It's December 30th. We should be getting snow, because it's winter. Not thunder and lightening with hail.

List Day

  • Counted six cars at the bar this morning
  • Dad is on round three of antibiotics for a sinus infection, they should know more Friday morning
  • This weekend is a four dayer for us
  • I think we're two episodes away from last season's Fringe finale
  • I have an eye appointment tomorrow, hopefully my headaches will go away
  • I about five more squares to finish and row seven will be done
  • Tuesday we woke to snow - just enough to make driving to work a chore
  • Wednesday we woke to rain and today, it's suppose to be partly sunny with temps close to 50
  • No, we didn't win the lottery so we have to work
  • Someone cooked fish in the microwave
  • We negotiated where we're going to eat dinner before EOS, so no getting in the car doing the I don't know, where do you want to eat? conversations
  • The floor is extra bouncy today and super annoying
  • Roxie, our floor is on a raised platform which has all of our network cabling running through it, instead of down through the ceiling tiles
  • Three hours until the end of my shift, I can do three hours easily
  • I measured a strand of hair, it's 12 inches long
  • Why yes, I am bored at work
  • I switched from size ones to zero's and instead of having nicely striped bacon socks, it's pooling white and brown
  • Crap, I blew off the paperwork for my new ID card until today, it expires at the end of next month

1000 Words

Down the street:

Fran keeping a close eye on my picture taking:

A set of dishcloths I made over the weekend, because I needed to finish something:

The blanket with the six rows completed and part of the seventh:

Close up:

Another close up:

Grilltech's BACON! socks:

List Day

  • Counted one car at the bar this morning
  • Today is Perky's birthday!!
  • I think she's 22
  • The moon is a lovely sliver of bone white
  • I've only gained one pound on the 12 days of fat pills cookies
  • Grilltech wasn't as lucky, and he's kinda crabby about it


Who has two thumbs and traded a pair of hand knit socks for getting her yard raked? That's right, me!


List Day

  • Counted seven cars at the bar this morning
  • Weather report kept saying 30% chance of snow and rain, but walking to the building was nothing but clear sky above our heads
  • Strange Dr Who dreams this morning
  • I finished my sixth row last night
  • Everything hurts this morning
  • We're doing the 12 days of cookies, both Grilltech and I are getting tired of sugar
  • I'm bringing cheese cake, does that count as sugar?
  • It's starting to look dark cloudy out there, maybe it will rain
  • I’ve got a nasty headache, so no karate tonight
  • No-Knead Bread
  • The floor is bouncing and right now, it's annoying


You might want to stand back, because I’m brilliant. I don’t want anyone getting blinded.

I’ve been faxing a company a nine page document since Monday the 5th. Its faxed two-three times a day, because you know, faxing isn’t very reliable. I’ve been checking our account, because the fax involves money and this time of year, money becomes very tight.

I decide to check their website, pretty simple right? Turns out, not so much. Google tells me go here. I can’t log in. I use the work link. Still can’t log in. A bit frustrated, I call them. Guess what? They changed their site and haven’t updated the work link. Nice.

I explain to Tim, I’ve been faxing and not getting a response. I know they don’t have my fax because I was trapped in phone hell for five minutes before getting a live person. He gives me a new fax number and the new web site. He proceeds to tell me I need to register because I don’t have a user name set up on that system. Really? Because I just signed in.

I tell him thank you, then go to fax to the new number. When I get there, I punch in the number and…. You ready for this? Decide I had better look to see if I’m putting the papers in right. Yip I’m a dorkfish. I’ve been faxing them nine pages of blank paper because I’d put the paper in wrong.

Sometimes, I’m just so brilliant.

List Day, Double Shot

  • There were nine cars at the bar this morning, it opened last night
  • Grilltech wanted to know where the Could you pass a US citizenship test quiz was located
  • Today went fast, I'm not complaining in the least
  • Breakfast with my parents tomorrow morning
  • Full lunar eclipse this Saturday morning, starting about 0545 MST
  • For the second time this week we have not picked up TP while we were at the store, we're now on our last roll
  • It's freezing cold outside, it's 70 in the house, and I'm sweating

List Day

  • No cars at the bar this morning, but the sign says opening soon
  • No clouds for the morning sunrise, but there are some pink contrails
  • GoJira is still being anti-social
  • I had sex dreams last night, Aunt Flo can't be that far away
  • GAH! I didn't mean to close that database that will take forever to open
  • Could you pass a US citizenship test? You answered 84 of 96 questions correctly for a total score of 88%.
  • When I see the email that says Go Green for your W2, all I think is, the company wants to save money by making me print out my own W2
  • I'm on medication now, no more crying at work
  • But I'm sleepy as hell quite often
  • I don't care who you are, walking around in shorts and tennis shoes in this weather (36 degrees) is stupid


Dueling cellos... Yea Baby.

How many of you guys said that in Austin Power's voice, in your head?

1000 Words

Down the street, on a cold Sunday afternoon.

Bacon! These will be interesting socks.

Fran. She pretty much stayed by my side the entire shoot.

A Christmas slipper. It will be sent off in the mail this week. I want to point out, that's a 12 inch foot.

The other Christmas slippers.

Grilltech's new socks.

Remember Freya? Well, we decided to go with a better name for her... Any guesses?

That's right Gojira.

List Day

  • No cars at the bar this morning, but I think they're getting close to being ready to reopen
  • This morning sunrise was very colorful
  • I want to click preferences, not log out - yes, I had to log back in
  • People won't show up on a report, if I had it set to 453 not 95
  • We're driving to Cascade tonight, I really hope the roads are clear
  • The Eldest and Baby Bird can't come, Baby Bird is sick
  • We have to go to the store after work. Pray for us
  • Hope everyone has a good Thursday

1000 Words

Down the street, on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Fran helped me take pictures. Not sure how she was helping from across the yard.

I'm putting a border along the bottom of the sock blanket, I'm tired of looking at strings hanging off.

Some friends gave us purple potatoes.

They're really purple, the hash browns - purples? - turned out really good. I'll be taking some up to my parents on Wednesday.

Our new family member, who we call Freya. She's been staying under the bathroom sink, but Sunday she decided the bed was reasonable. Until Uggy came and kicked her off. Uggy's not good at sharing.

The typical look Freya gives us.
Clearly, she's starting her diary...

List Day

  • No cars at the bar this morning, yesterday two cops were parked talking
  • Wednesday was better, no crying at my desk
  • I have a doctor's appointment on Monday the 28th
  • One of the groups on Ravelry was talking about Portuguese Knitting
  • I'm working on the sock blanket again, I'm almost done with the third row
  • I hate cold weather, my skin is drying out and be coming scaly & itchy
  • Holy crap! Next week is Thanksgiving
  • I mean, I know it's coming at the end of the month, but I'm not ready for it to be, the end of the month
  • It's stormy and trying to be sunny at the same time, I'm getting mixed signals

Do Over?

I'd say I'd really want a do over of today, but honestly.... NO. Work is done and I don't want to cry at my desk again. The car has a full tank of gas, it waited until I was done shopping before not turning over. Grilltech's pickup was towed home from the other side of town today. I think that was the only thing that really went as planned.

I'd show you our new family member, but she's currently hiding under the bathroom sink.

I'm gonna drink hot chocolate and knit. Tomorrow is my do over, it'll be better.

List Day

  • No cars at the bar this morning, they're still remodeling
  • The mail server on the other computer is acting up
  • I'm wearing a pair of leg warmers my granny made me.... back in the 80's
  • It's nice to know I'm not the only one thinking X would make an awesome yarn color
  • I'm reading First World Problems again
  • In addition of a nice sunrise, I did see a Sun Dog
  • Yea, I shouldn't have to listen to crappy death metal from the next cube over
  • Wow, my psychic screaming at the cow-orker worked! Crappy death metal is off!
  • Anyone want an annoying cat?

1000 Words

Down the street:

Last week's dinner, I sent a picture to Perky to offer her leftovers.

I don't always take pictures in a Mexican restaurant, but when I do, I make the Most Interesting Man in the World wish he knew how to knit.

A couple of posts ago, Roxie asked for pictures of the trees turning.

Down the street.

The street over.

Grilltech's new sock.

My sweater, almost done.

List Day

  • No cars at the bar this morning
  • I hate working when I'm PMSing, because the overwhelming desire to send a response stating Dumbass, I don't want to have to deal with your whiny shit today
  • I get to reboot my (other) system, I should be happy it wants to do it now, instead of the middle of the day when I'm knee deep in crap
  • I do not remember the alarm going off this morning until the third time
  • What?! The weather man did not say a word about snow or rain this morning - BBQer mentioned it was suppose do possibly both today
  • Today's sunrise would make a lovely color way
  • The wind is really kicking up, I hope it's not too cold
  • Delete the PTO; not the schedule. Guess I need to put the schedule back


I can't believe it's been so long! Yip, Grilltech and I have been married 21 years. Oh, you thought I meant about posting, that also.

Love you, Honey. You're the bestest ever!

List Day

  • No cars at the bar this morning, it's still closed
  • The ice machine decided it didn't want to work this morning
  • I pulled out a new sock yarn, life is too short to knit with yarn I'm swearing at
  • There is an arctic breeze blowing across me
  • Tried to put the base forecast numbers in the wrong week
  • Yip, I'm now wearing my fingerless mitts
  • Trying to figure out what I want to make for dinner
  • Last night - after I had knitted most of the sleeves up - to go with sleeve caps, instead of the drop shoulders
  • Releash the cats doesn't have the same meaning as release the cats
  • We're back to playing on the Wii


Seriously? Have none of these scientists read or watched any science fiction (or horror)? Ever? I can't see this ending well.

Poor us, we're down to one car. What will the neighbors think?*

I hate the yarn I'm knitting Grilltech's sock with, I can't tell if it's because I'm not feeling well or if it's the yarn - think Noro with that thick/thin slubs. Anyone want to finish half a sock and knit another one? Wonder if I can talk Perky into doing it for me....

* It doesn't work unless you're using that snobbish tone

Color Me Done

Down the street on a cloudy day.

Fran making sure I'm doing my job right.

Is this Dad's new sweater?

I'm not sure the sleeve is right...

It's cute. I guess. Can I lay on it? No? How about sitting?

His sweater is done, but I may rip back the neckband and put in a few short rows in the back to pull it up a bit. Or not, depends on how I feel about it in a week.

List Day

  • There was one car at the bar this morning, I don't know if I should count it or not. It’s been parked there all week
  • I think the bar is remodeling, because the sign says closed and yesterday we saw work crews wandering in and out
  • Finished Grilltech's sweater!
  • He'll get to wear it on Friday, right now it's laying flat, drying
  • Remember Hey Teach? I started taking it apart last night
  • I'll knit the same thing again, only a smaller size
  • I've started the heel on Grilltech's sock
  • I've got a side of apple in my teeth doesn't have the same impact as I've got a side of beef in my teeth
  • Third day of rain, I'm glad it’s finally here but I would like to see some sunshine
  • One of the new guys has named himself... DQ2 (Drama Queen #2) because he really reminds me of DQ
  • It's almost time to break out the USB blanket again
  • I just spilled ice water down the front of my shirt


Last night, I did do the ribbing on Grilltech's sweater. Bound off and had him try it on. The back laid nicely, but the front, well, er, hmmm. Not so much.

It was ripped back, it was a good day to do that because everything was expected to go wrong. The crew neckline is out and I've decided to go with a V neckline. Spent the rest of the evening weaving in ends and fixing the under arms. I'll get back to real knitting tonight or tomorrow.

It's Over

It's not quite a bad day, but close enough. Don't believe me?

  • Woke up at this morning at 0400; a full 15 minutes before the alarm. It really sucks to have to get up and go pee right before I'm suppose to get up for the day.
  • When I was making Grilltech's eggs for breakfast, I cracked the first one and it almost went all over the counter. I managed to save most of it, but a huge chunk of shell was cooked into it. However, once I flipped the egg, I was able to pull the shell out. He ate the sandwich with no problem.
  • I was well into calibrating last week's shrink numbers, when I looked up and realized I was IN. THIS. WEEK. Yea. I had already cleared the calendar and zeroed out the shrink numbers. Thankfully, I hadn't saved anything and could put everything back.
  • I've reran the same report four (bleeping) times. The first time - numbers didn't look right. The second time - to verify the numbers were right. The third time, because I was in the wrong week. The fourth time? Because of instead of hitting crtl, shift A, I pressed crtl, shift Z. Wanna take a guess as to what crtl, shift Z does? Right, clears the spreadsheet.

All before 1030 in the morning. I'm put the lid on my cup before I reach across my desk and knock it over.

In other news, Grilltech's sweater is <.> this close to being done. Need to pick up stitches for the neck, do ten rounds of ribbing and the knitting is done. Depending on how the day ends, I may or may not work on it tonight.

I've finished chart five of the shawl. Three more charts to go. I keep looking at the yarn and thinking what will I make when I'm done with this? But then I keep forgetting shawls use more yarn towards the end, so I may not have as much I as I think I will.

Saturday Night

Down the street, on a mostly cloudy day.

Fran - who is feeling much better - and Uggy watching from the doorway.

Grilltech's new sock, it's the prize package I won from Sandra.

Perky's finished socks.

The body of Grilltech's sweater.

The ducks at the fish park.

How far along Grilltech's sweater really is now, should be done soon*.

* Anytime between now and December 21, 2012

List Day

  • I counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • It's really quite over here. BBQer is out on vacation and the two programmers aren't in!
  • Monday was Grilltech's 46th birthday
  • Usually we both take the day off to celebrate, but he doesn't have any time off left
  • so, I slept in on Monday for both of us
  • I bought a lottery ticket for Wednesday, but haven't looked at it yet
  • We might be working - rich
  • I'm on the yoke of his sweater, it should be done within the next two weeks
  • History channel moved Ancient Aliens to Wednesdays
  • We've got one more disk to go on last season's Big Bang Theory
  • Now the database is starting to move slowly
  • Maybe I should type slower, so it will understand my commands
  • Did I mention I only have 42 more decreases on his sweater to go?
  • Is it just me or would that picture on Ancient Alien's home page make a lovely lace project?
  • It appears we didn't win the lottery, and going to work today was a good thing

Baby's Home

We got the car back today. Now if my back would stop being stiff....

Random Bytes

A quick post here:
  • I cannot stop eating Pop Chips
  • Grilltech's sweater is at 13 inches, only three more to go then I can add the sleeves
  • Fran was acting pretty sickly last night, I spent most of the day worried we'd need to take her to the vet
  • My neck is sore, but not as bad as yesterday
  • Season Seven?! Really? I didn't even watch Season Six
  • My parents gave Grilltech a pound of huckleberries
  • They made an awesome crumb cobbler
  • Hopefully the car will be fixed on Wednesday

1000 Words

Down the street:

Its looks pretty calm, doesn't it?

Earlier today, someone rear ended us. Note this is her car.

The nice officer who took our statement.
Notice that smile? The I'm holding the sock for the Crazy Lady, because she's having a bad day.

We're okay, a bit stiff. It could have been worse. A lot worse.

Wake Up

There was a lightening strike so close to the house, the kitchen window rattled and the smell of ozone hung in the air for a minute. Thunder rumbled for a full 30 seconds.

Man, I love fall!

List Day

  • There wasn't any cars at the bar this morning, but yesterday had two
  • It's unusually quiet in here today, I'm sure it will change when the programmers get here
  • Last night's dreams involved driving to a town called Bacon
  • Lord help me, I've been thinking about knitting some Argyle socks
  • I think I shouldn't be allowed to knit them if I can't spell argyle correctly
  • Must be time for headphones, one of the loud ones made it to work
  • I've startled Grilltech twice today, I could go for three but that would be mean
  • It looks like we might get some rain today
  • I got a different phone, it's a dumb phone
  • Happy Friday Eve everyone


Today's sunrise is a lovely golden pink color. It hardly makes up for the temporal distortion I'm feeling, but it does help. Yesterday I kept thinking it was Wednesday, believe me, I knew it was only Tuesday but kept thinking it anyway. We get home and it pops into my head, I'm glad Thursday is over. WTF? It really doesn't help I haven't gone to bed before 2100 the past two nights.

I've been studying for the certification, but seriously, I haven't worked tech support in over five years. They should spend the money on someone who will use it. Anyway, by the end of the day I couldn't concentrate at all, the words kept blurring together.

At break today, I grabbed my knitting and cup then walked across the building to go hang out with a friend. I get there, pull out the knitting and realized I needed to measure for the heel. Yip, no measuring tape. Gathered up my stuff, filled the cup in the break room and knitted at my desk.

I'm half way through the heel flap and quite frankly I'm bored of all my projects. It must be the winter blahs heading in early. Stupid global climate change.

1000 Words

Down the street, it was almost a stormy evening.

The body of Grilltech's sweater.

The frosty morning leaves.

I didn't have a supervisor out there with me, so one had to be blurry.

List Day

  • Counted one car at the bar this morning
  • The Equinox is less than two weeks away, but it's getting down right cold in the mornings
  • Funny how 60 is incredibly warm coming out of winter, but going into winter it's like ice
  • Dude, turn it down. I don't want to hear your crappy, tinny music
  • Finished off Coupling
  • I love watching the sun rise, it's almost as wonderful as watching it set
  • For the love of... Go back to the tinny music, because I don't want to listen to you bitch about having to finish a project
  • Maybe I'll skip karate and make lava cake instead
  • No, that would be bad, go to karate tonight and make lava tomorrow
  • It sounds as if the guy is wearing spurs
  • I'm currently having a craving for hot chocolate
  • I think it's time to curl up in the sun beam
  • Is there a better way to phrase Only tried out because “everyone needed a chance”?
  • I really should be studying for my certification, instead of reading Ravelry
  • It's almost 1330; I shouldn't be needing a sweater
  • Planned the next three nights of dinner: cheese steak sandwiches, ribs, and chicken; the best part? All will be cooked in the grill!
  • Grilltech is amazing
  • Turns out no karate tonight, the guys are playing Malifaux

1000 Words

Down the street:

Fran yelling You're doing it wrong!

Sleeves for Grilltech's newest sweater:

A sock for Perky:

My loot from Sandra's give away: