#@$! Sock

Today's photos was supervised by Havoc. His hair is starting to grow out.

Fall has made it's way to our street. I love the colors.

Don't they look so cute and innocent laying there? Don't be fooled. These socks are pure evil.

I started them on size ones. Had one done to the heel flap, then tried it on my fore arm. It was way too tight. I had to rip it back. The leg was knit on size twos. They're now comfortable and will fit. I started the heel following the pattern (the pattern is suppose to go down to the turned heel), but I decided I didn't like how it was turning out. So ripped back the almost finished heel and did a typical slipped stitch heel.

I knew it would be close on the amount of yarn needed because there was an added repeat on the leg. So when the end of yarn showed up, it wasn't a total surprise. I wanted these socks done, so I used the dark green from the green shift scarf. It does look nice. (But don't tell the socks I said that!)

I was picking up the stuff and moving back to my desk. The sock bag felt odd. I reached in and found more black/gray yarn.

Not enough to do the entire toe, but that's not the point. Perky says the socks wanted to make sure they were included on the blanket.

Maybe. Maybe not. Either way: #@$! socks!

#@$! Sock

Did I not say these socks where cursed? Guess who ran out of yarn a mere 22 rows away from the end?

#@$! socks!!


It appears fall has come to our corner of the world. It started raining on Saturday, finally quit sometime on Sunday night. After Havoc and I went for a walk in the pouring rain. By the end of our walk, he was trying to run home because we were so wet. Today's walk was windier, but drier.

I've turned the heel on the sock. Only three more repeats to go and it's done.

Open Letters

Dear Green Shift Scarf,

I like you, I really like you, but you're not moving fast enough for me. Was it only last month, when we coudln't get enough of each other? Things were hot & heavy. But now? It's the same old routine. Knit, turn, knit more. I want our fiery passion back.

Is that too much to ask for?


Dear Mother's Moment,

You are sexy and smooth. It's hard to believe how much you and I have been doing so much dancing. Sure it's the avoid dance, but we're dancing, in my book that's a win. I might even get around to working on you again.

Until then, know how much I enjoy working with you.


Dear Cursed Viper Pilot socks,

Can you believe it? He's asking for plain vanilla socks because I'm taking to knit you. To say, you and I had a rocky start would be an understatement. Wrong gauge, lots of symbols I had to learn, and a ripped back heel. I'm amazed both of us are still alive. For the record, I'm going to have you purified before your handed over to Grilltech. There is no way in hell I'm going to let a cursed item near him.

Here's hoping water is enough, because wool and fire don't mix.


Dear Roxie,

On Sunday, there was one piece of fruit left from last week. Today we bought 10 pieces which is enough to get us through the week. My goal is to have none left next Sunday.

Wish us luck,


Dear Perky,

I want you to know, I mean this with all my heart. I'm so jealous of you. Starting over and taking first place, truly is impressive and make me feel old.

Keep up the good work.


Dear Eldest,

I'm looking forward to dinner on Saturday. Your dad is planning how he's cooking dinner that night.

Shopping?! You betcha!!


List Day!

  • There was four cars at the bar this morning
  • Grilltech stole! my blog post
  • Guess that means I need to stop knitting on his stuff
  • Oh wait, I have
  • Working on a cowl for SandTech
  • Amy do you recognize the yarn in the last set of pictures?
  • The pool tried to kill us yesterday
  • Today I did strength and yoga, and I'm not nearly as sore
  • I've got a potluck and knit & eat tomorrow
  • I'd better be careful
  • There was something else I wanted to say, but I can't remember it
  • Must be time to post while I'm ahead

Date Nyte, Tech Style

On Sunday night, I was getting ready for dinner. Manged to get the table mostly cleared.

Since we're trying to slim down, the candle goes away. In it's place a biscuit holder that was Granny's. Since biscuit's are a no-no, fruit works just fine.

Steaks for dinner, because we're carnivores.

We got two meals from those bad boys...

Worst Mommy Ever!!

I've been in and out of the room where the good food is stored all day.
Cats keep checking out and are all ready to go into good food alert status

Got the good food dishes gathered up.
Every cat has begun screaming because they never get good food

Put them in the dishwasher and turned it on.
Cats are now plotting my death

It's on!!

I threw down the gauntlet today.

Told Grilltech, you're not level 40. He's now reinforcing his first place status on a bunch of the games, so he can tell me the same thing later.

List Day!

  • Counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • Spent the past two days bitching I was cold
  • Last night, I put my USB blanket in Griltech's bag, today I'm warm!
  • Did 30 minutes worth of Wii last night, today I'm a tad sore
  • We're suppose to get lots of rain today
  • So far, it's only partly cloudy
  • About gave Grilltech a coronary at work today
  • Got home to no power in the neighborhood
  • Spilled diet peach Snapple in my bag
  • The cursed third second sock was spared
  • But the USB blanket wasn't