It only took me what feels like forever, but I've gone through my stash and picked out some good stuff.

Sandra has first choice of:

Copper colored, lace weight wool/cashmere blend, 3600 yards


Opal cotton sock (pullover) and Patons' SWS Soy Wool

What Sandra doesn't pick will get sent to Donna Lee.

If both of you can send me your snail mail address will not be sold to third party venders, used to send religous people to your door (unless you enjoy that kind of thing), nor will it increase the number of credit card offers sent in the mail to knittech @ nytecode dot com and choice of prize package. I hope to get them in the mail soon(tm).


Sandra said...

oo, oo, oo! I'm taking the copper laceweight! If it's this pretty in a picture, I can only imagine hownice it is in person.
Sending my info now...

Amy Lane said...

*gasp* Ooooo... good prizes! (The opal...mmmm...)