List Day!

  • Counted two cars at the bar this morning
  • Half the team is across the street at the new building, with limited access
  • I'm having a hard time focusing
  • Grilltech said something about going stargazing this weekend
  • All I can think about is if I call in sick tomorrow, could I have my shawl finished?
  • Roxy, a Wii is a gaming console that has some fitness games
  • Listening to ABBA, all I think of is the movie
  • Next week, I'll be moving to sit next to Procreator
  • I'm still graceful as ever, I tripped over a garbage can in the middle of the bay
  • The team decided to do an ice cream social tomorrow
  • Yea, half the team will miss it
  • Nice, someone bitched about the four of us in a quick circle
  • Had a hard time not telling the Gnome to byte me
  • Every time I step on the Wii it goes ugh, today it actually said good
  • I know, stupid things
  • Havoc got a hair cut, he's so cute
  • Off to knit, I've got a shawl to finish

Still Nothing

Grilltech and I are using Perky's Wii Fit.

It's evil clothed in cuteness.


...for yet another boring post? The only excitement I have is today I got two more skeins of yarn to help finish the shawl. Too bad I can't knit as much as I want.

You can read about Grilltech's weekend.

Clean House

Fran helped with laundry.

Sabrina helped with dishes.

Uggy helped with the bedding.

Still Nothing

It's starting to get hot here. I'm not real sure, but I think we've hit a 100 once this month. The view down the street is still very green.

Amy sent me some sock yarn to help out on the blanket.
(I think she doesn't like Noro much either.)

Some very lovely colors. They'll make a great addition to the blanket.

Thank you so much!!


Happy Wednesday. The day is over (mostly) and I can almost relax. Still need to put dishes away and fold the load of laundry, but I can put laundry off until Perky gets home. Her stuff is in the drier.

Fran is fine. Havoc needed the e-collar, and since Fran was there... You saw what happened next. She was not pleased in the least.

Anyway, I'm off to empty the dishwasher. Maybe I'll have Perky fill it...

A 1000 Words

Today's pictures are brought to us by Fran. Doesn't she look so pleased?
Poor Fran

I have been doing some knitting. Another Haruni. This time it's for me.
My Purple Haruni

Picked up some yarn while in McCall. Like the colors. The owner said it was new in the store.
More Sock Yarn

Picked up the light green in McCall. The dark green in a LYS. Together they will make Grilltech one killer scarf.
Grilltech's Scarf

Questions Answered

First a little back ground. Grilltech and I have been married for almost twenty years. Rings around Grilltech have a short life span. They get lost, broken, or warped. Yes, warped.

So after the first two disappeared, it was decided to pick up something cheaper. He picked out stone rings, because their about two bucks apiece. We usually buy two or three of them at a time - because as he puts it - the ring tries to betray him.

These hematite rings break at the slightest provocation. Hit your hand just right on the counter. Snap. Ring falls off, hits the ground. Snap.

So the other day, I'm pulling something out of the medicine cabinet, and one of the rings jump out and smashes to bits on the counter.

So, I had to blame it on Grilltech.

Work isn't Always Bad...

Fun Conversations at work:

KnitTech‎‎ [8:28 AM]:
It says format server and set fire to building?
Are you sure I should be running this?

Mr. White‎‎ [8:28 AM]:
hit "confirm"
and if it fails again, hit "retry"
under no circumstances do you hit "ignore"

List Day!

  • There was one car at the bar this morning
  • It was not a good night of sleep last night
  • Lost the button on my pants
  • It's not really lost but not where it's suppose to be
  • Time to start back at the gym and watching what I eat
  • I should be serious about this weight thing, but it's so easy to eat things that are bad for me
  • Learned a new awesome SQL trick today
  • I'm watching Terminator
  • I'm willing to bet, most people read that with Anrie's accent
  • I broke one of Grilltech's stone rings last night
  • Of course I blamed it on him.

A 1000 Words

Last Friday Havoc was fixed. Afterward he was was looking pretty sad. Two days later, he was bouncing around wanting to play.
Addict Picture

Saturday, we went to McCall. Really didn't get much in the way of pictures. (I did get some yarn....)
Addict Picture

Forth of July was fun, we set off our own fireworks. Nothing like a bunch of pyro's playing with fire.
Addict Picture

Open Letters

Dear Google,

I really want to let you know how much I hate your new news format. Half the time, it tells me to set my preferences, which I've done three or four times. Then the news I see has nothing to do with my choices. I'm not sure what crazy-mixed-up world you live in, but Boise is no where near the Atlanta Metro area. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy seeing Red's weather, but honestly, it has no bearing on my wardrobe choice for the day. So please don't take it personally, but I'm moving my news reading to Northwest Cable News.




Dear Inconsiderate Driver,

Yes, I know the scenery is lovely between McCall and Boise. Driving at what you consider a safe rate of speed to look at the deep greens, lovely flowers on the hill and lord knows what else you was looking pisses off the dozens of cars behind you. The state highway department has conveniently supplied some new-fangled items called slow car turn outs. Maybe you've heard of them? No? Let me take a few minutes and explain how they're used. When a car - take for example yours - has more than three cars behind them, it's a good idea to pull over and let them pass. It prevents accidents, and keeps you safe as well. So next time , realize it was meant for you and pull over. Because this is Idaho, and and we do take our second amendment seriously, very seriously.




Dear Grilltech,

Thank you for a lovely weekend. The food was great. Company wasn't overly annoying. Thank you for assisting in the clean up. Heck you did most of the dishes while I napped. You're amazing and I love you.




Dear Work,

I really don't really want to be here, so can we reschedule for next week?



Did I Mention?

Remember my comment about my sister to the east? Tonight the Wizard of Oz was on AMC. Of course I had to watch it...

Then Kommandant showed me:

Time to Stop

My arm is starting to ache, so it's time to stop knitting. Today I've managed to make a grand total of an hour. So overall, it is getting better.