Thursday, June 28th

Today is the first day at work, I think I'll make it through the whole day. Still a bit icky, but not as bad. To make matters worse, I'm having to defend actions to managers. (The person left early that day, he's marked sick. It's fragging logged as EXCUSED. Get over it.) On the plus side, the raging crazy seems to be subsiding or not.

In seven days the MIL will becoming for the wedding. I think the hardest of her coming will be figuring out where to take her out to dinner. I think with all the cooking we'll be doing, dinner out would be great. I think she'll want to see the yarn shop as well. Not that she knits, but I do.... I don't think she'll want to see the brewing store with Grilltech.

I need to finish the thumb to the two-tone mitten, then they'll be done. Well, I need to type up the pattern. I've discovered people tend to learn better if they have to write their own pattern. Sure, I'll tell them what to expect, but how they word it is up to them. Which reminds me, I need to knit up a couple of sets of striper gloves. I also want to get the mitten finished up so I can get going on the shawl.

We both had a hard time sleeping last night. It was so hot, it was hard to breathe. Sure, we could have turned on the air conditioning. Once the sun went down it starting cooling down, which helped. The brats were annoying most of the night. Evil pests. Fran: I want in. Fran: Now I want out - didn't realize she wanted out, thought she wanted in. Uggy: I'm screaming because I'm all alone.

I found a really neat looking program called Scrivener. The problem? It's only for OS X. I'm running Vista. Blah. I guess what I really want is the "cork board" section. I wonder if I can hunt down a Windows version.

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Amy Lane said...

Kitties...nice critters when they're not making you crazy...