Today's sunrise is a lovely golden pink color. It hardly makes up for the temporal distortion I'm feeling, but it does help. Yesterday I kept thinking it was Wednesday, believe me, I knew it was only Tuesday but kept thinking it anyway. We get home and it pops into my head, I'm glad Thursday is over. WTF? It really doesn't help I haven't gone to bed before 2100 the past two nights.

I've been studying for the certification, but seriously, I haven't worked tech support in over five years. They should spend the money on someone who will use it. Anyway, by the end of the day I couldn't concentrate at all, the words kept blurring together.

At break today, I grabbed my knitting and cup then walked across the building to go hang out with a friend. I get there, pull out the knitting and realized I needed to measure for the heel. Yip, no measuring tape. Gathered up my stuff, filled the cup in the break room and knitted at my desk.

I'm half way through the heel flap and quite frankly I'm bored of all my projects. It must be the winter blahs heading in early. Stupid global climate change.


Donna Lee said...

atmospheric presssure. That's my excuse. I was headachy all day yesterday and I was sure today was Friday.

It's not. I'm going to be so disappointed when I have to get up for work tomorrow.

Louiz said...

I'm bored with my knitting too, but I'm mostly swatching right now. And I'm itching to get on with something real!

Amy Lane said...

I'm not bored atm... so proud of that!