I've finished the first mitten. Started the second one while doing coffee with a newbie knitter. She was telling me how she was going to make a washcloth. I'm looking at her yarn thinking not with that wool/acrylic blend, you're not. Newbie continues on to tell me how if she makes enough blocks, she'll have a blanket. Which is a good idea for her. I offer to show her how to do the Fisherman's Rib. It turns out she doesn't purl real well. It took a couple minutes of explaining, you've got to know how to purl otherwise, you'd be making a lot of garter stitch sweaters. While in theory it sounds like a good idea, it will get pretty boring after a while. Perky came with me, she's coming along on her other sock - almost to the heel. I told her I won't show her how to do color work until the second sock is done. Perky is a serial starter...

Speaking of serial starter, I've been itching to start one of those sock blankets. I haven't yet, because I do have some self-control... and I can't stand the thought of starting yet another problem project when I already have one on the needles that I haven't been working on. (Plus the shawl, which has been sitting neglected on my desk.)

Sunday was spent getting ready for the week ahead: laundry and breakfasts. I also managed to get the drawer under the oven scrubbed out - DON'T ASK!! Now I'm thinking, the cupboards need to be scrubbed out also. bleh I also read Amy's story about Deacon and Dealon. WOW!!!!! Amy has talent I can only aspire to, when I grow up. Great, now she's going to get a big head and there will be no living with her....

On Friday, I drug Grilltech out to dinner (with Tas and OT and Perky) then a movie. It was a bit discerning to hear Christopher Eccleston with that heavy Scottish accent, but it he was HOT. We got to the restaurant an hour and half before the start of the movie. Service wasn't the best to say the least, so I doubt we'll be going back to that place ever again.

So how does one respond to let's just say he's done a lot of research - topic on hand? The bedroom. A) So, he's slept around quite a bit? b) I'm assuming you've had him tested. or c) Say nothing. I went with option C, figured it was the safest.

I'm suppose to teach the girl next to me how to knit. She's looking forward to it, so tomorrow I'd better bring in some yarn for her.

List Day!

  • I'm feeling better

  • Now Grilltech has it

  • I counted four cars at the bar this morning

  • Didn't pass any boys in blue

  • I have one finger to finish then the first glove is done

  • The Gnome said, I need to train someone else to run my morning stuff

  • The girl doing it currently can't think outside the box

  • I'm sure in a couple of years she'll be fine, but right now lord help us all

  • Interesting

  • We watched The Man from Earth, Edith wore a lovely Enterlac vest

  • I should get up and walk around, I'm fighting to stay awake now

  • It doesn't help that Uggy is being a pest in the mornings and isn't letting me snooze

  • Tried to nap, but a cow-orker called me, so I knit instead

  • I was concentrating on something and the Gnome made me jump

  • Didn't heat up my lunch today, BBQer brought in doughnuts; now I'm starving

  • It's time to go home

  • I counted four car on the drive home


Too sick to knit.


It only took me what feels like forever, but I've gone through my stash and picked out some good stuff.

Sandra has first choice of:

Copper colored, lace weight wool/cashmere blend, 3600 yards


Opal cotton sock (pullover) and Patons' SWS Soy Wool

What Sandra doesn't pick will get sent to Donna Lee.

If both of you can send me your snail mail address will not be sold to third party venders, used to send religous people to your door (unless you enjoy that kind of thing), nor will it increase the number of credit card offers sent in the mail to knittech @ nytecode dot com and choice of prize package. I hope to get them in the mail soon(tm).

1000 Words

The XO socks are done. Grilltech loves them.

Close up of the XO pattern.

Another bag on the needles when it's too hot to knit anything else.

Finished the back while on the trip!!

Started the fronts:

Loot from the trip.

Roxie gave me some Sock that Rock! I've never knitted with it before.

Picked up a book at Powells. On sale!!

Found some Plum Tree sock yarn.

MIL said she wouldn't mind a set of mittens.

Has anyone knit with this? What really drew my attention was the L-O-N-G repeats.

Of course what is a photo shoot without supervision?


Oh how I've missed the datamine. Missed the petty bickering, the politics and equipment that doesn't work correctly. Take for instance, the guy on the other side of the wall kicked it (the wall) and knocked out BBQer's computers and my monitor. It took me about twenty minutes to get around to fixing the issue. It took me all of two minutes after the Gnome said hi to request a conference so I could piss and moan. It took me four hours to calm down and write an e-mail to a cow-orker. (Three drafts later.)

It's not what I want. It maybe not what you want but it's what you bloodly well asked for. Learn to communicate better, whiner.

Here. There. Where Ever.

I'm home. Trying to get caught up. I've missed my Internet family. Sister Amy. Cousin's Penny, Donna, Sandra, and many, many more. I saw Aunt Roxie!! It was amazing!! She's such a warm, bright, funny woman who is more than her blog lets on. I even met the elusive Daring Husband!!!

Things to do:

  • Make prize list for Donna and Sandra

  • Finish laundry

  • Go to work

  • Write long assed blog entry of trip

  • Catch up on everyone else's blogs

List Day!

  • Guess who is knitting more mittens?

  • They're almost done with the construction; there were three cars at the bar this morning

  • I still haven't packed

  • Trying to decide what to take with me

  • Odd, I'm getting a DNS error when I try and hit Google at work

  • I've most likely already posted once; but not really sure if I did or not, so I'm doing it again

  • It's time to trim my nails, they're sliding off the keys

  • That's right, when you delete your cookies web pages don't remember who you are

  • The XO socks are done - but not paid for yet

  • Yes, there is a good story there which I'll tell later

  • Not only are they doing road construction along most of the major streets, now their blocking off my street

  • I suppose the option to clear this week's schedules would be bad

  • I'm thinking of taking the vest (four more inches or less! four more inches OR LESS!!) to knit on

  • Since the temperature drop, I'm able to work on it without overheating

  • First crash of the main database of the day

  • I left my windows rolled up just in case

  • One cow-orker called in sick

  • Another cow-orker has left sick

  • We're dropping like flies around here

  • Oops, needed to publish not calculate schedules

  • Oh well, more time to knit

  • Oh ya, with a Troll for three hours does nothing to get my job done

  • Before

  • I'm sneaking running off to see District 9 today

  • It was a good movie, not all action

  • After

  • All packed Mostly packed

  • I'm going to pull stuff out for the contest soon(tm). Once we get back

  • Have a good weekend everyone!!

It's Ovah!

Happy 600 Sandra and Donna Lee. Since Sandra picked the date first she'll get first pick of fun knitterly stuff.

It's been a day

You know it's going to be one of those days when:

  • the cat is stepped on

  • I left my MP3 player (AKA cell phone) at home

  • every two minutes (and I mean EVERY FRAKKING TWO MINUTES) a prompt comes up asking for a user name and password

  • it takes five minutes for an Excel spreadsheet to open

  • the macro I started running at 0400; is still going at 0500

  • I'm sick of stockinette and have four more inches to knit

  • the pants I'm wearing pull up to my boobs

  • and my underwear are trying to roll down to my hips

  • the access database won't talk to the SQL server

  • the macro I started running at 0400; is still going at 0600

  • it's 0700 and the macro is still running

  • and forcing the access macro's to run s-l-o-w

  • I put the stats in for the wrong group

  • I had to burst a guy's bubble by telling him today is Tuesday, not Wednesday

  • it's 0900 and the macro is still running

  • forced reboot is a pain in the ass

  • main database has crashed; none of us can get anything done

You know it’s going to be a good day when:

  • workday is over!!

  • I found a lost contact – from two weeks ago

  • next post is 600!!

  • homemade faijtas

  • Good song!! Oh yea, YUMMY, YUMMY HOT GUYS!!

XO Sock

This version of the pattern is for those knitters who have knit socks before.

XO Pattern:
16 row repeat, 8 stitches
Row: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16: K
Row: 3 and 15: C4B, C4F
Row: 7 and 11: C4F, C4B

XO Sock

CO 76, ribbing for 20 rounds (K2, P2)

(K14, P1, XO Pattern, P1, K14) knit twice (front and back)

Repeat pattern 4 times (64 rows)

Heel flap:

Row 1: (Sl1, K1) seven times, P1, XO Pattern, P1, (Sl1, K1) seven times, turn

Row 2: Sl1, P13, K1, P8, K1, P14, turn

Repeat rows 1 and 2 for a total of 40 rows (two repeats of XO pattern plus eight rows)

Turn heel.

Pick up stitches for gusset, decrease every other row until 38 stitches are left.

Knit until two inches from desired length.

Wedge toe, continue pattern until 32 stitches are left. (16 per side)

List Day!

  • Counted 10 lightening strikes on the drive in this morning

  • Took a different route, don't know how many cars were at the bar

  • Stupid road construction

  • It did rain last night, just not on my side of town

  • Started the heel last night while knitting with the Bride

  • Did I tell you guys they moved the wedding up to Friday!!!

  • I'm so not ready for that

  • On Monday Grilltech's shift is 0700 - 1530

  • Strange dreams about superpowers and villains

  • Gotta remember, can't sit with my ankle like that

  • Yes, I'm still whining about it, on the plus side it's 50 times better

  • They cleaned the carpets last night

  • I think it's currently raining outside

  • Double stick tape has been added to the shopping list

  • It was too hot for sex last night

  • It was too hot to sleep, also

  • Realizing and ripping back half a heel is a lot quicker than fixing a cable facing the wrong way by dropping stitches

  • I've had to do both type of fixed in less than twenty four hours

  • Don't have to worry about blue bra and pink shirt anymore

  • I'm now the proud owner of a pink bra

  • Ran into a lady in the restroom who was wearing yesterday the shirt I'm wearing today

  • I almost wore it yesterday. I'm glad I didn't

  • For some reason, I have the scene of Mel Gibson at the new station from Ransom running through my head

  • I got my hair cut for the first time in two years on Saturday

  • It is a bit shorter than I would like

  • Grilltech thinks it's entirely too short

  • Strange, my keyboard has quit working in the database

  • I'm thinking of escaping at 1100 this morning

  • Grilltech has started the campaign to get ferrets into the house

  • Yes, they are adorable; but we have way to many animals at this point in life

  • Loud thunder here at work

  • I left the back windows down about three inches on both sides

  • Wonder if there will be any rain in the car

  • My cat should be hiding under the bed if it's anywhere near the house

  • Pounding rain is now falling

  • PL stated her brother told her down town is flooded

  • We really need the rain, so good?

  • On days like this, I really wish I was sitting closer to the windows

  • The full silvery white moon was incredible this morning

  • Do you think I can claim a mental health day?

  • Oh wait, the day is mostly over


  • Temporal displacement says it's 05 September 2009

  • The thunder and pounding rain is back

  • Sabrina thinks I'm evil; because I moved her out of my chair

  • I have about six more inches before shoulder bind off

  • Finished the heel on the XO sock

1000 Words

First of the XO Socks. I am writing the pattern up.

Plumes finished.

A while back, Samurai did a quasi me-me. She requested people post pictures of their knitting bag(s).

This is my orginal knitting bag. It's covered with stickers with lovely sayings like I weigh more than my S.A.T. score; It's all about me; I'd do anything for candy; and many, many others.

It now holds my needles. The Emergency Chocolate tin is full of DPNS.

I picked this one up at the LYS, mostly because it's a lovely shade of purple(s).

My second bag actually holds knitting - Grilltech's vest currently.

Last but not least, Grilltech's Vest. I have about 10 more inches to go before binding off the back. w00t!!! O.o

Because I'm a Lemming....

What happens when I don't have blog fodder? That's right, pointless quiz time...

Are you a slut? - Created by emobaby1695

ROCKER!!! arent no just wanna rock out...kiss a boy or two bt whts tht gonna hurt..lets party....just not to hard

For those counting: 595 (including this one)