I can't believe it's been so long! Yip, Grilltech and I have been married 21 years. Oh, you thought I meant about posting, that also.

Love you, Honey. You're the bestest ever!

List Day

  • No cars at the bar this morning, it's still closed
  • The ice machine decided it didn't want to work this morning
  • I pulled out a new sock yarn, life is too short to knit with yarn I'm swearing at
  • There is an arctic breeze blowing across me
  • Tried to put the base forecast numbers in the wrong week
  • Yip, I'm now wearing my fingerless mitts
  • Trying to figure out what I want to make for dinner
  • Last night - after I had knitted most of the sleeves up - to go with sleeve caps, instead of the drop shoulders
  • Releash the cats doesn't have the same meaning as release the cats
  • We're back to playing on the Wii


Seriously? Have none of these scientists read or watched any science fiction (or horror)? Ever? I can't see this ending well.

Poor us, we're down to one car. What will the neighbors think?*

I hate the yarn I'm knitting Grilltech's sock with, I can't tell if it's because I'm not feeling well or if it's the yarn - think Noro with that thick/thin slubs. Anyone want to finish half a sock and knit another one? Wonder if I can talk Perky into doing it for me....

* It doesn't work unless you're using that snobbish tone

Color Me Done

Down the street on a cloudy day.

Fran making sure I'm doing my job right.

Is this Dad's new sweater?

I'm not sure the sleeve is right...

It's cute. I guess. Can I lay on it? No? How about sitting?

His sweater is done, but I may rip back the neckband and put in a few short rows in the back to pull it up a bit. Or not, depends on how I feel about it in a week.

List Day

  • There was one car at the bar this morning, I don't know if I should count it or not. It’s been parked there all week
  • I think the bar is remodeling, because the sign says closed and yesterday we saw work crews wandering in and out
  • Finished Grilltech's sweater!
  • He'll get to wear it on Friday, right now it's laying flat, drying
  • Remember Hey Teach? I started taking it apart last night
  • I'll knit the same thing again, only a smaller size
  • I've started the heel on Grilltech's sock
  • I've got a side of apple in my teeth doesn't have the same impact as I've got a side of beef in my teeth
  • Third day of rain, I'm glad it’s finally here but I would like to see some sunshine
  • One of the new guys has named himself... DQ2 (Drama Queen #2) because he really reminds me of DQ
  • It's almost time to break out the USB blanket again
  • I just spilled ice water down the front of my shirt


Last night, I did do the ribbing on Grilltech's sweater. Bound off and had him try it on. The back laid nicely, but the front, well, er, hmmm. Not so much.

It was ripped back, it was a good day to do that because everything was expected to go wrong. The crew neckline is out and I've decided to go with a V neckline. Spent the rest of the evening weaving in ends and fixing the under arms. I'll get back to real knitting tonight or tomorrow.

It's Over

It's not quite a bad day, but close enough. Don't believe me?

  • Woke up at this morning at 0400; a full 15 minutes before the alarm. It really sucks to have to get up and go pee right before I'm suppose to get up for the day.
  • When I was making Grilltech's eggs for breakfast, I cracked the first one and it almost went all over the counter. I managed to save most of it, but a huge chunk of shell was cooked into it. However, once I flipped the egg, I was able to pull the shell out. He ate the sandwich with no problem.
  • I was well into calibrating last week's shrink numbers, when I looked up and realized I was IN. THIS. WEEK. Yea. I had already cleared the calendar and zeroed out the shrink numbers. Thankfully, I hadn't saved anything and could put everything back.
  • I've reran the same report four (bleeping) times. The first time - numbers didn't look right. The second time - to verify the numbers were right. The third time, because I was in the wrong week. The fourth time? Because of instead of hitting crtl, shift A, I pressed crtl, shift Z. Wanna take a guess as to what crtl, shift Z does? Right, clears the spreadsheet.

All before 1030 in the morning. I'm put the lid on my cup before I reach across my desk and knock it over.

In other news, Grilltech's sweater is <.> this close to being done. Need to pick up stitches for the neck, do ten rounds of ribbing and the knitting is done. Depending on how the day ends, I may or may not work on it tonight.

I've finished chart five of the shawl. Three more charts to go. I keep looking at the yarn and thinking what will I make when I'm done with this? But then I keep forgetting shawls use more yarn towards the end, so I may not have as much I as I think I will.

Saturday Night

Down the street, on a mostly cloudy day.

Fran - who is feeling much better - and Uggy watching from the doorway.

Grilltech's new sock, it's the prize package I won from Sandra.

Perky's finished socks.

The body of Grilltech's sweater.

The ducks at the fish park.

How far along Grilltech's sweater really is now, should be done soon*.

* Anytime between now and December 21, 2012