It's been a day

You know it's going to be one of those days when:

  • the cat is stepped on

  • I left my MP3 player (AKA cell phone) at home

  • every two minutes (and I mean EVERY FRAKKING TWO MINUTES) a prompt comes up asking for a user name and password

  • it takes five minutes for an Excel spreadsheet to open

  • the macro I started running at 0400; is still going at 0500

  • I'm sick of stockinette and have four more inches to knit

  • the pants I'm wearing pull up to my boobs

  • and my underwear are trying to roll down to my hips

  • the access database won't talk to the SQL server

  • the macro I started running at 0400; is still going at 0600

  • it's 0700 and the macro is still running

  • and forcing the access macro's to run s-l-o-w

  • I put the stats in for the wrong group

  • I had to burst a guy's bubble by telling him today is Tuesday, not Wednesday

  • it's 0900 and the macro is still running

  • forced reboot is a pain in the ass

  • main database has crashed; none of us can get anything done

You know it’s going to be a good day when:

  • workday is over!!

  • I found a lost contact – from two weeks ago

  • next post is 600!!

  • homemade faijtas

  • Good song!! Oh yea, YUMMY, YUMMY HOT GUYS!!


Donna Lee said...

It's 8:45 on Wednesday morning. Is the macro finished yet?

Poor cat.

Amy Lane said...

Okay-- that DOES sound like a sucky day... but I've got to say, Yummy Yummy Hot Guys can sure improve your outlook!