Don't poke the crazy....

Grilltech is getting ready to go compete in the Idaho Ribfest. He's packing up, running around like a chicken. I find it best to stay out of his way.

Good luck, Honey!! I know you'll do fine!


I've seen and/or read enough science fiction to know visits to the doctor's office is a piece of cake. Use the loo, they run a scanner over me, and in less than 10 minutes anything and everything that is wrong is diagnosed and fixed with an injection of nanobots. I'm driving home in my flying car in 30 minutes - 60 tops.

Sadly, the reality of the doctor's visit is vastly different. The waiting in the doctor's office, the needle pricks for blood draws, the undressing, other nasty tests, and then the real waiting begins. If I'm lucky - and I was - the tests come back negative. Now it's just waiting for time to pass until the next round of doctor's visit come up.

I've finished the sleeves on my top, put the body stitches on a spare needle, and tried it on. The sleeves aren't quite long enough. I'll also need several more inches on the body. Guess what? Yip, almost out of yarn.

I'm unable to find anymore of Deauville (by Lang) yarn, so I'm thinking of getting a couple of balls of another linen blend to help make it longer. I've used my Googlefu (and Ravelryfu) to see what I could find, apparently me and other woman (in Switzerland) are the only two people on the face of the planet who have bought this brand of yarn.

List Day

  • I counted seven cars at the bar this morning
  • Waiting to hear back some test results, which is making me very anxious
  • My tunic/sweater/top/shirt is called buttercup (rav). I've got 2.25 skeins to go, and I'm bored with it
  • Might take the weekend off and knit another pair of clogs - just to finish something
  • I've spent half the day crying at my desk.... stupid PMS
  • course the crying has nothing to do with some of the news stories I've read
  • New movie trailer to watch Dredd
  • The OLYMPIC letter is causing all sorts of heartaches
  • It's muggy out there

1000 Words

Down the street a week ago:

Finished Grilltech's socks:

My shirt a week ago:

Today's down the street, on a more sunny day:

My shirt a week later.  I'm three skeins away from being done. 

List Day

  • Counted four cars at the bar this morning
  • I'm working half a day today, I have a doctor's appointment mid-morning
  • It's going to be a long day, I just ran the wrong report
  • Watched an interesting cyber-punkish movie last night called Sleep Dealer
  • The chat program really wants me to know my password expires on Sunday, it sent me three notices within minutes of each other
  • I love the Banshee howl when the wind blows
  • Quite the herds of people walking by my desk, wonder what's going on
  • I should be grateful the girls didn't want this wedding dress
  • Ready for my four day weekend
  • We're going to jackpot on Sunday
  • Can't wait to give my money to the mob....
  • I took Monday and Tuesday off, what does the team do? Throw my party today
  • As much as I love cake, I don't need it
  • Today’s mantra? Not that I’m counting

1000 Words

Down the street on Sunday afternoon:

Down the street today, during the wind storm which put Uggy in hiding:

Finished Grilltech's clogs, I used my shoe to show the size difference:

After felting, again with the shoe for size:

My new top (rav):