Monday, July 2nd

Friday after work, I drug Grilltech kicking and screaming to get his hair cut. (Don't believe him when he says, I didn't notice the hair cut.) From there we walked down to the new/used book store. He found another brew book. At the rate he's going, he'll have more brewing books then I'll have knitting books. We walked from there to Outback for dinner. It was nice to sit and chat, even if I was overheated. The Eldest is telling me it might be menopause. I'm trying hard not to roll my eyes to much.

On Saturday, the Youngest and I went and wandered yard sales. We found a cake knife set for ten bucks, which made her happy. I also picked up a Christmas present. On Sunday, she called me in tears because the diamond popped out of her engagement ring. I think its more nerves then anything else.

We went and saw Live Free or Die Hard. It was an action movie. Best quote: "I know that tone, it's strange coming from someone with hair."

The Eldest and family came over to dinner on Sunday night. Baby Bird was fussy towards the end, the Eldest said it was nap time. We laughed and said she'll sleep in the car on the way home, then be wide awake. The joys of parenting.

Saturday night, I made Grilltech drive me out to the desert. The moon rise was a 22:15 and it was one of the illusion ones. When the moon crested the hills, it was a lovely peach color and the size of exercise ball. We stayed until the moon turned silver. Next time we'll need to go when the moon isn't full, so we can see some stars.

I didn't knit one stitch this weekend. Not one. I think it's been close to a week now since I've last knit anything. Trish is right, it's time for cotton. Grilltech needs to new summer shirt.

and now for something completely different:


Friday, June 29th

I am having the hardest time staying awake this morning. It wasn't evil kitties last night. It wasn't the tap-tap-tap of the oscillating fan. (I got up to turn it off and Grilltech threw his pillow at me. Okay he was aiming at the fan, but hit me instead.) I'm currently drinking my cup of iced tea, and it's not helping. I may have to get another cup. Broke down and drank a soda. After two sips, I'm more awake. Yea me

Wednesday, the youngest came over and wanted her birth certificate so they would be able to get the marriage license on Friday. What did I discover Thursday night? Yip, the certificate sitting on the coffee table. I called her twice, only to get her voice mail. She may have to swing by the house to pick it up on her way. I started the thumb last night. I managed to make about eight rounds before I quit knitting. I think it's way to hot to knit with alpaca/wool. It keeps sticking to me. I tried to get Grilltech to turn on the air conditioning, but he said, nope, it's not warm enough out side yet. It was 84 in the house. Summer doesn't appear to be for knitting.

I got the pictures working again.

And now for something completely different: (Unlike Trish I'm a family friendly site. (ha!)

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Thursday, June 28th

Today is the first day at work, I think I'll make it through the whole day. Still a bit icky, but not as bad. To make matters worse, I'm having to defend actions to managers. (The person left early that day, he's marked sick. It's fragging logged as EXCUSED. Get over it.) On the plus side, the raging crazy seems to be subsiding or not.

In seven days the MIL will becoming for the wedding. I think the hardest of her coming will be figuring out where to take her out to dinner. I think with all the cooking we'll be doing, dinner out would be great. I think she'll want to see the yarn shop as well. Not that she knits, but I do.... I don't think she'll want to see the brewing store with Grilltech.

I need to finish the thumb to the two-tone mitten, then they'll be done. Well, I need to type up the pattern. I've discovered people tend to learn better if they have to write their own pattern. Sure, I'll tell them what to expect, but how they word it is up to them. Which reminds me, I need to knit up a couple of sets of striper gloves. I also want to get the mitten finished up so I can get going on the shawl.

We both had a hard time sleeping last night. It was so hot, it was hard to breathe. Sure, we could have turned on the air conditioning. Once the sun went down it starting cooling down, which helped. The brats were annoying most of the night. Evil pests. Fran: I want in. Fran: Now I want out - didn't realize she wanted out, thought she wanted in. Uggy: I'm screaming because I'm all alone.

I found a really neat looking program called Scrivener. The problem? It's only for OS X. I'm running Vista. Blah. I guess what I really want is the "cork board" section. I wonder if I can hunt down a Windows version.

Monday, June 25th

Its the forth day of summer, and I'm sitting here huddled down wishing I had a jacket. I was cold some of the night, with just a sheet, Grilltech and cats for warmth. I'm wearing a 3/4th length shirt at work, but it's not enough. At this point, I'd like to thank my cube mates, Wow1 and BBQer for this lovely disease, In the future, you can keep your own germs. Since I'm taking the time to thank people, I should thank the Lawn Mowing guy from last night. Who mows their lawn at 20:30 on a Sunday?! I can mow (who am I kidding? Grilltech would be mowing) at 04:30? I hope to be sane soon. It may take a while.

I helped out at the store on Saturday. I suppose I should back up. Friday night, it was eat and knit at the shop. I made dip, because it was a) cool and b) quick. There was a handful of us and a good time was had by all. Grilltech stopped by and laughed at us. I left about 19:45 because I was tired. Went down to help out at the shop on Saturday. M ruptured the tendon in her foot, so she's on crutches for the next six months or so. It wasn't overly busy. But the elderly lady who needed help with a sock sure made it interesting.

I went home about 16:15. Grilltech and I went to the Second Annual Brewers Festival. It was crowded, loud and hot. There must have been about 30 booths, some had three or four different types of beers. OMG, De Boomgaard makes the most amazing Peach beer. It's a bit pricey, but worth it I think. We went back to that booth four times. YUMMY! At one point, a guy was cutting through the line, he looked at me and said, I'm just going through, not cutting. I was okay with it, then he starts, dancing I'm on this side, I'm on that side, cutting back and forth in the line. (It wasn't moving so I was more then okay with the entertainment.) Grilltech must have been glaring at him, because he stops, points at me, then Grilltech, then back to me. I smile and nod, he holds up his hands in the universal, I'm-not-doing-anything gesture, and then he disappeared into the crowd.

We did run into some of the local brewer club members. Since I only met them once, I didn't recognize them, but Grilltech did. They chatted a couple of minutes about which beers they liked so far and Spawn of Satan er, Fran. By the time we left, we must have consumed about three beers a piece. We sat in the park across the street, smelled the lovely BBQ fumes and listened to the DJ for about half an hour. I did get a bit sun burnt, but had a wonderful time.

I'll get the pictures fixed. I'm just being lazy, lazy.

Friday, June 22nd

Overheard phone conversations:

... it's in the closet. You know where their clothes are stored.

... if you don't mind him wearing something that's not ironed, the blue pants are on the chair.

She's talking to her husband who trying to dress the child who is 1.5 years old. She irons baby clothes? I don't iron my clothes. I guess it makes sense, she spends her time ironing, I spend my time knitting. What ever helps people make it through life works.

It's amazing what a good nights sleep will do for a person. I'm energized. Still willing to rip people's heads off, if they annoy me.

And now for something completely different: (A meme from Carrie Penny)

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2. 1929 - Anne Frank, German-born Dutch Jewish diarist and Holocaust victim (d. 1945)

Roman Empire – sixth day of the Vestalia in honor of Vesta

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Amy Lane

Happy Solstice!!

Summer is officially here, now it's time to celebrate:

The Solstice is here and the Tau has stopped their endless movements for one day and night. Clans will meet if their travels will allow. In the day light hours children will gather twigs, flowers, and herbs to tie into bundles. While men prepare large bonfires and women fill tables with food and spirits. Children play games, and laughter flows like wine. The fires will be lit long before the sun goes down. People circle the fire throwing in gathered bundles. Fragrant smoke will fill the air, along with music and cheers. Toasts will be made to the both the sun and moon. Children to drift off to bed and adults dance the night away. Taken from the wandering scribe Xeno Fett History of the Tau, Year of Oak, 639

The evil ones were doing their jobs last night. Uggy kept waking me up once an hour - every hour - for the first three hours. About 0130, Fran demanded to be let into the house. The three that was out came in, while Uggy went out. At 0330, Uggy is at the window demanding to be let in. I think I'm going to invest in ear plugs. The brats can stay out all night.

Today the database dumped me five times. Time lost having to log in again was frustrating to say the least. Since I was still able to work, the system changed tactics and database started lagging for an hour. By lagging, I mean, timing out four times. Time is eaten away here and there, with nothing being completed. Before the system completely died I managed to get quite a bit done. I’ll still managed to get out the door at the correct time.

Last night, I did get the ribbing for the two-toned mitten finished. Then I happened to notice, well, I won't say, but I was really unhappy with Peaches and I had to wash the completed mitten.

Wednesday, June 20th

Want to see how fast a man can get into trouble?

I got my hair cut today. Grilltech still hasn't noticed. How much grovelling will he have to do before I forgive him?

Tuesday, June 19th

I'm having a hard time this morning. We've been eating healthier. We both need to. So when Grilltech was BBQing Sunday, I had him throw on extra stuff, so when we get home, it just needs to be heated up. Things are going well, but this morning, I have the strongest urge to go out and eat something fried. I can tell I'm going to be really struggling with weight loss.

I gave Dad his sweater. It fit pretty well and he liked the color. He should, he's seen it several times. He tried it on, it fit well. I liked how the cabling stands out.

I really should get the mitten knitted up before I start a shawl. Okay, maybe I should finish the mitten before I get to far on the shawl.

And now for something completely different:

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Monday, June 18th

It's a good/bad day, and I'm not completely sure how it will end. I woke up about 0130 and didn't sleep well for the rest of the night. (Rest of the night, who am I kidding, 2.25 hours is more like it.) While driving to work, a cop flipped a U-turn after I passed him. Thankfully he drove right by me and stopped one of the two speeders in front of me. Course, after he passed me, I started speeding. Parked the car under the tree, we normally park under. Made it across the parking lot, only to slip in the mud and fall on my more then ample butt. My whole backside was covered. I gave my stuff to Grilltech to take in side while I ran home. Forgot the keys in the case, so I had to walk into the building anyway. I took my shirt off and sat on the muddy side, so the seat wouldn't be covered.

Work on the other hand, seems to be going smoothly. I wonder if the karmic forces felt I had enough.

Tonight we have the wedding rehearsal at the house tonight at 1900. when I spoke the Youngest on Friday, "Mom, remember we're having the rehearsal at your house?", she said she was having a hard time finding her bridesmaids. I had to laugh. She also hit me with, "Do we need to bring anything?" Huh? I don't think so.

I finished Dad's sweater. Folded it neatly and put it on the chest waiting for Dad to come home. I turn around and what do I see? Proof that Peaches is evil. I keep telling Grilltech, she’s evil, but he doesn’t believe me. He says she’s too cute. I think she needs to be shaved again.

And now for something completely different: thanks Sandra

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Sunday, June 17th

My day with Baby Bird:

0830: Baby Bird dropped off. Eldest gave instructions: what she brought, what cries mean, and left the car seat at my request.

0900: Feed her.

1015: Eldest calls to check in. I let her know everything is fine. I resist the urge to tell her, we're shooting herion in the living room.

1035: Grilltech calls to check in. Tell him, we're watching cheesy Sci-Fi.

1118: Uggy comes out and checks out Baby Bird. Not sure what to think.

1130: Feed and change Baby Bird. Uggy isn't happy there is a strange growth on her Mommy.

1150: Go to the LYS. Baby is held and petted, almost as much as yarn. She sneezes, I tell them, she must be allergic to wool. I'm glared at.

1300: Baby Bird starts fussing, because she's hungry. I have to run home, because I thought the diaper bag had more then one bottle. I was wrong. The foster grandma's watch her while I go, pick up the bottle. Yes, it's been more then sixteen years since I've had to do the baby thing. I'm going to make mistakes.

1500: Come home. Grilltech is prepping the BBQ for tonight's slow cook: two pork butts, a small brisket, and two fatties.

1530: Eldest calls to see how things are going. Not sure when they'll be finishing up, but I should let Baby Bird lay on her tummy so she can practice holding her head up.

1600: Eldest comes over and Baby Bird wakes up and starts fussing, because I'm the meanest Grandma in the world who never feeds her.

1630: I realize, I didn't get any pictures. I'm a bad Grandma.

The rest of the day:

1700: We go out to dinner before shopping.

1900: Grilltech starts the fire and I pull out the meat.

2000: The grill is loaded and long wait begins.

2300: Grilltech is out tending the fire when he overhears the neighbor stating she can smell smoke and maybe there is a porch fire some place close. He goes over and lets her know he's smoking.

0100: We go to bed for a few hours.

0500: The alarm goes off and Grilltech gets up to tend the fire. I look at the time and freak out, because I missed the 0300 alarm.

Friday, June 15th

I'm back. I took a few days off of work. Coming back to work has been a bit of chore. I don't know how people can take a week off at a time. Maybe I should have taken the whole week off.

Dad's sweater is done. There are some ends which need to be woven in. It will be done by Sunday. Hey, it's Father's Day... Do you think I can say it's a Father's Day gift, when it should have been completed back in Feb?

The eldest is going fishing tomorrow. I've offered to watch the Baby Bird. Which means I can take her to the LYS. :)

Happy 40th to Me

Not much else to say.

I got the BIG Book of Stitches, from Grilltech's mom. Grilltech has taken me out to eat, so I wouldn't have to cook.

Monday, June 11th

I wish I could say I've been doing something exciting like playing with Baby Bird, but I haven't. I wish I could say, I've completed a bunch of knitting projects, but I haven't. I guess I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Too much going on demanding attention and not enough energy to feel excited about much of any of it. Enough of what I haven't done.

We did go to the youngest's graduation. We spent half the time wondering where she was sitting and the rest wondering "how much longer". It was very uncomfortable in the stadium seating.

I did finish the mitten. The thumb is too short is the most heard statement. It appears I have a short stubby thumb. I still have one more to knit. I'll need to get that kicked out.

I did get the sleeves joined to Dad's sweater. I'm working the three braid cabling. Which does add a bit of excitement to the dullest part of knitting. I have the next two days to get it completed, or mostly completed.

We did go out for dinner and comedy on Saturday. It was wonderful. Ryan Stiles is tall and cute.

Monday, June 4th

It was a restful weekend. We didn't get to watch the stars on Saturday night like I had hoped. Instead it was muggy and cloudy most of the day. At the usual time we was going to leave, it was still cloudy. About 0030, the wind started picking up and it did start raining. Not enough to be refreshing to the parched earth, but cooling to take the edge off the heat. Grilltech and I sat outside for about 30 minutes watching the storm.

We had friends over for the Youngest's graduation party. It was fun and hot. The eldest brought the baby so Great Grandparents got to see her. We feed my parents the left over chicken, because DL isn't able to eat pork. She stated, she could eat Grilltech's cooking all the time.

Saturday I spent several hours down at the shop. I spun more of the dragon fly roving. I'm still working on getting it even, but hope to have the rest done this weekend. I'm thinking I'll knit a sweater for baby bird once I'm done spinning it.

Dad's sweater is stalled at joining of the sleeves. It's just been way to hot to knit on it. I'd better get a fan out and just finish the darn thing.

Sunday, June 3rd

Thanks Amy:

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