List Day!

  • There was four cars at the bar this morning
  • Grilltech stole! my blog post
  • Guess that means I need to stop knitting on his stuff
  • Oh wait, I have
  • Working on a cowl for SandTech
  • Amy do you recognize the yarn in the last set of pictures?
  • The pool tried to kill us yesterday
  • Today I did strength and yoga, and I'm not nearly as sore
  • I've got a potluck and knit & eat tomorrow
  • I'd better be careful
  • There was something else I wanted to say, but I can't remember it
  • Must be time to post while I'm ahead


Mr. Shife said...

How dare Grilltech, and what kind of pool are you using? I did yoga for a bit but man oh man I can't stand it. Have fun at the potluck and have a good weekend.

Donna Lee said...

I have an excuse to skip the workouts for a few days. Don't want to spread the illness around (and my body will give out if I try anything).

I keep fruit on the table, too. I think it reminds everyone that there are healthy snacks. Not sure if it's working but it makes me feel like a good mom...

Galad said...

We are trying to do more fruit out too. It does help.

I'm impressed that you are still working out. I'm thinking about thinking about it ;-)

Amy Lane said...

It's not often that a pool tries to kill you... usually it's simply passive neglect...

The blue/brown? Did I send that to you? Oh yeah! (Still watch those dvds!)