Weekend Recap

Friday after work Grilltech and I napped, so we could watch the meteor shower.  The bulk of the show started at midnight local time.  We got there and right of the bat there was two streaks across the sky.  We both knew it was going to be a good night of watching. Two or three more meteors was spotted, then the clouds rolled in blocking our view. 

Saturday Grilltech lived up to his name and smoked two briskets.  One was for us, the other was for two co-workers who love brisket also.  Grilltech breaks the meat down into one pound packages, so they get a real deal price wise.

Monday we was going to do ribs, but Perky had to work so Grilltech had to grill again on Sunday.   I'm sure he was a bit burnt out having to work the grill two days in a row, but he did a wonderful three racks of ribs. We have one rack left for dinner tomorrow night.

Monday was a holiday...  It was Baby Bird's birthday. She turned the positively old age of seven. We took her to the aquiramum to look at all the fish.  She enjoyed petting the sting rays, starfish, and urchins. She was able to feed them as well, but the rays did freak her out a bit. As we was leaving, Baby Bird say next time she wants to go to the zoo.  I told her shr was at the fish zoo, but that wasn't as good as the regular zoo.  Next year we know better.  

Today at work, I had to do all the normal Monday stuff, so I kept thinking it was Monday. Had to look at the calendar to make sure I was on the right day. Tonight is karate, but I'm not feeling well, still stay home and knit.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, the week is off to a good start.


For some strange reason I keep thinking today is the 26th. Which it can't be, because if it was, I'd still be in bed. I just can't seem to stop mis-dating things. Its very confusing.

Grilltech took me to see Godzilla this weekend. It was good. Lots of destruction. The writers did a nice job of interjecting the human story between fighting monsters. Grilltech was saying Godzilla 2 was green-lit, so there might be another one to go watch in two or three years.

I finished my bag and a quick pot holder. I couldn't remember how to weave the string through the holes, so I did the best I could. I think I messed up on the last weaving, but its together. I haven't been working on the sweater because its taking so long to a row. I know, I should. But I wanted something quick and easy and done. Verses the sweater that will take months.

When I got home, iTunes wanted to update. Then it turned into hell. I've been spending the last two hours getting the computer to sync with my phone. I had to rebuild music library to do it. I'm not a happy camper at all. Hopefully before bed time it will be straightened out.

List Day

  • I counted four cars at the bar this morning
  • There is a sun dog out there today
  • It's a busy morning at work, for my cube mate
  • Studying sucks
  • We're bird sitting this weekend. Which means, Grilltech will be hating life

1000 Words

I don't get why the pictures aren't loading, but if you click on them you'll see it.

GAH! Technology making my life easier.

Down the street on a warm spring day

A bag I'm making

My tunic with sleeves added. It's a slow knit now

List Day

  • There was no cars at the bar this morning
  • Last night, a pair of quail were on our fence then they moved to the roof
  • Left over pizza for dinner tonight, I'm looking forward to it
  • There is three hours left in my day, guess that means three hours of studying
  • My computer appears to be fixed, might it back this weekend
  • I'm using an old one that doesn't have good video, so I can't do much with it
  • Studying is done, and the day is over
  • I'm going home!!!
  • Be safe out there

Stress Dreams

Last night I had a work stress dream. The second one within a week's time. I think it's related to a certification that I don't have, but the company wants everyone to have. I'm half-ass studying for it, and maybe my dreams are telling me it's time to do it.

I watched another cheesy movie last night, Terminal Invasion with Bruce Campbell. I don't know how this one didn't win an Oscar in 2002. The acting, special effects, and plot line where over the line. Would I watch it again? Only if I couldn't find anything else to watch. Course, I'm that way with many of the movies I've watched.

My cube mate is back from vacation. I really enjoyed the peace and quiet of being the only person in my bay. Course it just might be my PMS showing. I'm also holding someone's hand while he figures out Excel. I end up walking down to his bay often, it helps my step count.

Old Favorites

Last night, I watched Terminator. Yes - the original. I'm always struck at the difference in culture from the eighty's and now. People smoke. In buildings. Not just one or two, but herds of them. There wasn't a cell phone to be found, but instead pay phones were in abundance. The cars were big and boxy. The only thing that really hasn't changed much over there years was the guns. I really like the story line, I mean come on, who wouldn't like Michael Biehn coming to save you.

In other news, my sweater is two inches away from a) getting a picture and b) getting sleeves added. Which also means I need to do some math because the sweater I'm making is based on a child sweater and all the numbers are much smaller than I'm working with. Instead of taking a bunch of pictures, I'm going to do it in completed stages.

Good lord, how many times do I have to run this stupid report before I finally get the correct information required. The answer is five times. On the plus side, it's done for next month.


How do I know it's time to feed the cats good food? They lay on my knitting.

Evil little things...