List Day

  • There wasn't any cars at the bar this morning, but yesterday had two
  • It's unusually quiet in here today, I'm sure it will change when the programmers get here
  • Last night's dreams involved driving to a town called Bacon
  • Lord help me, I've been thinking about knitting some Argyle socks
  • I think I shouldn't be allowed to knit them if I can't spell argyle correctly
  • Must be time for headphones, one of the loud ones made it to work
  • I've startled Grilltech twice today, I could go for three but that would be mean
  • It looks like we might get some rain today
  • I got a different phone, it's a dumb phone
  • Happy Friday Eve everyone

1 comment:

Amy Lane said...

Dumb as in pointless or dumb as in doesn't understand basic commands, or dumb as in you just hate it on principle.

I can knit LOTS of stuff I shouldn't spell.