Open Letters

Dear Green Shift Scarf,

I like you, I really like you, but you're not moving fast enough for me. Was it only last month, when we coudln't get enough of each other? Things were hot & heavy. But now? It's the same old routine. Knit, turn, knit more. I want our fiery passion back.

Is that too much to ask for?


Dear Mother's Moment,

You are sexy and smooth. It's hard to believe how much you and I have been doing so much dancing. Sure it's the avoid dance, but we're dancing, in my book that's a win. I might even get around to working on you again.

Until then, know how much I enjoy working with you.


Dear Cursed Viper Pilot socks,

Can you believe it? He's asking for plain vanilla socks because I'm taking to knit you. To say, you and I had a rocky start would be an understatement. Wrong gauge, lots of symbols I had to learn, and a ripped back heel. I'm amazed both of us are still alive. For the record, I'm going to have you purified before your handed over to Grilltech. There is no way in hell I'm going to let a cursed item near him.

Here's hoping water is enough, because wool and fire don't mix.


Dear Roxie,

On Sunday, there was one piece of fruit left from last week. Today we bought 10 pieces which is enough to get us through the week. My goal is to have none left next Sunday.

Wish us luck,


Dear Perky,

I want you to know, I mean this with all my heart. I'm so jealous of you. Starting over and taking first place, truly is impressive and make me feel old.

Keep up the good work.


Dear Eldest,

I'm looking forward to dinner on Saturday. Your dad is planning how he's cooking dinner that night.

Shopping?! You betcha!!



GrillTech said...

I just want to state this before the comments start rolling in. I really appreciate the work that is going into these socks and will wear them with pride. I only said I wanted plain ones so that you don't have to go through all the trouble your having with these. I'm looking out for you not complaining..


Donna Lee said...

I'm in the middle of a pair of cursed socks as well. I think it's a combination of a pattern with a lot of yo's and dark splitty yarn. I can't tink back and ripping is out of the question. I've started over once (after several repeats of the pattern) and will either finish the socks with errors or just put them quietly in the bottom of the tote.

Amy Lane said...

Grilltech is an awesome husband who deserves non-cursed socks-- we shall all forgive him!

And yeah... I've got some knitting writing me unhappy letters too, but I'm too ashamed to answer...

Megan said...

lol, I really enjoyed reading this post. It is so clever and funny!

Roxie said...

Yay for the fruit! What's your favorite?

Cursed socks? Hold them out the window of the car at 60MPH. It will blow the evil spirits out, and frighten the socks so badly that they will be meek and bidable thereafter. Try not to drop the ball of yarn.

Yay Perky! Yay Eldest! Bravo Grilltech!