Old Favorites

Last night, I watched Terminator. Yes - the original. I'm always struck at the difference in culture from the eighty's and now. People smoke. In buildings. Not just one or two, but herds of them. There wasn't a cell phone to be found, but instead pay phones were in abundance. The cars were big and boxy. The only thing that really hasn't changed much over there years was the guns. I really like the story line, I mean come on, who wouldn't like Michael Biehn coming to save you.

In other news, my sweater is two inches away from a) getting a picture and b) getting sleeves added. Which also means I need to do some math because the sweater I'm making is based on a child sweater and all the numbers are much smaller than I'm working with. Instead of taking a bunch of pictures, I'm going to do it in completed stages.

Good lord, how many times do I have to run this stupid report before I finally get the correct information required. The answer is five times. On the plus side, it's done for next month.


Donna Lee said...

I was watching Steel Magnolias and was floored by seeing folks smoking in a hospital. It didn't take long for that to fall off the radar did it?

Galad said...

There have been a lot of changes. Just FYI - Michael Biehn is from Havasu and we are friends with some of his famiy :-) That being said, I've only ever seen him on the movie or tv screen.

Roxie said...

Actually, I'm surprised by how many young women I see smoking. Do they STILL think it's cool?