List Day

  • Counted one car at the bar this morning
  • The Equinox is less than two weeks away, but it's getting down right cold in the mornings
  • Funny how 60 is incredibly warm coming out of winter, but going into winter it's like ice
  • Dude, turn it down. I don't want to hear your crappy, tinny music
  • Finished off Coupling
  • I love watching the sun rise, it's almost as wonderful as watching it set
  • For the love of... Go back to the tinny music, because I don't want to listen to you bitch about having to finish a project
  • Maybe I'll skip karate and make lava cake instead
  • No, that would be bad, go to karate tonight and make lava tomorrow
  • It sounds as if the guy is wearing spurs
  • I'm currently having a craving for hot chocolate
  • I think it's time to curl up in the sun beam
  • Is there a better way to phrase Only tried out because “everyone needed a chance”?
  • I really should be studying for my certification, instead of reading Ravelry
  • It's almost 1330; I shouldn't be needing a sweater
  • Planned the next three nights of dinner: cheese steak sandwiches, ribs, and chicken; the best part? All will be cooked in the grill!
  • Grilltech is amazing
  • Turns out no karate tonight, the guys are playing Malifaux


Donna Lee said...

I love foods cooked on the grill. Way less cleanup. Unfortunately, soon it will be too dark at dinner time to use the grill. Artificial light is just too hard to tell doneness and we end up putting things in the broiler.

Louiz said...

It's getting cold in the mornings here too. But warm in the afternoons, in fact some days really hot in the afternoons. It won't last so I won't complain!

Amy Lane said...

There is no cold. Cold is an illusion. Reality is festering humid 100 degree heat that stops your breath.

But I'll hang out with you and eat your lava cake and dream of cool.

Megan said...

How did you like Coupling? I've heard a lot of people talking about it recently.

emicat said...

Your dinners from the grill sound so yummy that it makes me crave some kind of bbq!

It's getting chilly here, but I'm loving it after the too hot weather of last week. I love fall (and I may or may not have ordered some Halloween decorations online this morning, heehee)