Is it Over?

I know you guys are tired of reading about my weight struggle, but hopefully this will be the last one for a while maybe. I went to the gym this morning. Did my 30 minutes on a torture device bike. I felt pretty good.

I went and hung out with Grilltech at the BBQ competition. Close to five-six hours on my feet, plus I parked in hell on a hill about half a mile away. My feet, legs, and back hurt; and my face is sun burnt.

I'm thinking a hot bath would be lovely, then bed.

Tomorrow? Pictures!!


I'm on the last repeat pattern for the Ice Queen. I'm going to add another two repeats to make it a bit longer. I'm so close to being done. Makes me smile just thinking about it. Once I have Ice done, I'll start on the sweater and get it finished.

It's been a bit chilly here in the datamine. I'm thinking I should make a shrug to help ward off the cold. I'd need to finish up a couple of other projects first. Also, I need to get going on Grilltech's birthday sweater. (Its at the end of September.) It's the end of August and I haven't finished my birthday sweater yet.

I left my fork at home, so I went to the break room and got one. When leaving the room, I noticed in the vending machine was my favorite fruit pie, which they haven't carried in months. I think the company is out to get me. I went back to my desk and had my salad with brisket. Way better.

When I do laundry tonight, I'll need to check pockets for my favorite lip balm. I haven't seen it for a couple of days. I'm using the mint one, which is okay; just not my fave.

Still Whining

Everyday I drive a large nest on a telephone pole. (I guess it's a power line now, I believe our phone lines are buried. Am I showing my age?) Three years ago it was a nesting pair of hawks. It sat empty for two seasons after they left. This year another pair moved in. I've been unable to tell what kind of birds they were, I'd get fleeting glimpse of them. Now it's too late because they're gone already. Which bums me out, I enjoyed watching them fly hither and yon. As a replacement, I saw a doe running across four lanes of traffic yesterday morning. I'm glad I was going five MPH less then I normally do.

I have no idea what I've done to note pad, but it's backwards! (It's justified to the right side and the curser is on the left, until I type, then it's on the right side.) Since I'm unable to figure out what I've done, I'm unable to get it fixed. Even Grilltech, my personal tech, doesn't how I've done it or how to fix it. Well, I did his suggest I exited and reopen - back to normal.

My tooth was throbbing something horrible last night; I didn't get a whole lot of knitting done. Something about knitting lace while on pain meds is not my idea of a good time. Today, I'm taking half a pill to make it through work. The tooth may have to be evicted - damned failed root canel! If it clears up, then we'll decide what to do later.

List Day!

  • Ice Queen is 20 rows closer to being done.

  • My wedding ring is lose enough to rotate on my finger on it's own.

  • Clothes are much looser, may have to invest in some new ones soon.

  • I'm getting discouraged and am thinking about getting a regular Pepsi.

  • Dutch - one of Grilltech's co-worker's - asked if I've been loosing weight.

  • I got a diet Dr Pepper instead.

  • There was four cars at the bar this morning.

  • I'm very sleepy today.

  • I can touch my thumb and forefinger around my wrist again.

  • It's causal week, a guy walked by wearing a tie.

  • I have a sore tooth.

  • I have a dentist appointment at 1150 this morning to get it looked at.

  • The dentist thinks I have a failing root cannel.

  • I might not make it to the gym tonight.

  • Someone kidnapped by baby!!

  • Oh wait, my kids are grown and out of the house. It must be a virus.

  • Fran the brat kitty, knocked over a glass of water.

Very Little Knitting Post

Another morning, another day of getting to read blogs. (My polite way of saying, I'm having to run the morning reskill.) It takes about an hour or so to run, and I've got to have something to do; since I can't work.

I finished my bag Saturday night. I started on Ice Queen. Turns out I dropped a stitch, which was throwing my bead work off. I got it fixed. Now I'm knitting away on it. Hope to have it done within the next two weeks.

Anyway, on Saturday the Eldest dropped of a large bag of wool yarns! There is some very lovely stuff in there. Several of the lace weight skeins. I'm hoping there is enough of a medium weight to make a sweater or two.

Saturday I went to the gym for a fitness orientation. Guess what? I'm out of shape. I got the mommy daddy look because on Friday I hadn't made the best food choices. Yea, make all the hard work, not matter. True I was starting to get off track.

I went to swim on Sunday and Grilltech looked at me and said if you're going to come back depressed, I'll have to go down there and have a chat with them. Since I didn't see the trainer, I did pretty good. 18 laps (13 swam, 5 walked) in 45 minutes.

I was out on the blogs and I found wisteria from Moth Heaven. I want that. Sure, it would look awful on me. Double chins and a turtle neck? Not the best look I can have. But ask me again in 75 pounds.

Yeah, I got nothin'

I don't have much in the way of excitement to blog about. I haven't been doing much knitting. My wrists were bothering me, so I'd been doing the powerball instead of knitting. They're doing much better now. Instead of going to swim tonight, I get to do it this afternoon. Perky has the day off, so my evening is free to watch Dr. Who DVD's and knit.

About an hour more of work today. Its slid by pretty fast; a very good thing in my opinion.

Short but Sweet

Usually I bring my knitting to work because I carry it with me all the time. Yesterday, I did get quite a bit of knitting done during the meeting. It kept me from reaching through the phone cord and strangling a cow-orker to death. Anyway, today I left my knitting on the kitchen table, because I figured I wouldn't have time to knit at work. I should have brought it. I was running the reskill script for the first hour of the day. I can't do anything else but run this script. Prime knitting time gone. I did get caught up on my blog reading.

No knitting last night. It was all I could do to stay awake until 1900. I crawled into bed and was asleep before my head hit the pillow. I don't think I woke up at all until the alarm went off.

It's Today.

I work in a semi-secure building. The first half of the building is the peddling of various products - snake oil and other cure-alls. By the time I reach the second half of the building, I've used my badge twice and will need to use one more time just to get to my chair. Don't get me wrong, security is a good thing. Since I was half a wake; instead of putting my ID on, I left it in my purse. I had no problem going through the checkpoints, because the readers require proximity, not touch.

I get to my desk. Drop off my purse and lunch, then I go back to the middle break room (through the security doors) to heat up my breakfast. I go to badge in, only to realize it was in my purse. D'uh! I grab the phone and call Grilltech who is able to bring my purse so I can badge in. Once back at my desk, I actually put the badge on so I won't spend the rest of the day being a dumbass.

I started the black socks again last night. Grilltech was trying to figure out why I was re-knitting the sock, but I didn't have energy to tell him I was stupid. I've started the handles on the bag as well. I've modified the handles to an I-cord of six stitches. I'm about half way completed with the first handle.

Instead of doing dragon scale socks, I'm doing the Boyfriend sock pattern. I can have a boyfriend, as long as Grilltech doesn't find out.

List Day!

  • It's hard to be at work after four days off.

  • Number of cars at the bar this morning: 1

  • Perky and I joined a gym on Friday morning.

  • It has a pool!!

  • I've lost 24 pounds!!

  • It isn't the cost of the gym, it's the cost of the trainer!

  • Everything seems to be !! this morning.

  • I left my cup at home. Guess it is time for another (diet) soda.

  • Perky tried on the socks I've been working on. They're now in time out.

  • I'm starting the last couple of rounds before the handles on the bag.

  • I lost an earring this morning.

  • Grilltech is the best husband in the world, he brought me a bottle of water.

  • I left my cell phone and lip balm at home.

  • The black socks will need to be started again with more stitches; I'd already knit nine inches on the stupid things.

  • Grilltech was saying he wants a new cleaver for chopping brisket.

  • I worked on the sweater Friday night.

  • The cabling needle was still behind my ear when I went to bed that night.

  • I found three bucks in the women's bathroom.

  • Is that stealing?

  • I'm going to get yet another tattoo.

  • The Special Olympics desire hand knit scarves.

  • It annoys one of the cow-orkers to no end when I tell him God bless you after he sneezes.

  • My neighbor is eating fries.

  • A little less than two hours of work to go.

  • I left my wedding ring at home. I feel naked.

  • I've got nothing planned for dinner tonight.

  • It's been over a year since I've got my hair cut.

  • I miss Top Sheep.

I'm more then ready.

Happy Friday everyone!! Oh wait, that's just me. (Insert happy dance here.) I know, don't hate me because I'm gloating. Hate me because I'm annoying.

Anyway, I rode the bike again for 25 minutes (instead of 30) and today my knee is still being spiteful. I'm thinking I should ride the bike for 5 minutes, then do some weight training. I'm thinking I'll blow it off until the evening, then decide I should do something, then ride the bike for about 30 minutes and my knee will hurt more. It's an ugly cycle.

Anyway, I put in Stardust and worked on the bag for a couple of rounds. I'm thinking about dragging out Ice Queen and working on it because it's light. Ice Queen is a nice soft yarn.


I have several projects going at the same time, which gives me a wide variety of choices when it comes to working on knitting.

  • The textured (mallard) sweater - not very portable.

  • Peacock feathers shawl - charts!

  • Black socks - two at once.

  • 1Bag - trellis lace only slightly smaller then the sweater.

  • Ice Queen - More lace.

None of the projects are just simple knitting, why is this an issue? Because I have an urge to start yet another project. Maybe a pair of socks Or go nap instead.

Yesterday I rode the bike for 30 minutes straight. Today, my knee is spiteful. Tonight, I'm thinking I should walk for 30 minutes, maybe it will help the soreness.

Quick and Dirty

I've got about two more hours of my day left. I'm hoping my attitude improves 150%. Otherwise I'm liable to kill someone. I might be able to justify the killing, but it would take time to sort out and I wouldn't want to deal with the mess.

I wanted something quick and mindless to knit, so I started a Bag that Emicat had started. Mine is a bit different, I went with a seed stitch for the "closed knitting". I'm liking how it's turning out. Next time I'll use a provisional cast on, so I won't need to pick up 108 stitches on the bottom. Anyway, I'm about half way done.

A Chart

Take a look at this. I think the slap the customer needs to bigger.

One of those days...

Last night, I dreamed that someone at work had their pants unzipped. One of those stress dreams. Today, I went to the bathroom.... Yip, my zipper had been done. UGH!

Crazy, busy

Things at work have been crazy to say the least. OT has been authorized and in some cases extreme force has been used to make it so. Needless to say people are crabby, whinny, and sullen. I've got proof:

  • I thought TechLeads get skilled at X, why isn't Bozo skilled at X also?

  • He's not the same as you. Your a TechLead, he's a TAS agent.

  • We're not going to go the same way as the L2's, it's not a one way street!

  • I know your department gets help from the service desk, I've entered it.

I could go on, but why bother? It would be more of the same. To make thing worse? My supervisor is going on vacation and his back up is also out on vacation. Guess who gets to the back-up back-up. Yeah me. Can you feel the excitement?

I have been doing some knitting. I've finished Grilltech's socklets. I keep meaning to post a picture. Isn't the road to hell paved with "I've been meaning to..." I've started a pair of socks for a friend's son who is overseas. Black, at least 14 inches long. (Or is it 12? I suppose I should look up this information before I make them longer then needed.)

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and let everyone know I didn't drop off the face of the earth. I just want to, but they won't let me.

Because I'm a Lemming....

The Recipe For Knittech

3 parts Elegance

2 parts Devilry

1 part Sexiness

Splash of Creativity

Limit yourself to one serving. This cocktail is strong!