Friday, June 15th

I'm back. I took a few days off of work. Coming back to work has been a bit of chore. I don't know how people can take a week off at a time. Maybe I should have taken the whole week off.

Dad's sweater is done. There are some ends which need to be woven in. It will be done by Sunday. Hey, it's Father's Day... Do you think I can say it's a Father's Day gift, when it should have been completed back in Feb?

The eldest is going fishing tomorrow. I've offered to watch the Baby Bird. Which means I can take her to the LYS. :)


Amy Lane said...

Oooh... brag, show off, bask in the glory... I promised myself that grandmotherdom would be the best part--you have to tell me if I'm right!

Trish said...

I always had to take off the whole week from work. I hated going back to work in the middle of the week.
Oh fun fun, you get to introduce the Baby Bird to yarn at an early age.