Monday, July 31

I had quite a bit of fun over the weekend. Saturday night we went star gazing. Friday night was the peak of the meteor shower, but it was a good showing when we were out watching. Don't remember the total count, but as we were packing up to go, a large one fell. The tail was very bright and long, about three or four seconds.

On Sunday we went and saw My Super Ex-girlfriend. Funny! It reminded me of a friend of ours and his ex-wife, one seriously dysfunctional relationship.

I finished the purple tank on Saturday. I didn't get pictures of the finished product. I gave it to the eldest to give to one of her in-laws. I'll get around to starting another one in a while. I’m still kicking around an idea for the youngest.

I've started the scarf. I had to rip it back once. I used stitch markers, now I'm off and running. Liesel is a simple ten row repeat, hope to have it finished in a month or less. I’ll need to finish the tube top I’ve been working on as well. It’s to the point I need to add another ball of yarn, and I’m being lazy. Figure I’ll get it finished and maybe give it to the eldest for Christmas. I may make a bottom from the book Sexy Little Knits. I got the book, might as well use it.

I received the new Interweave. There are some beautiful projects I hope to get around to knitting. I think I need to have a progress bar for projects to keep me honest.

Friday, July 28

And the stupidity continues even into Friday....

Customer: My account has been disabled. When did this happen?
Me: About three months ago, when the company switched over to use of cards to log on.
Customer: I've never had to use my card to log on.
Me: (tappity, tappity, tappity - account says, he's been switched over.) Well sir, why don't you try to log on with the card, to see if it works?
Customer: Why do I have to log on this way?
Me: Because our Corporate Masters have said, all users will user a card to log on.
Customer: So, tomorrow I'll be able to log on with my user name and password?
Me: whimper

The conversation with the customer went down hill from there. I think it's about time I start seriously looking for another job. I'm having a hard time trying not to call customer's an ass.

I've finished Grilltech's first sock. He has the green heels and toes, I also put on my Dad's socks. It's a great way to break-up the colors. I've started on the second sock; the pair won’t be identical twins, but they’ll be done.

Friday Eve, July 27

There are days I wonder how people make it through life. Maybe I'm just being jaded today. "It's asking for my password, what should I do?!" My guess, log on. (sigh)

I printed out my next scarf pattern Liesel. I think I'll start on the scarf as soon as I finish the top I've been working on. The top is mostly done with only one more sleeve to go. I'll most likely put on the picot edging on the sleeves. Then I'll give the thing away, even after all the hard work I put into it. The next top I build will be better.

In 10 minutes, my day will be half over. Pretty good for a Friday Eve! The day is finally over and the last call of the day just kicked my ass. In the end, the guy was referred to a local person due the error message, after spending a good 40 minutes on the phone. I'm glad the day is over.

Tuesday, July 25

Last night was a horrid night. We got to bed about 8 pm and couldn't sleep until well past 9 pm. It was just way to hot! About 8:30, I went and put the oscillating fan at the foot of the bed. Not even a dent in the heat. A slight gentle breeze of coolness, and then I would turn over, and break out into a sweat. I think about 8:45 pm, Grilltech turned on the air conditioning. He came back to bed and said it was 90 degrees in the house. Today when we get home, the air conditioner is coming on and off when we go to bed. The house should be cooler by then.

I was reading the Heathen Housewife and her adventures in knitting a blanket out of sock yarn. From there I ended up at Sner's blog. There are some very lovely knitted items there. Including a wonderful looking scarf called Liesel. I think I'll use that pattern for a Christmas present this year. The eye lash knit scarves are just dull!

I got to looking at the sweater I had knit last night. I had purchased buttons to go on it, but it was designed to go with a zipper instead. Grilltech said there is plenty of time before it needs to be done, so we can go look for the perfect zipper.

It's a caffeine day and three minutes until phones. I had a nice break during the middle of the day. A job interview followed by an Excel test, which I'm not sure I did so good on the test. One of my cow-orkers did so much better. Oh well.

Monday, July 24

Stargazing was a lot of fun Saturday night. The cloud cover was approximately two-thirds, leaving a very small viewing area. Once in a while it would try to rain on us. The wind was very warm and refreshing after the oppressive heat of the city. We did manage to see three shooting stars through the breaks in the clouds. I saw three lightening strikes, in the surrounding clouds. It was a busy night while sitting watching the skies, there must has been eighteen cars which drove by disrupting us.

I received my new sock yarn in the mail on Friday. I ordered it on Tuesday and then there it was in the mail. It's a very lovely color. I can't wait to make socks out of it.

I've got six inches of Grilltech's socks done. I'm trying to decide if I want to do heels and toes in a different color or not. He already has a set of these socks and if I keep them the same then, he can just grab and go. If I break up the colors, then there is a bit of a difference.

Friday, July 21

Happy Friday! Sorta. I decided to work some overtime tomorrow. I’ll get some training in a new area. It’s always good to learn something new. Plus the overtime will make me feel better. Besides, GrillTech is teaching on Saturday.

I’ve knitted almost four inches on GrillTech’s sock. Last night at coffee I started a pet blanket for the Idaho Humane Society. I figured I wouldn’t feel bad about not knitting much when I sit and talk. On size 13 (or are they 11’s?) needles, using two worsted weight yarn – black and green, for those who care – it should go pretty quickly. I’m using a simple double moss stitch for some variety. The blanket should be done in a week or so.

Thursday, July 20

Today doesn't seem to be my day. I'm so tired I purchased a soda to help wake up. As I was filling my cup, it over flowed. Luckily, I was able to get to off my desk in time, so not much of mess was made.

I seem to have lost the cabling needle I've been using at work. It is possible it's at home some place, but highly doubtful. I might have brought the needle home last night tucked behind my ear and went to bed with it. I guess it’s a good thing I brought a pair of socks to work on today also.

Since I forgot my cable needle, I've had to cable without a needle . The Internet is a wealth of great information! While doing my research as to learn how to do cable without a needle, it turns out I picked the same system as the Yarn Harlot. Guess I make good choices.

Finished off the ball of fixation I had, so I started on the sock. The new cabling style really knits much faster.
I went to the doctor yesterday. He said, I'm doing good and can return to karate. I think I'll take this week off as well and go back next week. Reminds me of the commercial where the lady is asking: after nine days of missing work outs, you think Gym who?

I also had a job interview yesterday. They had mentioned they received so few applications, which might be a good thing. On the down side, they don't know when they'll be deciding. I've pretty much just written the job off.

I finished the footlet. I may end up ripping back both sets and making something else out of them. I hate them that much. Now I'm working on Cabled Tube Top (W108). It calls for a size 6. I'm using a size three. What gauge am I at? I have no clue. I'm not a very good knitter, am I?

GRR! Okay, so I do the increases, dutifully following the directions. Next row, I'm increasing the final four stitches. Four cables away from the start of the round, I've found a problem. CRAPPY!! Now I have to rip back and try again. I'm not even sure what I can do fix the problem by using a cheat.

Tinking back a row, wasn't as bad as I thought. Fixed the problem and only lost about 15 minutes of knitting time.

Friday, July 14

I'm upset and have to deal with people. It's not going to be a fun day for me. "I work for the CIO of the Corporation." I don't freaking care. He's not there to troubleshoot and you want me to what? (sigh)

I have less then six hours to go. I'm not knitting much. Don't feel like doing much of anything. I keep thinking it should be cloudy and rainy outside. I'll walk by the window and it's sunny out side, which makes me feel worse.

Now I have an hour and half to go, and the stupid people are coming out.

Thursday, July 13

Day 1
Didn't get to sleep until late last night, so today I'm really tired. My eyes feel like sand paper. It should be a fun day on the phones.

The picot edging was finished on my tank last night. If anything, the edging didn't help at all. I think I'll just make another one only not as wide at shoulders. On a side note, I figured out about Microspun is it splits, so I have to really pay attention to what I’m knitting.

I have one minute until I have to get on the phones. I can do this. Asked my manager when the shift trade was going to happen. He got the I-didn't-do-it look. He said he would pull me off the phones at one o'clock and we'd talk about it.

Day 2
I sent in my resume for a job today. Hope to hear something soon. I was dreaming last night, today was Friday. No such luck, it’s only Friday Eve.

By about 7:30 this morning I'm starting to feel light headed. Went and bought some breakfast and now I feel much better. My soon to be scars are a bit hot this morning, which makes it hard to sit at my desk.

GRRR! I compared footlet one to second one and it's about 1/4 of an inch off. It's where it comes up to the top, so I'm just going to keep knitting.

Tuesday, July 11

Last night started on the picot edging for the tank top. Got half way around the neck and decided I like the purl side better. Yes, I know I'm not really knitting, but there is a smooth knit side and a bumpy purl side to crocheting. So I ripped it out and started over. I should finish the edging tonight, then I'll need start on the sleeves. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger. The microspun is warmer then I thought it would be. It will make a good fall/winter shirt.

Finished turning the heel on my other footlet. I ended up having to make four of the little suckers. I didn't pay attention while doing the toes and made one about four rows to short. I figured two pairs was better then one, just takes a while before I can wear them.

Monday, July 10

It was a nice weekend. Grilltech has been taking pictures for his blog, so I had him get a few for me.

I finished Dad's Father's Day socks. They're only two weeks late and still sitting on my desk.

They remind me of Charlie Brown. I put a bit of green for the heels and toes to ensure I would have enough to finish the project. I have just a slight amount left over, so I would say I made a good choice.

The next image is my tank top. I need to add a picot edging around the neck. It shows my unmentionables, so I haven't worn it yet. Grilltech says it looks fine, but it bothers me, so I'll need to get around to fixing it.

I have a few more images, but can't put them up yet.

We went star gazing on Saturday night. Sat down and looked up, a shooting star flew over head. Very beautiful! I could have gone home right at that point, but I'm sure that would have annoyed Grilltech to no end. The moon was out and 3/4ths full so it was very bright out there. We did see five or six satellites also. Overall, it was a nice night.

Friday, July 7

Back on the phones today, yesterday I was in training, so I knitted quite a bit. Wasn't feeling to hot by the end of the day. In fact, I was in bed by 7 pm. Thursday is coffee and knitting, but I wasn't feeling up to going.

Calls aren't going to bad. Had one customer tell me, hope you get another job. Didn't have the heart to tell him, hope you quit calling to whine. I just have to take one phone call at a time.

My MP3 player crashed this morning. Grilltech tried to reset the player, but didn't do anything. Finally the battery died, so we can try to fix it when we get home.

Speaking of which, I didn't plan anything for dinner. Another fend for yourself night. Oh hey, we have some of the left over shrimp and angel hair pasta. Dinner will be done quickly and Grilltech should be happy I thought of something.

Have about two inches to go before the toes for the socklet.

Tuesday, July 4

Worked yesterday after having a week off; I was so tired by the time I got home. It's hard work. I'm going to update my resume and start looking for other work.

I talked GrillTech into taking me to the LYS. Picked up the last two of half priced sock yarn, now I have a total up of eight. None of them match, so I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to build with them. Maybe a sweater or something, I'll need to think more on it. Or use them to make a pair of stained glass windows socks.

I finished Dad's socks last night. Haven't quite decided whose will be the next pair I'll start on.

We're going over to a friend’s house today. I think I'll work on my Olympic Afghan today since I can't swim.