List Day

  • I counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • It's really quite over here. BBQer is out on vacation and the two programmers aren't in!
  • Monday was Grilltech's 46th birthday
  • Usually we both take the day off to celebrate, but he doesn't have any time off left
  • so, I slept in on Monday for both of us
  • I bought a lottery ticket for Wednesday, but haven't looked at it yet
  • We might be working - rich
  • I'm on the yoke of his sweater, it should be done within the next two weeks
  • History channel moved Ancient Aliens to Wednesdays
  • We've got one more disk to go on last season's Big Bang Theory
  • Now the database is starting to move slowly
  • Maybe I should type slower, so it will understand my commands
  • Did I mention I only have 42 more decreases on his sweater to go?
  • Is it just me or would that picture on Ancient Alien's home page make a lovely lace project?
  • It appears we didn't win the lottery, and going to work today was a good thing

Baby's Home

We got the car back today. Now if my back would stop being stiff....

Random Bytes

A quick post here:
  • I cannot stop eating Pop Chips
  • Grilltech's sweater is at 13 inches, only three more to go then I can add the sleeves
  • Fran was acting pretty sickly last night, I spent most of the day worried we'd need to take her to the vet
  • My neck is sore, but not as bad as yesterday
  • Season Seven?! Really? I didn't even watch Season Six
  • My parents gave Grilltech a pound of huckleberries
  • They made an awesome crumb cobbler
  • Hopefully the car will be fixed on Wednesday

1000 Words

Down the street:

Its looks pretty calm, doesn't it?

Earlier today, someone rear ended us. Note this is her car.

The nice officer who took our statement.
Notice that smile? The I'm holding the sock for the Crazy Lady, because she's having a bad day.

We're okay, a bit stiff. It could have been worse. A lot worse.

Wake Up

There was a lightening strike so close to the house, the kitchen window rattled and the smell of ozone hung in the air for a minute. Thunder rumbled for a full 30 seconds.

Man, I love fall!

List Day

  • There wasn't any cars at the bar this morning, but yesterday had two
  • It's unusually quiet in here today, I'm sure it will change when the programmers get here
  • Last night's dreams involved driving to a town called Bacon
  • Lord help me, I've been thinking about knitting some Argyle socks
  • I think I shouldn't be allowed to knit them if I can't spell argyle correctly
  • Must be time for headphones, one of the loud ones made it to work
  • I've startled Grilltech twice today, I could go for three but that would be mean
  • It looks like we might get some rain today
  • I got a different phone, it's a dumb phone
  • Happy Friday Eve everyone


Today's sunrise is a lovely golden pink color. It hardly makes up for the temporal distortion I'm feeling, but it does help. Yesterday I kept thinking it was Wednesday, believe me, I knew it was only Tuesday but kept thinking it anyway. We get home and it pops into my head, I'm glad Thursday is over. WTF? It really doesn't help I haven't gone to bed before 2100 the past two nights.

I've been studying for the certification, but seriously, I haven't worked tech support in over five years. They should spend the money on someone who will use it. Anyway, by the end of the day I couldn't concentrate at all, the words kept blurring together.

At break today, I grabbed my knitting and cup then walked across the building to go hang out with a friend. I get there, pull out the knitting and realized I needed to measure for the heel. Yip, no measuring tape. Gathered up my stuff, filled the cup in the break room and knitted at my desk.

I'm half way through the heel flap and quite frankly I'm bored of all my projects. It must be the winter blahs heading in early. Stupid global climate change.

1000 Words

Down the street, it was almost a stormy evening.

The body of Grilltech's sweater.

The frosty morning leaves.

I didn't have a supervisor out there with me, so one had to be blurry.

List Day

  • Counted one car at the bar this morning
  • The Equinox is less than two weeks away, but it's getting down right cold in the mornings
  • Funny how 60 is incredibly warm coming out of winter, but going into winter it's like ice
  • Dude, turn it down. I don't want to hear your crappy, tinny music
  • Finished off Coupling
  • I love watching the sun rise, it's almost as wonderful as watching it set
  • For the love of... Go back to the tinny music, because I don't want to listen to you bitch about having to finish a project
  • Maybe I'll skip karate and make lava cake instead
  • No, that would be bad, go to karate tonight and make lava tomorrow
  • It sounds as if the guy is wearing spurs
  • I'm currently having a craving for hot chocolate
  • I think it's time to curl up in the sun beam
  • Is there a better way to phrase Only tried out because “everyone needed a chance”?
  • I really should be studying for my certification, instead of reading Ravelry
  • It's almost 1330; I shouldn't be needing a sweater
  • Planned the next three nights of dinner: cheese steak sandwiches, ribs, and chicken; the best part? All will be cooked in the grill!
  • Grilltech is amazing
  • Turns out no karate tonight, the guys are playing Malifaux