Wednesday, February 28

Most of this was written on Tuesday, and sent home, it bounced because of a power failure knocked out our mail server. Neither Grilltech or I was home to bring up the server again, so mail was bouncing back for who knows how long. Grilltech is now finding all mail is bouncing and he's trying to fix it.

I didn't make it to karate Monday night. One part super sleepy, one part super embarrassed to be the largest person there. The regular group of fifteen isn't too bad, but when there are 900 strangers, I don't deal well.

I didn't do any knitting last night; I did read Knitting in the Old Way. Still in the in first chapter, it covers some history. It’s nice to know where we've been, so we know where we're going.

I was in bed by 20:00 last night, asleep by 20:30. Woke up at 01:00 and couldn't get back to sleep until about 02:30. Great, only 1:15 before we have to drag our sorry butts out of bed to go to work. Today should be one long ass day.

I’ve completed about eight rounds on Grilltech's BookWyrm Socks. (Bookwyrms are the scholarly ones of the dragon family. Since I think the colors remind me of an owl, the socks have a new name.) Not sure the scale pattern is all that visible through the colors, but it's also very short at this point in time.

Grilltech pulled the pork Monday night. It was the one of the best he's done. I think the steaks need to be pulled out for this weekend. Course I have no clue as to what tonight's dinner will be. The youngest and I went to the store and picked up stuff from the Deli. Grilltech wasn't hungry, so he ate half of mine.

It was another knitless night. I also didn't spin anything and the wheel goes back today. Not sure what's going on. I'm coming home from work just so exhusted all I want to do is crawl into bed. I believe I even stayed up to 20:15 last night. On the plus side, I didn't wake up until I hit snooze this morning.

I made a coconut cheesecake last night. Today is the King's birthday and I needed a reason to make a cheesecake. Not that Grilltech thinks I need a reason, he's always happy to have cheesecake.

I'm debating if I should rip out Icuras. I haven't really touched it in a while. I'm not overly happy with how it's turning out. (Not that I have much done on it.) I've not really knit lace and knitting with thread, isn't making me happy. I think Cassie's baby sweater will be dusted off soon as I finish Grilltech's mitts. She's due in March and I need to get going on that. So much work knitting along with the Eldest.

Writer's Unblock Tool Snippet: Describe a poker player down on his luck with a roomful of fools.

Hayden studied the group while he sipped his wine. Dorrian's floppy lace cuffs where stained red because most of the time when he drew his hand back the lace ended up in his cup. Tess' giggling was beginning to get on his last nerve, but he would smile back at her because of the large purse of gold she usually carried. Calden puffed on his cigar while telling a lewd story to Tess. Alton effiecently shuffled the deck then begun dealing the cards.

Tess would arrange her hand, with each new card causing numberous switching. Alton would pick up the cards one at a time, after they all had been dealt out and squint at them before putting them into his hand one at a time in the same order. Dorrian's lace kept getting in the way and had be flipped back, inconvenience was the price of being fashionable. Calden puffed smoke towards his cards, a sign he didn't like them. Hayden picked up his card, only after the last one had been dealt.

Monday, February 26

Broad Street Mittens
Finished the Broad Street Mittens on Saturday. Big hint, knit the flap first and on round four (or three) of the knit six, do a K2tog. It saved time and the seam is barely visible.

Sunday was spent knitting and spinning. I kept trying to get the Mohair to spin, it wouldn't work. I was getting frustrated so I walked away. Came back to try it again, still not able to get it to start spinning. So I moved over to the raw wool, figuring it would be easier. No, still not able to get the lead. Finally I look down and say, what happens if I ease the tension? Sure enough, I'm off and spinning. I finished off the dark wool and then went back to the gray Mohair. Still have a bit to do and the wheel goes back on Wednesday.

I started on Grilltech's half finger mitts. I'm using the homespun. There are a couple of spots I'm worried about, because it was spun about the size of thread. I'm thinking I'll duplicate stitch over the spots so I won't worry about them breaking.

The database is having a temper tantrum again this morning. Thankfully, I got the weekend reports completed before the crash. Now I just have to figure out if I'll be able to get today's reports completed.

I've decided I'm going to make another pair of dragon socks from the Tofutsies Owl colors. It should be a very interesting coloring pattern. I'll post pictures soon as there is enough to show. Right now it's just a first row and a cuff.

Friday, February 23

Here at the datamine it's like running with scissors, it's all well and good, until someone looses an eye. You get a momentum going; everything is fine, until you trip. Doesn't matter why you trip, stumbling over your own feet or someone else pushing you, it hurts. Cubemate PK is out today. No big deal, I'm doing her reports as well as mine. Early this morning, I was told to use a different remote desktop, being the good little corporate drone I am, I do. About three hours later work comes to a screeching halt. Turns out the remote desktop was pointed to a test database. Everything I had done in that remote system was dead. I want the three hours of my life back.

Sock student called me back. She’s not feeling well at all. She’s been in and out of the hospital for the past two days. Sounds pretty serious, hope she gets better.

No real progress onto the owl sock or mitt.

Wednesday, February 21

I'm feeling way better, even better then yesterday. Now Grilltech has it.

Yesterday was a comedy of errors. I had about five lines wrote for the post and never got around to posting it. I did get the homespun balled, just need to finish the other mitt before I start Grilltech's. I didn't make it to spinning class, so I'll go tonight. The nice thing about Fuzz being my LYS, they're flexible.

I did make it to knitting last night. I remembered to put the tape measure in my Crown Royal bag* and put the pattern under it, so I wouldn't forget it. (What I didn't remember: money, cell phone, and needles.) I place my order, go to pull out my wallet and it's not there. I check for my phone, because I live right down the street and Grilltech can come bring me money. Nope, no phone. Red-faced, I 'splain I need to borrow their phone so I can have money brought because I'm a dumbass. Thankfully, I've been going there enough they semi-know me and are okay with waiting.

Grilltech has had the same cell phone number forever. I don't remember it because I put it in my cell phone and just press the #2 and it dials. I dial a number, I hope is correct and some strange guy answers. (Good thing it was a guy, because I'd be up in arms if a female had answered.) "Uhh, Grill?" "Nope, wrong number." Crappy! I think hard before I dial again. This time I was lucky and got the number right. Grilltech was sweet enough to come bail me out; with the 100 bill he earned by re-loading an OS for my Aunt. The clerk was asking for change from the other till. I was worried they wouldn't be able to break it and neither of us have a bank card. Thankfully they had enough, so I was able to have my coca. I picked a good table and waited for the others to show up.

I go to start the mitt, and I don't have any needles. At this point, I should have realized it was time to go home. But I figured I would stay a bit and see if anyone would show up, I did have my PDA so I wasn't completely bored. About a minute later, S showed up. (Remember S, the one who had to have the gauntlet pattern?) She had a question about the thumb gusset. 'It will be too long.' So, just use 11 stitches, instead of 13. You can do that, its allowed, honest. (The knitting police won't show up and haul your ass off to jail. Tactfully, I only thought the last part.) Sock student never shows up and S is really worried because student is having a hard time at this point in her life. So, I run home, because I only live less then five minutes away. Call her, turns out she's feeling really crappy and won't be able to make it. I'll call her today and see how she's doing.

* Classy, I know.

Tuesday, February 20

Not much in the way of knitting, just me whining. Thanks for the well wishes. Hope to be better by the end of the week.

I shouldn't have came back to work, it's just that simple. I can't think of anything worse then being beat on for crap that isn't my fault. X and Y wasn't done, of course they weren't, there wasn't any follow through on the part of the leader. So just shoot me now. Or I'll just cry at my desk again.

I made the sock student cry. I didn't mean to. Honest! She's working the gusset. She says, "I can't get this." (Repeatedly) I finally look over at her and tell her, "You need to stop saying that. You are what you say. If you keep saying 'I can't', then you never will. You can say, 'I don't understand, this is hard, I need more clarification', but you can't say, 'I can't'." She left the room in tears. (She was having a bad week and I didn't help much.) So when I see her on Wednesday, I'll need to make sure to tell her, I wasn't beating on her.

Shh, don't tell Amy, but I finished the first of Broad Street Mittens. For the second one, I'm knitting the flap first using a provisional cast on. Later while knitting the mitten, it will be easier to k2tog and keep going. Picking up those 30 stitches is a pain in the ass and they aren't straight. I didn't feel up to re-inventing the wheel.

I've started a pair of socks for Grilltech. I casted on 26, 26, 30, should be 80 right? Yeah, it's not. So I have to rip back the first row for those two fragging stitches. Or I suppose I can just knit the two together at the last four stitches. I'm going to opt for the ripping back. I was thinking I should knit this pair toe up, just because. Oh wait. What's the rule? Don't drink and drive, don't lend money to family, and don't try to deviate from the normal while sick.

Thursday, February 15

Outside in the real world, it rained most of the day. It is possible that it has rained all day, but I wouldn't know. I've only glimpsed the outside world when I would walk by windows on my way to and from the break room. A lovely day to spend it curled up knitting on the couch with cats and chocolate. Instead I'm stuck in the datamine, working my fingers to the bone and wishing I was dead. No, I'm not sore still from working out, but I think I've got the flu. The datamine is nothing more then a breeding ground for dangerous and toxic diseases. And I've been infected. I've been using drugs the runny nose at bay, but the fuzzy headedness is still there. Someone please, just shoot me. In the head, none of that knee crap.

Wednesday, Feruary 14

As some of you may know, I live in the thriving metropolis of Boise. It's great, we have stores and restaurants which stay open later then 20:00! Shocking, I know. For those of you who don't, a lot of the smaller towns around the state have laws on the books stating all businesses and sidewalks will be rolled up precisely at 20:00. Those towns that don't follow the mandated time have their roads taken away from them. Don't believe me? Maybe you should read this or this or even this one*.

Boise is growing by leaps and bounds, hence the use of thriving. Within the next few years we might even break 200 thousand people. While we have the luxury of being able to go to the store at 02:00, the down side people freak out of the slightest animal sighting. It's not unusual to have a news story from the west end of town of a cougar being spotted. People freak out, "why wasn't we warned?" Hello, you're living on the boundary of their territory. More then once I've watched raccoons cross the roads in the middle of town. In fact, I drove home and not even a block away from the house a family of raccoons was crossing the road. I ran into the house and told Grilltech who said, "Raccoons, right." (You know the tone.)

One morning, Grilltech is coming out of the shower; the sun is barely clearing the hills. Peaches in the bedroom window and goes on high alert. She’s hissing and batting the window. Grilltech comes around the bed and looks out. Without his glasses on, all he sees is a grey blob and he can’t figure out how a dog got into the backyard. He grabs his glasses and is shocked to realize it’s a raccoon. Since he is a quick minded guy, he grabbed the camera to get proof he wasn’t lying about seeing one. “Raccoons, right.” (Our backyard.)

One crisp fall morning (and by morning I mean 04:30), I was driving to work while Grilltech slept. (We work together and he likes to catch a few more minutes of sleep, while I drive.) I'm coming up on the bridge which crosses the connector, and out pop four white tail deer. I do the girly high pitch squeal** "Look! Look! Look!" Grilltech is shocked out of sleep, halfway expecting to be in the middle of a car crash or something equally devastating. He looked at the deer, grunted something that sounded like "neat" and went back to sleep. Later that morning, it's on the news, some idiot in the general area of where the deer had been with a gun scaring the straights.

Weeks later we're in the house, it's dark and Peaches goes on high alert. She starts growling and hissing at the back door, doing everything she can to help protect the house. Grilltech asks me to open the door and scare away the cat that is annoying his cat. I go flip on the dining room light, and in the dim light I can see four raccoons on the steps next to the door. Once the raccoons realized they had an audience, off they trundled.

For a thriving city, we’re got quite a few critters running around.

And happy VD to everyone!


* I couldn't find the one about the Dam breaking and cutting Atlanta, ID off from the rest of the state. Guess my Googlefu wasn't strong enough.

** You know the one, it sounds like someone is taking screw driver and driving it into your skull, over and over until you want to throttle the person making that noise to get them to stop.

Tuesday, February 13

Can I just die? Grilltech says no, I'm just being whiny*. I spent an hour remembering how to beat people up. I only stayed an hour, which is a 100% more then I'd done in months! I figure if I stay an hour the rest of this week and 1.5 next week for the following, then in three weeks I'll be able to stay the whole two hours. So tonight the plan is to spin for a while then do weights**.

Also, let me clarify about pattern knitting. Pattern knitting is a good thing. We all have to start someplace. It's like learning to cook. Step by step following of the recipe is a must. Now? Hmmm, only have 1/4 cup of milk? I can just add water. I like the flavor of garlic, add more than the 1 teaspoon called for. Must add red pepper flakes, because I want the youngest to think it's spicy. It's the idea of "I can't design". The knitter who was asking for the fingerless mitt pattern, wasn't a new knitter. It was someone who spins, dyes, and knits. (Perfect a trifecta.)

Anyway both Amy and Samurai Knitter asked about learning to knit. I remember there were times when Granny would come live with us. She was a big crafter. I learned to embroidery from her and crochet. I used to make doll clothes. Barbie would wear such fashionable clothes as a granny square dress, similar to the TP cover, only more functional. Granny also knitted, but for some reason I never asked to learn, it may have been because didn’t see her doing it. I remember I was thirteen and wanted to learn. So I got a book and started knitting. I did about four or five rows before showing the step-monster, who said, so. I never picked up it again. I think maybe Granny wasn't living with us at that point, my memories are a bit fuzzy***.

About the year 2000, I decided I wanted to knit. Don't remember why, just decided I was going to learn. Picked up a book and was off knitting. For about the first year I made scarves. Long-ass scarves, the youngest can wear it and wrap it around her neck once with room to spare and both sides still reached the floor. (She's 5'11".) I decided I wanted to do more. So I picked socks. I picked up a pattern book and started. Couldn't figure out the pattern, went to the LYS and she said, I had missed a step. She also pointed out "there was something strange about my knitting." My first sock was twisted, because I was knitting though the backloops. Grilltech wore out the first pair of maroon footies I made for him and was pissed when I threw them away because of all the holes.

I signed up for a knitting class. The teacher said, "You know how to knit, you don't belong here." She was right, but I was looking for pattern reading more then "learning to knit." One of the key points of the sock class I teach how to read a pattern, not just the tribal knowledge of making socks. Granted, there some parts of the teaching that isn't written. Anyway I made a teddy bear sweater, because if I can make a small one then the large one isn't that much different. Made Grilltech a sweater, the sleeves are about six to eight inches longer then his hands. Once again, he wears it all the time. Since that point, I take sweaters I like, modify them and call it good. Can I design a sweater? You betcha. I've got one in the design book right now. Don't think I'll ever make it because wool is high maintance****.


* No he's not even remotely saying anything like you're being whiny. Instead he's very considerate and offers to rub my back. And he's ALL MINE!!

** Yes, I am a glutton and not just for punishment.

*** That's like saying, Keith Moon and Steven Tyler used to be drug users.

**** This from the woman who has taken up spinning? Yeah, right.

Monday, February 12

I went down to the LYS on Saturday, because my slow sock student was going to come knit and needed help with the heel. I took my current project, the fingerless mitts. Everyone like them, and two people wanted me to knit them a pair. As if! One lady liked the pattern so much, she wanted it. I couldn't figure out why she couldn't look at the mitt and make up her own. So I gave it to her. It's the same thing with the sock design class. People want to pay me to teach them how to design something? Are you kidding me? Maybe it’s the engineer in me. (Granted I'm a software engineer and I haven't used the degree, but that's beside the point isn't it?) Pick a pattern, do the math and knit. Not that tough. I was talking to Grilltech, who pointed out; some people have to knit to a pattern. Exactly to the pattern. I must not be one of them.

I've finished the last of the white wool. It's still on the bobin, but here is my first try. I've got a black raw wool almost on a full bobin. Grilltech is going to get a pair of fingerless mitts out of the black.

This was the sky before a storm came through before Grilltech started grilling dinner. Hmm

Here is the view from our porch. The neighbor on the left used to have four cars parked in front of his house. We think he called the cops to have the other neighbors ticketed and he ended up with a couple of tickets himself. Now all the cars are now gone. Makes it easier to drive down the street.

Saturday, February 10

Last night, I sat down and spun. I was able to spin! It wasn't overly spun like the first time I sat down. I have half a bobin full of spun yarn. (It even looks like yarn!) I was talking to M, she was very happy for me, because I've picked up a new skill. Remember, with any new skill it will be hard at first. I'll get to spin more tonight and I'm looking forward to it.

The evil white one was thumped a couple of times last night. "No, don't play with the wheel." "No, don't eat the wool." "No, don't play with the yarn."

I'm working on my bitchiness. I don't want to be one of those people. You know the ones, they stand around at the water cooler (or next to the door and smoke), have a pepetucual scowl, and bitch about everything. "Oh PUL-ease, did you see how they tried to bribe us with coffee." While violently making eye contact anyone dumb enough to be in the same general area.

Anyway, here at the datamine, we have to use a database. (Yes, it does work that way.) In Wednesday's meeting, it was mandated, "you WILL use this work around to do your job." The problem? The work around is crap. It's just as slow. It's on a remote system, so the graphics are giving me a headache. It's hard to read in some screens. I've changed the background colors, which does help a little. Where is the line between being whiny - it's just as slow; and legitimate complaints - it's hard to read; I'm getting headaches.

Thursday, February 8

Okay, it's been a few days. Not much in the way of excitement has been going on. Plus overall depression just sucks.

Yesterday, I took my first spinning lesson. (Death Grip! Release the death grip.) Over spun, have thick and thin parts, more thick than thin. I got to bring the wheel home, so I can practice with it. Didn't get to practice once I got home.

We had to run to the store. Out of lunches, plus we picked up dinner. I was 30 minutes late to knitting. One of the girls from sock class came. We're sitting there and told her, "release the death grip". She's a tense knitter, one of the side effects of being new.

I added ten pounds to the weights I've been lifting. It really makes me shaky while lifting. I think I'll keep it there for two weeks then add five more. Because I don't have enough in the way of punishments.

And now for something completely different:

Your Linguistic Profile:
50% General American English
20% Yankee
15% Upper Midwestern
10% Dixie
0% Midwestern

Tuesday, February 6

I've finished the heel on my second sock. I've finished the hand of my new glove. I need to measure before I bind off, otherwise I'll be guessing. Need to work the thumb, then glove one will be completed. Love the Noro Silk Garden. I'm wondering if Noro is made from Sari silk, not that it really matters. Grilltech decided he wants a pair of long fingerless gloves, because the pair he has isn't long enough. I've got a ball of green wool sitting on my desk and he'll get a pair.

Amy Lane mentioned she has a pattern for fingerless gloves she wants to try. (I'm guessing its that pair or maybe this pair, I could be wrong... it doesn't happen often, but it does happen.) The pair I'll be making after I finish my sock are going to be pretty close, I just make it up as I go. Why? Because as I knitter I can do anything!

Monday, February 5

I'm having quite the day. The database was moving along at the speed of stalagmites. I'm just so happy to be here. I'm just crabby, crabby, CRABBY. (You may call me Princess Abby, and all my loyal subjects may shake in fear.)

I'm wearing my new Opal socks today. My feet are nice and toasty warm. My hands are freezing! I pulled out my angora/silk half-finger gloves. While my hands are nice and warm, my finger tips are ice cold. I'm thinking I need to create just the opposite. Fingertips, kinda like gloves, but only meant to go onto the tips of the fingers. Only problem I can see is, they'd be easily lost and look incredibly stupid.

I've started another pair of fingerless gloves. I'm making them from Noro Silk Garden. These things are going to be very pretty. I didn't feel like working on the crab socks, so I started a new project. I'm going to hell for having too many (four) projects in the works.

Oh yah, the thank you notes are done!!

Thursday, February 1

Went and knitted with C last night. It's always good to get out of the house. Might even show up at the Thursday night meeting.

Finished the Opal sock. I can't wear them yet, the first one is on display at Fuzz. I'll pick it up on Saturday. I've started the second sock of the (crab) Tofutsies. Grilltech is a bit bummed it doesn't come in manly colors. Maybe it does, but I didn't see them. I've got the ladies looking for some black, yellow, green, and red wool blends so I can remake him the bio-hazard and radiation socks.

I haven't done anything to Dad's sweater yet. I'm teaching it a lesson. Yea, that's what I'm doing.

Blogger is having fits today. I keep trying to go to my normal reading sites and I keep getting an error message. At first I thought it was people who had not switched over to the new blogger. Then Grilltech told me, mine wasn't coming up either. (GRR) I'm on the new blogger. It was up for a while, but still having problems.