
  • Oh wait, brown butter not brown sugar
  • PLOT TWIST!! I’m not supposed to talk to myself mean any more
  • Grilltech is making pork chops for dinner tonight
  • Daizy needs a spa treatment, her talons are long!

1000 Words

Grilltech driving away on a muggy summer day.

Queen of Heaven being moved to new needles.

Semi-close up of the lace.

List Day

  • I counted one car at the bar this morning
  • Last night was a very bad night
  • Today the tool is down, I should have called in
  • I'm able to work again
  • I'm a bit out of practice writing these things up, or all I have to write about is complaints of cow-orkers
  • Which I'm sure, no one really wants to read
  • Is it a compliment when someone says, You need to change professions and become a sales person. :-)
  • Just because we're friends doesn't mean I'll give you special treatment, go look up the information
  • See above, it’s not my job to tell the rest of the group what to bring, it’s yours. You’re the host now; pick up the job
  • I hate waiting to hear back from the doctor's office
  • Rough day, my head is now foggy. It’s a good thing it’s time to go home


We all love Thunderstruck

This one is almost as good.

Because who doesn't love a kilt and flames?