Still Nothing

It's starting to get hot here. I'm not real sure, but I think we've hit a 100 once this month. The view down the street is still very green.

Amy sent me some sock yarn to help out on the blanket.
(I think she doesn't like Noro much either.)

Some very lovely colors. They'll make a great addition to the blanket.

Thank you so much!!


Roxie said...

I thought you guys were used to hot summers?

So let's see the blanket so far. I might have a skein or two that could help.

Donna Lee said...

Only just hit 100? You slackers. How is the blanket coming? I have in the back of my mind that one day, I'd like to make one but I never seem to find the desire to make hundreds of little squares.

Amy Lane said...

Oh hey-- it's been 100 here all week! I actually love Noro! That skein of yarn has a history. See... I was 1 & 1/10 of a sock into a pair, when the ball disappeared between, well, my classroom and my car. Flat out... couldn't frickin' find it. So I had to buy a whole other skein of the damned colorway to finish the sock. And I was SOOOO disgusted, that I decided to clean it's mojo... I figured it would be better at your house than here, where I'd glare at it and grumble to myself about it's lost mate!