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List Day!

Disjointed, several day spanning, List Day:
List Dated 25 November
  • There were five cars at the bar this morning
  • An officer pulled into the queue behind me while I picked up breakfast
  • The gusset is finished
  • Convert is two rows away from finishing the body of her blanket
  • Then she's going to knit on a lace edging
  • There will soon be another knitter in the ranks, this time it's a supervisor who has heard the siren's call
  • Someone else is teaching this one
  • Remember the Low Talker from Seinfeld? I sit between two loud talkers
  • Ohhh I crashed IE 8
  • Stupid report, have to re-download the thing
  • Remember me commenting about the gluten free potluck? The guy we're having it for called in sick today
  • Finished the gusset on the second sock
  • Only have three more inches to go on the quasi Christmas present
  • I'm going to have to battle the hordes at the store to pick up six or seven items
  • The gal who made the cake told us how she dusted the pans with flour
  • Then had to make another cake...
  • LT was putting the meat in the crock pot to heat it up
  • I pointed out to her even on high, nothing would get warm without it being plugged in
  • Dude, you're giving me mixed messages; telling me to open a ticket instead of bothering you and I still need to come to your desk because my ticket hasn't been taken care of in three days
  • Stores are INSANE, and I was only picking up eight items for tomorrow
  • I don't think I want to leave the house again until Monday
  • Okay, the LYS isn't really considered a hot spot of convergence by the great unwashed masses
  • I'm off to start cooking, so all I have to do is heat up a couple of items

List Dated 24 November
  • Counted six cars at the bar this morning
  • Now I remember why I make my own pancakes instead of eating frozen ones
  • The store last night had more people than normal in it
  • Don't want to be anywhere near it on Wednesday
  • Thankfully Perky sent me a bag of puppy chow, otherwise I'd be eating out of a vending machine
  • Perky and Kommadant are doing to his parent's house for the holiday
  • shhhh, it's going to be just us
  • Today is awesome
  • I'm almost bored
  • I've almost finished the gusset on the second sock
  • Calls are hanging and they want us to take calls
  • Bummer, it took me too long to get set up, so I missed the spike
  • Tomorrow maybe worse
  • Knitted edging for Convert
  • I also like this edging
  • More edgings Crap, same link as above
  • I've got Grilltech's ID card... to keep it safe
  • Door alarm going off

List Dated 20 November
  • I was 25 minutes late to work today
  • I need to knit the thumbs on the mitts
  • I have 5/8th of an inch to go before starting the heel on the second sock
  • Tonight is knit and eat, I need to go home and heat up the turkey
  • Yes, Grilltech followed through....
  • Maybe that's why I was late this morning

Do Over

I emptied my gym bag, so I could fill it when the gym clothes in the car. I brought my lunch. I'm working on a quasi Christmas gift.

I left the gym bag at home. I dropped my cooked lunch on the floor in the break room. I've ripped back and restarted the quasi Christmas gift three times. I've frogged back another three rows before I put it in time out.

I'm doing a wonderful job of not screaming at Convert to shut the (bleep) up because I'm not the in mood to chat; but she is. I wonder if I could get BBQer to chat with Convert over my head. No, no luck.

Grilltech is being his usual wonderful self and got me a glass of water.

I'd cry do over but I'm afraid the day would turn even worse. So, I smile and be civil when answering Convert - it's not her fault I'm in a crappy mood. I don't tell snippy leads to go to hell when telling them I'm not going to change what they want changed - go through the process that's what it's there for.

My day is getting better and better. Someone had a death in the family and I'll be helping get her stuff completed today. Something I've never done before. It was a learning experience.

The day did get better when I got home, my new boots came in the mail. Now I have to break them in.

List Day!

  • There were three cars at the bar this morning
  • Forced reboots really suck
  • It seems several of my internet friends (including me) are being affected by winter/holidazes
  • Oh goody, another forced reboot
  • Turns out I can reach Facebook from this computer
  • I must say, they have big brass ones
  • Seriously?
  • Beavis and Butthead are sitting on the other side of the cubical wall
  • Installed IE 8 on this computer
  • Because three reboots - on the other computer - first thing in the morning wasn't enough for me
  • My bangs are at the awkward stage, long enough to get in my eyes, but I can't do a damn thing with them
  • I'm also having I haven't done a (bleeping) thing with my life thoughts run through my head
  • I really hope it's winter/holidazes blues
  • They scheduled a gluten free potluck for the 25th
  • Seriously, the 25th!?
  • Grilltech promised, let's see if he delivers
  • Perky has the crud
  • If I start coming down with it, I'll have to kill her
  • She's already talking about how she wants a puppy
  • I point out, she has a dog, but that's not a puppy is her response
  • I made the dessert last night
  • Both Perky and Grilltech were ready to take one for the team and eat so no one else would have to
  • I'm ready to start the ribbing on the other mitt
  • They'll both be ready for the thumbs when the ribbing is done
  • I'm not sure I'll make it to knitting today
  • Not tired, just would rather do something else
  • Yea, like I have an idea of what something else is
  • Went to e-bay and spent money
  • Ribbing is almost done
  • Yummy, yummy hot guys are on tonight
  • I'm off to figure out dinner

What have I been doing?

Roxie's grey skies and biting cold wind has made it to my area. On a night when a clear view would have been lovely, it's not. Oh well, there is always next year. The clouds do make for a pretty pink sunrise.

I think the pink and blue sum up the day's sunrise.

I've finished my third row and started my forth on the blanket. It's going to be very colorful.

A bunch more squares.

A pretty pink one.

More squares.

What else have I been doing? I made a sweater.

Isn't the model too cute?

The Alpaca mitts are close to being finished. The second one needs to be ripped back to the start of the thumb gusset. Apparently, I can't count. The first one was ripped back several times, why shouldn't the second one be any different? I'm hoping to have enough to make a second pair for a gift.

Sun set comes earlier and earlier this time of year.

OMG, don't the squares ever stop?

Grilltech's Galaxy sock - Regia.

Maybe today shouldn't be a knitting day. I've been sitting for the past 30 minutes waiting for an email to show up and it turns out I never sent it. I'm such a dumbass at times.

Drive by Posting

I've got stuff to show you guys, but I'm too lazy to get pictures.

List Day!

  • There were four cars at the bar this morning
  • It was also pouring rain
  • I have one more inch to go before I start the toe on Grilltech's sock
  • I've started the thumb gusset on my first mitt
  • I should have three of them knit by now, I've started it twice now
  • My computer has been updated, now I can't see the internet
  • Stupid proxies, once they've been reset I'll be able to surf
  • Yesterday we watched the neighbor's dog Speedy and Havac playing
  • Havac is about 1/3rd the size of Speedy, it was way cute
  • Grilltech made THE BEST chicken last night
  • We're having soup on Saturday
  • Fourth reboot of the day and it's only 0630
  • I'm back on the internet
  • The air conditioning is on in here
  • I've started the toe
  • odd, turns out the Gnome really isn't a demon
  • Convert and BBQer about died from laughing so hard
  • I'd have to say as a team no one is looking at the For All to Read folder because I found something that was misfiled four days ago
  • Which means complaints about stuff being filed wrong will increase
  • Whew, last night's couscous got hotter today
  • There was something I was thinking I wanted from the LYS, but right now I can't remember what it was
  • Grilltech has offered to get me a scale that posts to twitter
  • I've declined that awesome gesture
  • I guess I could get it, I don't twitter
  • There is snow in the foot hills, rumor has it, the snow might make it down here in the valley on Friday
  • Ick, not ready for snow
  • My sunstone showed up today

Monday, Monday

I am not having a good morning. Did not want to get out of bed this early. Wanted to stay and get more quality sleep time. Was three minutes late to work this morning, okay that's not so bad. On the desk this morning there was a letter from the cow-orker stating the other machine wasn't on the network and she had put in a ticket to get it fixed. I could log on to another machine and work from it. Hum, no, I can't. I have specialized software on my machine, so I can't run my morning reports. Convert called in sick, so she isn't here to run them either. My admin password isn't working, so I can't move the files from her profile to mine so I can run them on her machine. I think I'd like to go home and go back to bed.

BO came in and got me back to the network about 15 minutes after I asked Troll to run the downloads. I'm having a fun day. On the plus side, Wednesday is a holiday.

The Alpaca is software and colorful. The pattern looks pretty sweet on it. When I do pictures later this week, hopefully I'll have one completed. I have been making progress on the blanket. Very slow progress, but it's progress.

I finally got out of the datamine almost 1.5 hours later. Bed is calling, not sure if I'll do any knitting, but I'll think about it.

List Day!

  • There were six cars at the bar this morning
  • In the long straight stretch, someone hit a skunk
  • Today is knit day down at the LYS
  • Lace Knitter (LK) asked the best way to get there from here
  • Yesterday I brought my big coat and didn't really need it
  • Today I brought a light jacket and wished I brought my heavier one
  • It appears the report is back to taking a long time to run
  • Long time is both good and bad
  • It appears it was a bad long time, the report failed
  • So now I have to run it again and in smaller batches
  • We watched V last night, WTF? What is up with the TV IN THE BATHROOM?
  • I won't allow Grilltech to have one in the bedroom, much less the bathroom
  • I gave away my fingerless mitts to Redheaded Knitter (RK), because she didn't have any and her hands were like ice
  • I'm thinking about pulling out the killer alpaca and making myself some mitts
  • Doing something different, spending more time getting set up then working
  • I've got a guy sitting in the bay across from me who is shaking my desk
  • I loathe that
  • The job I'm doing, pretty boring - and the monkey pushes the button
  • Dessert?
  • Knitted for a while, now I'm pretty much too tired to anything
  • I did find the alpaca
  • I really need to go start dinner
  • But, no Amy has sucked me into yummy, yummy hot guys video's

Drive by Posting

Best comment ever?

Perky: Mom, you should rise the bowl instead of letting it sit for three days!

I about died laughing.

Catch Up

On Sunday I took pictures of my pretties.

First up, is the final package from my Secret Pal:
Secret Pal 14 final package
Some awesome sock yarn, love the colors. Size one bamboo's, which will come in handy when I wear out the metal ones on the blanket. A bit of left over sock yarn, that she made me a great pair of socks out of. The socks weren't in the picture because they were in the washer since I had worn them. They're great! Thank you Pal!

Of course, no photo shoot is complete unless I have a cat over seeing my work. Uggy managed to make it three feet out of the house. Saw that I looked her way, and back in she went.
Uggy watching

Peaches on the other hand, settled in on the warm bricks to watch.
Peaches watching

While thinking of my next big "project" I pulled out the pink frilly yarn for D's requested scarf. I think I have enough left over for a hat, trying to decide if I really want to put myself through that.
Pink frilly scarf for D

Two weeks ago this coming Friday before I had finished Grilltech's vest, a package from Donna Lee showed up. She sent a box of yarn. It sat on the coffee table until I had finished the vest, because of Roxie's proclamation.
Donna's package of sock yarn

Roxie had also sent me a package of sock yarns, which I didn't have to wait a day and a half to open.
Roxie's package of sock yarn

I dumped them together on a towel. That's one huge pile of yarn!
BIG-assed pile of sock yarn

I have the best friends ever!