List Day

  • I counted seven cars at the bar this morning
  • Waiting to hear back some test results, which is making me very anxious
  • My tunic/sweater/top/shirt is called buttercup (rav). I've got 2.25 skeins to go, and I'm bored with it
  • Might take the weekend off and knit another pair of clogs - just to finish something
  • I've spent half the day crying at my desk.... stupid PMS
  • course the crying has nothing to do with some of the news stories I've read
  • New movie trailer to watch Dredd
  • The OLYMPIC letter is causing all sorts of heartaches
  • It's muggy out there


Galad said...

Hoping Friday is a better day.

Sandra said...

I THOUGHT that sweater looked familiar - I have Buttercup saved and in line to knit.

Roxie said...

The Yarn Harlot has a rational,well thought out post about the Ravelimpics flap. Let's put on our big-girl panties and calm down. WE can still knit and have fun. We just can't use trademarked names for our sports. The USOC makes money and employs lots of people using those trademarks. We don't need to infringe on them.

PMS sucks rocks. And the prei-menopausal stuff is even worse. I am SO glad to be past that shit!

Amy Lane said...

*pets* I'm glad you survived this day...