Monday, June 11th

I wish I could say I've been doing something exciting like playing with Baby Bird, but I haven't. I wish I could say, I've completed a bunch of knitting projects, but I haven't. I guess I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Too much going on demanding attention and not enough energy to feel excited about much of any of it. Enough of what I haven't done.

We did go to the youngest's graduation. We spent half the time wondering where she was sitting and the rest wondering "how much longer". It was very uncomfortable in the stadium seating.

I did finish the mitten. The thumb is too short is the most heard statement. It appears I have a short stubby thumb. I still have one more to knit. I'll need to get that kicked out.

I did get the sleeves joined to Dad's sweater. I'm working the three braid cabling. Which does add a bit of excitement to the dullest part of knitting. I have the next two days to get it completed, or mostly completed.

We did go out for dinner and comedy on Saturday. It was wonderful. Ryan Stiles is tall and cute.


Trish said...

I know how you much to do and not enough time to get it done. :~)

Amy Lane said...

No, no, he's cute...

And congratulations to the Youngest...that's fantatic about graduation... (I always feel bad--I've been to over fifteen graduations...all I hear is 'blah blah blah blah' and these kids pour their hearts into their speeches...)