Open Letters

Dear Google,

I really want to let you know how much I hate your new news format. Half the time, it tells me to set my preferences, which I've done three or four times. Then the news I see has nothing to do with my choices. I'm not sure what crazy-mixed-up world you live in, but Boise is no where near the Atlanta Metro area. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy seeing Red's weather, but honestly, it has no bearing on my wardrobe choice for the day. So please don't take it personally, but I'm moving my news reading to Northwest Cable News.




Dear Inconsiderate Driver,

Yes, I know the scenery is lovely between McCall and Boise. Driving at what you consider a safe rate of speed to look at the deep greens, lovely flowers on the hill and lord knows what else you was looking pisses off the dozens of cars behind you. The state highway department has conveniently supplied some new-fangled items called slow car turn outs. Maybe you've heard of them? No? Let me take a few minutes and explain how they're used. When a car - take for example yours - has more than three cars behind them, it's a good idea to pull over and let them pass. It prevents accidents, and keeps you safe as well. So next time , realize it was meant for you and pull over. Because this is Idaho, and and we do take our second amendment seriously, very seriously.




Dear Grilltech,

Thank you for a lovely weekend. The food was great. Company wasn't overly annoying. Thank you for assisting in the clean up. Heck you did most of the dishes while I napped. You're amazing and I love you.




Dear Work,

I really don't really want to be here, so can we reschedule for next week?




GrillTech said...

Just doing what I can to make the weekend enjoyable.. It was a great weekend and I loved the trip to Mccall with you..

Sandra said...

Drivers like that never even NOTICE the pile of cars behind them. And it's not just Idaho, but here as well, judging from our drive home from the cottage on Sunday.
Sunday drivers indeed...

emicat said...

argh, the new google news format does suck! I'm w/ ya on that one.

I'd like to reschedule for next week for work too, but I'll take the short workweek regardless :)

Amy Lane said...

LOL! Yup... two kinds of other drivers out there.. a**holes and maniacs... it's the a**holes that get you down...